Top 10 Best Coffee Vending Machines in India 2021

The coffee vending machine is a time saving machine whenever we want to have cup of coffee throughout the day. The coffee vending machines are very easy to operate and provide easy to make tea or coffee at workplace. Where there is a large staff, investing in coffee vending machine is the great way to provide the coffee or tea to each employee. There are numbers of reputed brands which offers the best looking and latest featured coffee vending machines in the market.

10. Brewer Mate

The Brewer Mate Espresso coffee and tea vending machine is made up of highly durable ABS plastic material. The machine can make total numbers of 8 cups in a minute, which is the best function of the machine. It has a compact design and ideal for small office use, which can provide the several cups of coffee or tea at a time. The machine also delivers great taste and aroma of the espresso coffee.

9. Atlantis

The Atlantis manufactures and supplies a wide range of Tea Coffee Vending Machine. The best quality tasted vending machines are available in several models and features from the brand.  The tea and coffee machines have fully automated systems and provide the best quality beverages.

8. D’lecta Cafe

D’lecta Café is the Indian brand offering the coffee and tea brewing vending machine. The machine has the wide selection of tea, coffee and other beverages. It can serve 100 to 400 cups throughout the day. It also has the optional functions of milk or sugar. The machine is easy to use and have the contemporary sleek design. Moreover, it is equipped with special hygiene features to ensure food safety and cleanliness.


The COFTEA is one of the famous MNC’s since a decade, serving the best quality coffee vending machines. There are three variants available such as 4 Lane (Robo) Coffee Vending Machine, 3 Lane/2 Lane (Robo) Coffee Vending Machine and 2 Lane (Cute) Coffee Vending Machine. The best featured machines provide the world best cup of coffee.

6. Cafe Coffee Day-Celesta

The well known brand of the nation, Café Coffee Day presents Celesta Coffee Vending Machine especially for office and commercial use. The Celesta has the simple and user friendly features which can deliver cappuccino, latte and espresso with the gourmet rich taste. With this vending machine, the brand also offers a variety of other tasty beverages like teas, soups, hot chocolates drinks.

5. Cafe Desire

The premier vending machine company Café Desire is largely serves the coffee vending machine across the country. The brand is selling various vending machines which include Premix Vending Machine, Bean to Cup Machine, Instant Coffee Machine, and Filtant Tea and Coffee Vending Machine. All the ranges of beverages which are ideal for all coffee vending machines to dispense the perfect coffee.

4. Georgia

Georgia is the brand name of worldwide company of Coca Cola. The brand has to offer vending solutions equipments for a wide range of beverages. There are three different variations in the coffee vending machines. The machine dispenses freshly ground coffee as well as tea, premixes coffee and premixes tea, and there are premixed beverages. The brand offers the superior and international quality of technology at the economical prices.

3. Bru

Bru coffee brand is a part of Hindustan Lever, offers a range of national as well as international coffee products. The brand presents three variants in the coffee vending machines, Fresh Milk: Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Fresh Milk: Bru Gold Coffee Machine and Premix Tea and Coffee machine. The vending machines are fully featured and provide Cappuccino, Latte, Tea Bag Tea, Milk & Hot Water. They are user friendly as well as maintenance friendly.

2. Lavazza

Lavazza offers two types of vending machine, Automated and another is manual which are compact, simple and intelligent machines which deliver the perfect cup of coffee. The machines have patented system for hot milk that is ideal coffee, one touch beverage solution, non messy and hygienic cleaning machine, and energy efficient auto switch off function when not in use. The brand ensures trouble free service and consistent quality of beverage.

1. Nestle

Nestle is a best known global brand of nutrition, health and wellness products. The brand offers variety of coffee making solutions which provide the quality beverages. The range of coffee vending machines includes various models, such as New NESCAFÉ Solution, New NESCAFÉ Solution, NESCAFÉ Alegria 6/30, Nescafé Table Top Four Option, NESCAFÉ Table Top Multi Option, NESCAFÉ Table Top Double Option, and Quencher DMG.