Top 10 Best British Clothing Brands for Men & Women

In British clothing brands top 10 designers have taken industry of clothing to very high level and also innovative sense of style has been introduced. Some reviews on the best British fashion labels were done in the recent days. There are many popular names of fashion world such as Versace, Dior, Guess, D &G, Valentino, Gucci, Fendi, Prada and Zara.

These fashion brands are working with the prime concern to give prestigious lifestyle to mankind. These are the very successful brands and also deserve the top place in the British clothing brands. These brands are symbol of luxury, ultimate to get bold, rich, smart and also appealing dress designs.

List of Best British Clothing Brands for Both Men and Women

10. Channel

It is the most popular brand in the world. The designers of this brand have strongly maintained the identity in the world of fashion. Channel is the dream destination to get dresses to earrings, handbags and shoes. Channel is the most expensive life style designer brand and most of the celebrities will select this brand if accessories and clothing. This brand is the symbol of high end fashion and also it is the global icon of expensive lifestyle.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

This brand of collections will have comfort, class and the quality of products. It is another best and the expensive clothing brand in UK. It has the branches all over the world. It has the classic essence of American style and preppy with modern twist in designs so it is the leading brand in UK.

It was established in the year 1985 with denim range. Today it also has the women clothing, men clothing and also kids wear. Not only the clothing it also has accessories, eye wear, fragrances and watches.

8. Adidas

In the world of fashion this brand is operating with different labels such as Originals, Stella McCartney, Neo and Porsche Designs. All categories will have the wide variety of collection of shoes, accessories and clothing. This brand will also have the cloths which will be more comfortable in winters to summers. One can get the street look clothing or the other event clothing under the same roof in Adidas.

7. Victoria’s Secret

It is the famous women clothing brand. This brand will always deliver the glamorous, high quality clothing. One can have the smart, rich and young look with these brands. This is known as the ultimate brand. This brand fall under the top list of clothing because of its flawless and matchless qualities.

Victoria Secret has the high class label because of its modern and the finest fashionable cloths. The most popular items of this brand are undergarments, sleeping gown, beauty products, fragrances, body care, sport wear, and almost all sort of casuals, semi formals and official dresses.

6. Ralph Lauren

This brand is the fashionable paradise for both boys and girls. This brand was started for about 40 years ago. This brand has always created the world class products and it is one of the most expensive clothing designers of Britain. These brands will have outstanding quality, elegant touch of classic and the iconic appeal and these are considered as the key elements of this brand. This is one of the most luxuries clothing brand in UK.

5. Nike

Nike is very high performing brand. It is normally famous as the best sport brand. It has created long lasting impression on fashionistas mind and it is highly comfortable, breathable, and snug fitting, sophisticated manufacturer. To provide the ultimate experience of the athlete wear this brand was established. For boys it has created high quality products like cleats and spikes boots and all type of clothing. For women Nike trade in footwear, and clothing.

4. American Eagle

It is and urban outfitter. It is extremely comfortable, smart dress retailer and also fashionable. This brand will celebrate its quality, freedom and class. It appeals in women’s wear and emphasis women hood. It also makes new level of decency in men’s wear by adding grace of cuts and poise. The skilful team of designers has occupied the industry with unforgettable charm and dignity. This brand is well known for its smarter style and richness.

3. Hollister

This brand was started in the year 1992. Hollister UK has grabbed the attention of British fashion holics. Due to its pleasant inspiration and use of nature in unique way it has gained much popularity. This brand is prominent in both men wear and women wear. The designs of this brand have used blue sky to sunshine and beaches to dreamy effects.

This is the stylish edge cutting and effortless brand and it is dream of every British citizen. One can find all kind of men dresses such as T- shirts, tees, graphic, shirts, jeans, pants, jackets, hoodies, shoes, polo, and also undergarments. Women dresses like Kimonos, cardigans, pants, skirts, leggings, sleep wear, swimwear and many kinder of dresses are available.

2. Abercrombie and Fitch UK

This brand clothing will give unmatched comfort, symbol of rich feel, sign of quality, best to look smarter, innovative and ideal for richer feel. This brand will cover every single person who love fashion and want to look rich and smart. This brand was established in the year 1982 and it has become the high end label for all Americans.

Abercrombie and Fitch UK brand will always try to grab the attention of next generation people with its high class and lovely transformation with luxury fashion. This brand is of effortless voyage which will remain timeless and also appealing. It is selected as alternative of youth dress up and high street style of men, women and also kids. Because of its modern, cool and graceful attires it is considered as one of popular and expensive clothing brand.

1. Vero Moda

This is the complete women wear clothing. It is most ideal for the summer to holiday season and it brings style notes for the people. Almost every kind of cloth can be found in Vero Moda. This is such a brand which will give richer look and smart with its unlimited range of accessories and also dresses. One can find huge varieties of jackets, blazers, skirts, shirts, shorts, knitwear, sweatshirts and also trousers to tops. One can also get the perfect party style and the holiday fashion clothing in Vero Moda.