Top 10 Best Cheapest Surrogacy Centre in India

Nothing is more painful than infertility for a couple. It comes with a curse. But it is now feasible to avail the solution as there are many clinics are available in India that provides the service of surrogacy within the limited budget. The complexity of childless issues can be solved now with the help of these surrogacy centers in India. Generally, this is a demanding medication process of fertilization and cost relatively high. However, some clinics are providing the same service within the reasonable price. Here is the list of cheapest surrogacy centers in India accordingly to their positions.

Surrogacy Center in India

10. Kiran Infertility Centre

This particular clinic is available in various places of India like Gurgaon, Hyderabad and as well as in Nepal. This also ranks in the list of cheapest surrogacy centers in India. Since it has established, it organizes rapidly many surrogacy programs from which more than 30,000 childless couples are benefited and find the ray of hope from this center.

9. G. Hospital

This clinic is situated in Chennai. It was founded in the year of 1982 and has ranked as one of the successful surrogacy treatment hospitals in India. This clinic comprises of a special unit of professionals named as Fertility Research Centre (FRC). With the help of this research unit, the clinic serves almost 3500 childless couples every year in India as well as in Abroad.

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8. Srushti Fertility Centre

It is one of the oldest surrogacy treatment centers in India. This clinic has the success rate of 50 % to 65 %, which is far better than the ratio compared to the surrogacy treatments in Abroad. Apart from the affordable surrogacy treatment, various infertility medications are available here at an affordable rate.

7. Urogyn

This is one of the best centers for surrogacy treatment in India. This clinic operates their service apart from India also. More importantly, this center was awarded as best IVF center in Delhi during the year of 2013. You can grab the chance of affordable surrogacy treatment in this center in order to conceive a baby.

6. Morpheus ART

This is another most trusty and reliable clinic in India where Surrogacy treatment is available within very reasonable fare. This hospital charges only Rs. 60000 for a single cycle. In addition, various discounts are also available here for processing the second cycle within six months time. Apart from that, the particular scheme like “ Double Your Chances” can deliver you the treatment without charging a single penny. This clinic is situated in various parts of India. For any specific details, you can subscribe the official link.

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5. Pahlajani Test Tube baby Center

This hospital caters the surrogacy service to the couples at most affordable cost. Apart from cost, the hospital deals with expert hands of professionals and latest medical instruments. Those who belong to the poor family can easily procure the relevant treatment here at reasonable cost.

4. Indira IVF center

Indira IVF center is situated in Rajasthan which is one of the renowned clinics for surrogacy treatment. It was founded in the year of 1988 and still serves the people with utmost care leading in the list of cheapest clinics for surrogacy in India. Their infertility treatment is affordable which charges Rs. 50000 per cycle except the medication fare.

3. Akruti Fertility Centre

This is situated in Mumbai. It was founded in the year of 2001. The center has adopted latest tools and techniques for serving quality surrogacy treatment within the budget range of common people. Treatment will be done under trained and expert professionals at the rate of Rs. 40000 for a cycle excluding the charge of medication.

2. SSKM Hospital

This is one of the renowned clinics for Surrogacy treatment at cost effective charge within India. The fare of this clinic is six times less than private hospital’s charge. The center of surrogacy treatment is situated at the Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER), SSK M Hospital. The charge for surrogacy is limited here up to Rs. 30000 which makes the childless couple to conceive a baby comfortably.

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After a lot of research and practice to set the surrogacy service for childless couples at minimum expense, AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) has started their journey as one of the cheapest clinics for surrogacy in India. The treatment is now available here at Rs. 20000 only which is actually one-third of the fare in private clinics.     


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