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Top 10 Best Cheap Air Conditioners Brands For Low Electricity Consumption in India 2017

Once thought of as an item of luxury, air conditioners are now priced to fit most Indian budgets. These appliances that make life easy come with hassles of high power consumption. However, in today’s market, plenty of energy saving, low power consuming models are available, so that the monthly electricity bill does not burn a hole in the pocket even on keeping the AC on throughout the night.

10. Videocon 1 Ton VS3E3 Split Air Conditioner

With an energy saving rating of 3 stars, Videocon has plunged into the competition with good vigour. The air conditioners offered by Videocon have powerful cooling and are built with attractive elegant designs. The models ensure high energy saving.

9. Bluestar Hi wall split ACs

Another trusted brand of daily use appliances is Bluestar. This brand provides a wide range of air conditioners that offer supreme cooling and are endowed with features like Self diagnosis technology, where any mechanical errors is pointed out by the AC itself. The various filters like the carbon filter, the catechin filter, the vitamin C filter, all have added benefits for the people residing in space and utilising the air conditioner. The air conditioners contain a refrigerant R410A that is eco-friendly and contains almost zero ozone depleting substances. Certified as 5 stars by BEE, Bluestar air conditioners provide high cooling and high energy savings.

8. Onida icool

The Onida icool is a fantastic amalgamation of one-touch operation, powerful cooling, and high-energy efficiency. Onida has long since been a trusted name in home appliances and the air conditioners provided by it deliver superior performance. The AC has an Auto Climate Technology that can control both the ceiling fan and the AC in the room to provide instant & 5 Speed Cooling. An innovative appliance yet a tad bit expensive for an initial investment.

7. Haier HSU18LK03E8A

Haier offers some good appliances and has not been behind even in the air conditioner competition. It offers 20% power saving due to the high-energy efficient compressor built in. Besides, it gives efficient cooling and can function even in temperatures as high as 52 ℃. The rapid cooling provided by Haier ACs is yet another added advantage.

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6. Whirlpool 3D Cool Xtreme PLT

Whirlpool is a leading brand of home appliances and offers air conditioners that are power saving relieving you of your heavy electricity bills. Whirlpool air conditioners provide excellent cooling and are reasonable and inexpensive.

5. Hitachi Star Air Conditioners

With origins in Japan, Hitachi offers low power consumption air conditioners. It is a trusted brand in India and is endowed with the Self-cleaning technology. The energy saving air conditioners are well received by the Indian customers making this a good option for home and office cooling.

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4. Voltas Magna (1.0T 125 MX)

The Magna is an energy conserving and efficient air conditioner from Voltas. It consumes less power compared to other 1.5-ton air conditioners. The remarkable self-diagnosis feature automatically detects the source of the problem in the case.

3. Samsung Crystal+ AR18FC5EFBH

Samsung offers a powerful air conditioner, keeping power bills in control. The Multi Jet Technology allows greater heat exchange and makes the air conditioner more energy efficient. The model is also smaller than other air conditioners in the same category, enabling an easy installation. It filters out bacteria and pollutants as well.

2. Panasonic CSKC18PKY

Endowed with the antibacterial filter, the Panasonic CSKC18PKY keeps out bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pollutants. The Composite Micro Channel Condenser allows better heat transfer cooling interior spaces using with less power. An added feature is the deodorising function, that help expel any odour from the room. The compressor can provide ambient cooling up to 52 degrees temperature.


This model is one of LG’s 5 star rated air conditioners that consumes low energy. It utilises the Body Adaption Time Algorithm (BATA), to maintain the body’s comfort level in this mode also enabling it to save power. There is no requirement to dismantle the AC for cleaning as its wet heat exchanger dries up automatically preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds near the vents. Come monsoons, the dehumidifier expels much of the moisture from the air, keeping the humidity in check.

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