Top 10 Best Chocolates For Chocolate’s Day 2021

Chocolate day is a special occasion in the Valentine’s week which is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and happiness. Different kinds of chocolates are distributed to their families, friends, relatives to share the joy and happiness of Valentine’s week. Sharing chocolates to your favorite person will make them feel special and happy for the love you show them.

Chocolate day also gives you a chance to share the favorite chocolates of your neighbors thus giving them pleasant surprise for following them in their likes and dislikes.

You can also buy a chocolate basket with bunch of chocolates, family pack chocolates, chocolates decorated with ribbons and flowers and so on. Make your chocolate day enjoyable with different and innovative ideas with the following chocolates.

Let’s check the list of few best chocolates that can be shared during this Chocolate day.

10. Ferrero rocher Chocolates

No celebrations can be fulfilled without these luxurious chocolate balls. This is best ever chocolate bar one can taste in their life time. The taste is also extremely delicious which is also crispy, crunchy with hazelnuts. This comes with an attractive golden packing that makes it perfect to serve for weddings, evening parties and in any special occasions. Thus, make your chocolate day tastier with these crispy balls.

9. Snickers

This is a chocolate bar which is made up of heavy nuts such as cashews, ground nuts, badam, pista and so on. The taste is quite different with a combination of sweet, salt, crunchy and smooth. Just like the television commercial shown, a single bar can quench your hunger immediately and also gives you instant energy,. Thus, make you chocolate day more exciting with this energy bars.

8. Bounty Chocolate bars

This is a different type of chocolate bar which is filled with coconut fillings that gives a very different taste. The coconut filling is soft, moist and sweeter than the Cadbury dairy milk silk. It comes in two different flavors such as milk and dark chocolate.

7. Chocopie

This is a very interesting type of chocolate snack. This is sandwich type of chocolate which is spongy and chocolaty filled with cream in between. It is a lip smacking snack and a best one to share for this chocolate day. It is available from different brands such as lottle and orion.

6. Dairy milk bubbly

This is a different kind of chocolate bar which has been recently launched in the Indian market. It contains bubble shaped chocolate cubes which looks very peculiar. Though it is little expensive than other chocolate bars, it gives an uncompromising taste for the money you have spent.

5. Nestle Kit Kat

It is a crunchy chocolate bar with wafers coated with chocolate. This is a different kind of chocolate bar and gives you an extraordinary feel of having a biscuit chocolate. The price is also reasonable and can be easily shared among friends.

4. Nestle Milky bar

This is rather a different chocolate that is white in color and contains ingredients of milk and milk products. It melts in mouth and definitely tastes milky. Unlike other chocolate bars, it is white chocolate which taste different and it is a favorite one for all the milk lovers.

3. Gems

The colorful gems can be a great treat for your friends during this chocolate day. Gems packed in special and festive packs are available in departmental stores. Thus, get some family packs of gems and make your Chocolate day colorful.

2. Cadbury Five star

If you wish to have a chocolate bar that gives you “Full” feeling of satisfaction, you can choose Cadbury five star which is soft with caramel and thick chocolate. This is also available in different flavors such as fruit and nut and crunchy. Five star chocolate is a well known chocolate in India and it is one of the most favorite chocolate bars available in Indian market.

1. Cadbury Dairy milk silk

This is an excellent range of chocolates from the famous brand Cadbury of India. This chocolate bar is available in different flavors such as orange peel, fruit and nut, caramello, roast and almond, etc., It just melts in your mouth as soon as you taste it. The taste is extremely delicious with a creamy texture that feels very light. Also, each and every flavor has its own taste and none of the chocolate can beat its taste. So, Cadbury dairy milk silk can be the best ever chocolate for this chocolate day 2021.

Which chocolate you are going to give your loved ones on this Chocolate Day 2017? 🙂