Top 10 Best Laptop/Computer Speakers Brands with Price in India 2021

Music addicts would definitely not mind investing in a piece of hardware for audio enhancement. Speakers Brands can amplify the sound and also the pitch of audio clippings and can be attached to gadgets like computers, televisions, laptops and smartphones. It is always better to run a check through the specifications of each, before investing in one.

Amidst the many options available in the Indian market, here’s a list of the top ten best selling computer and laptop speakers brands in India 2021, one could refer to before buying one.

10. Lenovo Speakers

Lenovo Speakers

Lenovo is a trusted name in the computers and peripherals business. The brand provides a huge array of speakers suited for one’s audio needs. These models are packed with the best features available. Lenovo speakers begin from a price of Rs 775.

9. Dell Speakers

Dell Speakers

Dell is a well-known international brand when it comes to computers and hardware. Dell speakers amalgamate high-end technological features and ensure a great performance delivery, all for a budgetary price. The starting price for Dell speakers is Rs 759.

8. Envent Speakers

Envent Speakers

Envent is a brand that deals in telecom accessories and IT peripherals. A little higher in the price range, Envent speakers assure high and superior sound quality. The price listings begin from Rs 2999.

7. JBL Speakers

JBL Speakers

JBL is an extremely in-demand brand for its speakers especially. It combines style, affordability, convenience, and performance in its models. A huge collection is also out on the offer. The price range of JBL speakers starts from Rs 1498.

6. Altec Lansing Speakers

Altec Lansing Speakers

Altec Lansing is the highest-quality and top notch, speaker brand. Worth the investment, it offers supreme quality audio enhancers and showcases a wide range of speakers. Altec Lansing is an American brand and is highly acclaimed for its superior performance and sound quality. The price of these speakers starts from Rs 9800. The disadvantage seeming to be the expense, this brand outdoes others and totally proves itself worth the investment.

5. Creative Speakers

Creative Speakers

Creative is a well-known brand in the business and is deemed as a highly sought after name owing to its wide range of innovative products. It offers sound blaster speakers of top quality that deliver high-end performance. Even gaming handsets are available from this brand. Speakers from this awesome brand start from Rs 1500.

4. Sony Speakers

Sony Speakers

The giant in the tech business, Sony simply is an impressive brand. It has spread out its roots and taken into its stride most of the arenas in the technology business. Its wide range of speakers, suited to one’s needs, brag of their assured impressive sound quality along with their compact design and their excellent performance. The price of the speakers offered by this reputed brand begins from Rs 1173.

3. Logitech Speakers

Logitech Speakers

A manufacturing stalwart of computer peripherals and accessories, Logitech presents with its extraordinary collection of speakers. These are endowed with features to ensure an amazing audio experience. It provides rich sound quality, volume control and an adjustable bass. The speakers begin from a price of Rs 730.

2. Philips Speakers

Philips Speakers

Undeniably well reputed, Philips is amongst the oldest brands juggling into the Indian market. Needless to say, it has been trusted by millions over the years for technological gizmos. A wide variety of speakers are available from the brand and offer superior sound quality. Not very highly priced, the Philips speakers provide stunning soundscape and they are configured with the inclusion of the latest features and innovative technology. The price listing begins from Rs 999.

1. iBall Speakers

iBall Speakers

Highly regarded and reputed, iBall offers some of the best speakers in India. What sets them apart is that they are all wood speakers, which are the first of their kind in the country. This provides superior sound quality and amazing audio experience. However, even if providing high performance, the price of these speakers is comparatively pretty affordable. The iBall speakers are available to buy from a starting price range of Rs 670.

So, if looking to buy speakers to satisfy one’s audiophilic ears, it is wise to invest in a good one for the long run. The brands listed above are highly reputed and offer superior quality function. One can opt for a computer speaker, based on one’s needs. It could be used as a music outlet or for high audio performance during gaming.