Top 10 Best Car Battery Brands with Price 2018

All modern vehicles used currently have been planned to perform with high-tech than the old vehicles. All the modern vehicles will draw more power from battery to do their work. The car batteries will under perform if it is used heavily and will not perform at all if it is not used for a long time. There are many best brands of car batteries available in market one must select the best one which is more durable also which gives better service for the people.

List of top 10 car battery brands with price 2017

10. Sealed Lead Acid Type Battery – UPG 85980/D5722

One can easily trust this UPG sealed type of lead acid battery as it will be very helpful for backup of power systems, flashlights, spotlights, exit light and for other equipments. This is lead acid 12v battery and it has valve regulated. This battery will offer safe type of operation at any condition and also it will be in spill proof condition so that lead acid will not leak. This UPG battery with lead acid is solid, sealed and it is very simple to use.

Features of UPG 85980/D5722 sealed battery with lead acid

  • This UPG battery makes uses of absorbent type of glass mat technology.
  • This will give ample level of power and better performance
  • This battery has dimension of 10.25 long, 10 widths and 6.5 heights.
  • The price of this car battery may range from 180 – 200 dollars.

9. FP- AGML4/94R Exide Edge Flat Plate

This is automotive battery which is designed by Excide. It has capacity at 25A with minimal reserve. This battery is designed to deliver maximize level of energy capacity for modern vehicles. The edge’s lasting energy will try to protect against failure of battery and it also help vehicle battery to stay fit and help to serve like new battery.

Features of Exide edge FP- AGML4/94R flat plate

  • All the six set of plates which is available in the Excides battery will have glass mat separator.
  • All plates are arranged in straight line within battery.
  • Surelife type of graphite technology is used which will retains basic capacity.
  • The price of this Exide edge battery varies from 170 – 190 dollars.


ACDELCO is the professional car battery and it has high cycling capacity. This battery is receptive – remarkably charge and it is very much essential for start or with stop applications. This battery is designed with design of glass mat type. Oxygen recombination will try to reduce all the performance with free maintenance and water loss.

Features of ACDELCO 48AGM

  • These batteries will have higher expectancy of life in traditional applications in vehicles.
  • It will try to reduce the level of active mass that is lost from grid.
  • It is 100% leak and spill proof.
  • The price of this ACDELCO 45AGM may varies from 200- 250 dollars.

7. FP- AGM24F – Exide Edge

This Exide edge car battery is the AGM battery sealed and it has construction of flat plate in it. All the owners who have make use of this battery has given high level ratings for it because of its construction type non spill. This battery will try to accept the solar charging more than any other standard acid lead battery.

Features of Exide edge FP- AGM24F

  • This Excide edge is the best choice for the individual for their vehicle.
  • This is normally low rate AGM battery
  • The price of it may range from 130- 140 dollars.
  • Most of the customers prefer for this car battery during very cold temperature.


This battery has the absorbed design glass mat and it is completely designed on spill and leak proof technology. Oxygen recombination will try to reduce all the water loss and also I reassure performance with free maintenance.

Features of ACDELCO 49AGM

  • This is professional AGM batteries of automotive type.
  • It usually has longer life in traditional vehicles.
  • As there will be lot of pressure on plates it will reduce the sum of active mass that is lost from grid.
  • The price of it may range from 200-220 dollars

5. ML35-12 Mighty Max Battery

This battery ML35-12 will make use of state of art, calcium alloy type grid and it will provide exceptional service and performance in both cyclic and float applications.

Features of Mighty max battery ML35-12

  • This battery will make use of AGM technology with design of regulated valve
  • This battery can be used in indoor and enclosed environments.
  • It will provide superior performance in many numbers of vehicles.
  • Price ranges from 250-280 dollars.


This is the military level of grade battery. It is especially designed to handle pounding that would come with any type of harsh conditions. The life cycle of this powerful battery is 70% conventional than the batteries of deep cycle type.

Features of ODYSSEY PC680-P

  • This battery is famous for rugged design it has
  • It is very easy to install
  • Maintenance is very easy and there is no need to add water to maintain corrosion.
  • Price may range from 180 – 200 dollars


It is very high density battery and it will try to improves the performance as well as the battery life. It is embedded with stamped alloy of silver calcium which helps in increasing the life cycle and also improves performance.

Features of ACDELCO 94RAGM

  • This will allows low resistance and maximize conductivity.
  • It tries to improve acid circulation to keep the battery cool
  • It has design of type vent cap which will try to resist acid leakage
  • Price of it may range for 25- 300 dollars

2. 8040-218 D35 Type Optima Batteries

This is yellow top 12 volt deep cycle battery. It has the spiral cell technology and it is deliberated for all the cycle needs.

Features of Optima batteries 8040-218 D35

  • It will minimize plate type of movement and also damages that is due to harsh condition.
  • It will provide constant quality with performance
  • These are leak proof batteries
  • The price may varies from 250-300 dollars

1. 8004-003 34/78 Optima Batteries

This battery will make use of high performance technology with dependable cranking power for vehicle. This redtop can outlast and outperform traditional batteries. This is considered as the high CCA vehicles starting battery.

Features of Optima batteries 8004-003 34/78

  • It has up to double longer life
  • It has faster recharging capacity
  • It is entirely spill proof
  • Price of it may vary from 300- 350 dollars.