Top 10 Best Chips Brands With Price in India 2021

The favorite time passer of all the people is chips in various flavors and forms. Chips is considered to be the most famous comfort food while watching movies in theatres, hanging out with friends, watching favorite shows or games or even small chats with closed ones. In fact, chips are the bestselling snacks all around the world. There are innumerous brands which are selling the crunchy and crispy best quality chips. So, here are the most famous brands offering varieties in chips.

10. Bingo Chips

Bingo Chips

Bingo is the brand name of the country’s foremost company ITC. Bingo is one of the bestselling brands in potato chips, crisps and snacks. The Bingo Yumitos chips are available in various flavors such as Premium Salted, Red Chilli Bijli, Red Tomato chips, Tomato Ketchup chips, International Cream & Onion, Masala Remix and Oye Pudina. The brand offers delicious and tasty chips with the richness of good quality spices.

Best Price: 20/- for 59g pack.

9. Kettle Studio Chips

Kettle Studio Chips

The original kettle cooked potato chips has the sweet aroma of sunflower oil and fresh spices. The chips are a blend of oils and finest natural ingredients. The brand offers the chips that are cooked by the old fashioned way. The available flavors are Crushed Paprika with Exotic Spices, Rock Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Naked Sea Salt, Mature Cheddar & Red Onions and Sharp Jalapenos & Pepper Jack Cheese.

Best Price: 99/- for 125g pack.

8. Tastilo Chips

Tastilo Chips

The flagship brand of the nachos chips is Tastilo, offers the variety of flavors. The nacho chips from the brand are tasty, crispy and healthy to eat. The different flavors the brand offers are Spicy Jalapeno, Cheesy Crispy, Mexican Salsa, Spanish Tomato, Papdi Chaat, Peri Peri, and Smoky Barbeque. The brand ensures zero cholesterol, Trans fat free and MSG/Gluten free nacho chips.

Best Price: 76/- for 150g pack.

7. Cornitos Chips

Cornitos Chips

Greendot Health Foods Ltd. is the company which offers Cornitos Nacho chips and other varieties of snacks. The brand offers numbers of exotic flavors in the Nacho chips which are Peri Peri, Cheese and Herbs, Thai Sweet Chili, Tikka Masala, Lime and Mint, Tomato Mexicana, Sizzlin Jalapeno, Sea Salt, Barbeque, and Wasabi. The brand ensures zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, nitrogen flushed and all natural ingredients.

Best Price: 85/- for 150g pack.

6. Jacker Chips

Jacker Chips

The Malaysian brand Jacker is one of the best brands of snack foods and confectionary products. The quality chips from the brand are available in various types such as potato chips, potato crisps, and wavy chips. The chips are made from finest fresh potatoes giving the natural taste. It is a good combination of good taste and great fun.

Best Price: 140/- for 160g pack.

5. Doritos Chips

Doritos Chips

Doritos was introduced by PepsiCo India, the world famous premium brand. The brand has its signature flavor called Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla chips, which ensures crunch and intense flavors.  It is one of the best chips brands available in the country. The brand offers the ultimate taste and crunch in the nacho cheese tortilla chips.

Best Price: 85/- for 150g pack.

4. Haldiram’s Chips

Haldiram’s Chips

One of the leading snacks brands of the country is Haldiram’s. The brand is the best seller of snacks across the country. They also have their fast food outlets in each city. The brand has the extensive ranges of different flavored chips such as Kettle Chips, Halke Fulke, Pink Pepper Potato Chips and Tangy Tomato.

Best Price: 10/- for 45g pack.

3. Uncle Chips

Uncle Chips

The pioneer brand of India is Uncle Chipps, was acquired by Amrit Agro Limited. The brand is a perfect combination of great taste and various flavors. The chips are made with traditional spices and oils. The brand has to offers numerous varieties in chips like Classic Salted, Spicy Treat, Sendha Namak, Bombat Chilli Masala, and Jakkas Tomato Twist.

Best Price: 20/- for 70g pack.

2. Lay’s Chips

Lay’s Chips

One of the famous and bestselling chips brands in India is Lay’s. The brand is offering plenty of exciting flavors in chips which are made with fresh Indian potatoes, simply sliced and cooked in edible vegetable oils and seasoned with delicious flavors. There are numbers of varieties in potato chips are available.

Best Price: 10/- for 25g pack.

1. Pringles Chips

Pringles Chips

The most popular chips brand in India, Pringles offers numbers of flavors which are always high in demand. The chips have the original and tangy flavors giving the exquisite aroma and tastes. The available flavors are The Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ Flavor, Cheddar Cheese, Dill Pickle, Ranch Flavor, Jalapeno, Pizza Flavor, Lightly Salted, and Reduced Fat Original Flavor/Sour Cream & Onion Flavors.

Best Price: 99/- for 110g pack.