Top 10 Best Cat Food Brands with Price in India 2021

People, who care for the cats, are looking for affordable and high quality cat foods at online and local stores as well. Most of the animal lovers are in a dilemma in choosing the cat foods. They are unable to decide whether to feed their cats with wet foods to improve hydration. It is necessary to choose the foods rich in proteins for your cats. The foods should be free from controversial or harmful substances.

Therefore, cat lovers are advised to choose the foods of reputed brands to keep their pets in upbeat health. The carnivores – cats need protein rich diets. Some of the key ingredients in cat foods include boneless pork, whole salmon, boneless white fish, boneless chicken, boneless turkey, and boneless beef etc. Read on to know about the best cat foods in India.

10. Whiskas Food for Adult Cats

Whiskas Food for Adult Cats

It is rich in nutrients and vitamins. The food for adult cats is offered in Tuna flavor. The natural oils are used in the preparation of food for shiny coating. Vitamin A improves eyesight of the cats. It also maintains a healthy urinary tract in your cats. It is available in the denomination of 3 kilograms, 1.2 kilograms, 480 grams and 7 kgs. It promotes sound growth of your cats.

Price: INR 637 per 3 Kg pack

9. Drools Ocean Fish Food for Adult Cats

Drools Ocean Fish Food for Adult Cats

Drools cat food provides complete nutrition for your adult cats. It has taurine for maintaining healthy heart. It also promotes healthy skin and beautiful coat. It boosts energy levels of cats and keeps them in active state. It boosts immunity and ensures healthy skin with the help of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Its key ingredients are Vitamins B2, B6, B12, B1, E, and A, folic acid, niacin, probiotics and organic minerals.

Price: INR 609 per 3 Kilograms

8. Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin Cat Food

The nutritious cat food is developed to provide ideal calories and ensure healthy weight of your cats. It boosts transition of food through intestines because of the presence of right amount of fiber in the Royal Canin Cat food. It ensures urinary tract health and prevents hairballs formation through excreting hair on daily basis. It has Vitamins C and E, Mannan-oligosaccharides and taurine to strengthen cat’s natural defenses. Its key ingredients are fiber, animal fats, fish oil, dehydrated pork protein, rice, egg powder, dehydrated poultry meat, maize gluten and maize etc.

Price: INR 834 per 2 Kg

7. Sheba Deluxe Pure Tuna

Sheba Deluxe Pure Tuna

It consists of tuna in jelly form so that your cats like very much. This hygienic cat food consists of amino acids, vitamins, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. It eliminates cardiac issues in your pets. It is also rich in minerals. It boosts the vision of your cats. It also keeps your cat in good health. You need to store this cat food in a cool place.

Price: INR 85 per 85 grams

6. Benevo Vegetarian (Vegan) Cat Food

Benevo Vegetarian (Vegan) Cat Food

This dry cat food is made using essential nutrients and minerals to keep your pet in upbeat health. It has natural prebiotic to promote digestion. It consists of taurine, spirulina, and omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. It boosts immunity. It boosts circulation and maintains healthy joints, skin and fur. It also boosts vision. It is odorless and improves functioning of brain.

Price: INR 1275 per 2 Kg

5. Jerhigh Jimmy Cat Sea Food

Jerhigh Jimmy Cat Sea Food

The Jerhigh sea food for cats is made using real sea food and chicken. It consists of chandroitin, glucosamine. It is a balanced and delicious diet for your cats. It is also rich in amino acids. It is ideal for cat breeds above 2 months. It also strengthens bones because of the presence of calcium.

Price: INR 224 per 105 grams (pack of 3 x 35 grams)

4. Meo Sea Food for Cats

Meo Sea Food for Cats

The Meo brand delicious cat food is made using natural sea fish sourced from the pristine waters. It is a balanced diet for your cats. It is highly nutritious and tasty. It meets the nutritional levels set by the US National Research council. Your cats need more of this sea food because of its taste.

Price: INR 330 per 1.3 Kg

3. Bellotta Tuna in Chicken Jelly

Bellotta Tuna in Chicken Jelly

This premium cat food is made using ingredients like chicken, chicken broth, mackerel, and tuna. It is also rich in water, vitamin E and Gel powder. It consists of 1% of crude fats and 12% of crude protein.

Price: INR 180 per 185 grams

2. Orijen Cat & Kitten Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten Food

This cat food is completely natural and ideal for cats of all breeds and ages. It is manufactured in natural juices using ingredients like 20% of fruits, eggs, turkey, fish and chicken. The wild caught fish and nest eggs provide essential minerals and nutrients to ensure growth of your cats.

Price: INR 2200 per 2.2 kgs

1. N&D Grain Free Cat Food

N&D Grain Free Cat Food

The Farmina cat food is balanced and delicious for adult cats. It is manufactured using dehydrated chicken to keep your cats in upbeat health. It consists of tocopherols rich extracts, and antioxidants to provide continuous energy for your cats. It is rich in high quality vitamins. It is very essential for your cat.

Price: INR 3950 per 5 Kgs