Top 10 Best British Watch Brands for Men & Women in 2018

Watches are preferred by every person who values time in his life. It has become one of the most important type of accessory that most people would prefer to wear both inside and outside of the house. There are various brands that has started manufacturing both men and women models to choose from.

Each and every model would offer a stylish and good feel along with appeal. The watch alone can make it appear very much elegant. It would also look like a regular type of bracelet as well. Most of the people would not leave their house without a watch in hand.

10. Rolex

it has become one of the leading watch brand for both men and women. According to the survey, the company manufactures more than 2000 watches each day.  Rolex has ranked at 72 position among the watch brands available around the world in Forbes list. They have wide range of watch collection for both men and women. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf are the founders of the world renowned watch brand Rolex.

9. Tag Heuer

A Switzerland watch manufacturing company that has gained lot of popularity worldwide for its best collection of watches for both men and women. They have great collection of accessories and shades in the world. It comprises of some of the best brands such as Monaco, Link, Formula one and Carrera watches among their collection. They have a lot of celebrities as brand ambassadors from both sports and Hollywood personalities. The company has planned for few more brands into the market such as Monaco 69, Carrera calibre and Monaco V4.

8. Omega

Louis Brandt was the founder of Omega watch manufacturing company. The company was started in Switzerland during the year 1848 when the founder was just about 23 years of age. Omega is recognized as the most preferred brand by NASA and also happens to be the first watch brand to reach moon. The company played a vital role during the Olympics of 1932. Timekeeping devices were of prime significance during that era and omega was able to contribute a lot during Olympics. The brand was very popular that most of the classic movies such as James Bond wore watches in the movies.  The brand has been in movies since 1995. A lot of country and its government considers Omega as the best brand watch for their need of timekeeping.

7. Panerai

Panerai is one among the popular type of watch manufacturing company for both men and women from Switzerland. The best aspect about this brand of watches is that, they only offer the sale of their model watches from authorized dealers only. They have some elite collection to choose watches for men or women. Florence is the headquartered location of the company. Most of the models of watches manufactured by this brand will be limited editions in stocks. They would just create about 500 or 1000 watches for a model.

6. IWC

It is also a watch manufacturing company from Switzerland. It was founded during the year 1988 and has been making various model watches for both men and women. The founder of this mesmerizing brand was an American watch maker by the name Florentine Ariosto Jones.

5. Patek Philippe

It is one among the most reputed and popular type of Swiss manufacturing company available on the market. Lot of people would love to wear nothing but Swiss watches and Patek Philippe can be one of the best brand to consider. Patek Philippe & co was founded during the year 1851. They are very popular on the market for manufacturing movements and timepieces. They are popular for manufacturing some of the most complicated type of watches. It is also recognized as one of the most reputed type of luxurious brands of watches in the world. They also have a great market value when it comes to the selection of watches for men and women of same brand.

4. A. Lange & Shone

This watch brand is recognized as one among the most reputed and popular type of watch manufacturing brand on the market. It is a German watch manufacturing company that has been offering great collection of some luxurious watches since 1845. The founder of this brand was Ferdinand Adolf Lange. This brand of watches are very popular for making some of the most elegant and master price type of watches for both men and women under various price ranges. If you need high end models, then you can easily find one.

3. Montblanc

Mont blank is a German watch manufacturing company that is very popular across the globe for offering luxurious models of watches for men and women. They offer leather goods and some of the luxurious type of writing instruments to choose. Some of the master craftsmen are working on these watches to make them unique and very luxurious. The brand was founded by August eberstein, Alfred Nahemias and Claus Johhane during the year 1906.

2. Breitling

Switzerland is very popular for many reasons and watch manufacturing is one of the reasons for their popularity as well. Breitling is one among the most reputed watch manufacturing brands you can find. It was found in Glenchen, Switzerland by making use of some of the exquisite type of watch components available at Swiss. It was founded during the year 1884. They also have some of the most exquisite models of mechanical choreography as well.

1. HUblot

It is also a watch manufacturing company from Switzerland that was founded during the year 1980. Carlo Crocco was the founder of this popular watch manufacturing company in the market. It is still recognized as one among the young type of luxury brands that has been popular worldwide. Every models of watches from Hubblot would comprise of a natural type of rubber strap that is recognized as one of the best in the history of manufacturing of watches as well. This rubber strap is made using gold and rubber with perfect blend making this watch much more special as well as amazing to consider at this phase.