Top 10 Best Cars Under a Price of Rs. 50 Lakhs To 1 Crore in India

I am a diehard fan of cars. It is very rightly said “the car we drive says a lot about us.” Justlike women are crazy after diamonds, men have an obsession of cars. Speedy cars are like Kohinoor – best among all. Now if we talk about best cars and their prices then sky is the limit. Luxury segment has a good competition also. Big names like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have their cars with different variants available.

In case you are planning to buy one, we can help you out. We have researched quite well and compiled this list of top 10 cars for you:

10. Toyota


It is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company, producing luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, and engines. It is a 78-year-oldcompany and follows the tagline “Let’s go places.” It has more than 3 lakh 44 thousand employees working in the company. It has made a strong position in India also.

Models: Toyota Land cruiser Prado- 92.3 lakhs

9. Volvo


Volvo is a Swedish automobile manufacturer found in 1927.It is now acquired by the Ford Motor Company. It deals in sedan cars, sport utility vehicles, coupes, station wagons and compact premium Sedans.Its logo is inspired by a chemistry symbol of iron, hence, passing the message that iron used in manufacturing the cars if of unmatchable quality.

Models: Volvo XC60- 50.3 lakhs to 57.7 lakhs and Volvo XC90- 76.9 lakhs to 88.1 lakhs

8. Jaguar


Jaguar is a British multinational carmaker, which produces jaw dropping luxury cars. With its head offices in England, it is owned by Tata Motors (Indian Company) since 2008.Company Logo has the animal Jaguar in running mode. They relate it to an animal Jaguar comparing the speed of the car to be as swift and smooth as the animal.

Models: Jaguar XF – 49.2 lakhs to 1 crore and Jaguar XJ – 98 lakhs to 1.1 crore

7. Audi


Audi is again a German player in the segment of luxury cars.It has 11 production centers in around 9 countries. Logo has 4 overlapping rings symbolizing merger of 4 different companies in one brand. This company is owned by Volkswagen Group and was founded in 1069 by August Horch.

Models: Audi A6 – 50.3 Lakhs to 54.2 lakhs, Audi TT – 66.4 Lakhs, Audi S5- 69.3 Lakhs, and Audi Q7- 77.7 Lakhs to 83.5 Lakhs

6. BMW


BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. It is a100-year-old company was founded in Germany in 1916.It is into manufacturing of luxury vehicles, sports cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles.The tagline “sheer driving pleasure” suits this high-end brand. BMW came to India in 2006 with a sales subsidiary in Gurgaon.

Models: BMW 5 Series – 53.1 lakhs to 65.1 lakhs, BMW X3- 49.9 lakhs to 63.6 lakhs, BMW X5 – 71.3 lakhs to 82.5 lakhs and BMW Z4 – 77.5 lakhs to 75.9 lakhs

5. Land Rover

Land Rover

Land Rover is a child company of Jaguar Land Rover since 1948. It makes 4 wheel drive SUV automobiles and has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. It was owned by Tata Motors in 2008.

Models:Range Rover Evoque – 47.1 lakhs to 63.2 lakhs and Land Rover Discovery Sport-48.6 lakhs to 65.5 lakhs

4. Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer born 90 years ago in 1926.Now, it is present in 10 different countries all around the world selling luxury vehicles, trucks, buses, internal combustion engines etc. Tagline of this brand suits completely “The Best or Nothing.”

Models: Mercedes E Class -51.5 Lakhs to 1.3 crore, Mercedes GLC – 53.5 lakhs and Mercedes GLE- 63.8 lakhs to 92.5 lakhs

3. Porsche


Porsche car is indeed a German beauty and no less than a jewel. It deals in luxury cars, which provides super comfortable drives. In 2013, it has reached a sales figure of 1, 6, 000 cars around the world. It is indeed a status symbol. Even Porsche is dealing in sports car manufacturing. The Logo has arms of Stuttgart since the company was based there and a horse.

Models: Porsche Boxster – 1 crore to 1.2 crore, Porsche Macan – 76.2 lakhs to 1.2 crore and Porsche Cayenne – 1 crore to 2.5 crore

2. Maserati


This is an Italian automobile manufacturer making exclusive luxury vehicles. It is not so common brand because all its models are starting from 1 crore minimum. It has only 1100 employees.Tagline for this brand is “luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars.” Fiat owns this company since 1993.

Models: Maserati Ghibli – 1 crore to 1.1 crore

1. Aston Martin

Aston Martin

It is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourer vehicles. With 1250 employees only, its annual income is 7.6 million euros. It has a history of  being bankrupt once in 1970.

Models: Aston Martin Vantage – around 1.4 crores