Top 10 Best Dairy Companies in Delhi & India 2018

Dairy companies in India are one of the largest developed industries which hugely support Indian economy by providing large number of job opportunities for Indians. Dairy companies produce variety of dairy products such as milk and milk products, milk powders, ghee, butter, curd, cheese, paneer and so on.

Since the demand for milk and milk products are very high in every possible city and village of India, Dairy Industries have developed drastically. Also, since milk is an essential thing for the manufacture of ice creams, chocolates and biscuits even these companies hugely depend upon the Dairy companies of India.

Thus, let us check out top ten best Dairy companies in delhi & India:

Dairy Companies in India

10.  Dudhsagar Dairy

Actually a company from the state of Gujarat is also one of the largest dairy in Asia. Established in the year 1963, produces various milk products such as cow ghee, yogurt, ice cream, milk powder and flavored milk. Being an eco-friendly organization, Dudhsagar has achieved several ISO certificates for its best quality and eco-friendly production of milk products.

9. Milma

Being a Dairy company from the State of Kerala, “Milma” is otherwise called as Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF) is a successful dairy industry in Kerala right from 1980. Producing various milk products such as paneer, ice cream, chocolate, Ghee and fresh cream is a three tier company operating in village level, regional level and in state level.

8. Dynamix Dairy

Head quartered in Mumbai, Dynamix Diary is a very famous dairy company from Maharashtra. It produces various milk products such as cheese, paneer, butter, flavored milk, dairy whitener and yogurt. It is also specialized in producing various products such as infant foods, juices and drinks, whey products and lactose.

7. Aavin Dairy

Based on Tamil nadu, Aavin is from TN Milk Co-operative LTD which was established on 1958. It is specialized in producing variety of milk products, flavored milks, full cream milk, toned milk, ghee, butter and milk powder. Available in four variants such as toned milk which contains fat around 3%, double toned milk with 1.5% fat, standardized milk with 4.5% fat and Full cream milk with 6% fat.

6. KMF Dairy

It is a popular brand in Karnataka and stands for Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation which sells milk products under the name of “Nandhini”. KMF has introduced several products in the market and one of the largest producers of milk products in whole Asia. More than 60 products such as Toned milk, slim milk, curd, lassi, yogurt, cheese and chocolates are sold under the name of the brand “Nandhini”. Its “Good life Milk” pack is one the largest selling Milk packets in South India.

5. Omfed Dairy

It comes in a pack similar to the traditional Aavin blue label. A famous product from the state of Odisha and produces several products such as Jam, turmeric powder, pickle along with other milk products such as cow ghee, butter, ghee, curd, lassi and paneer.

4. APDDCF Dairy

APDDCF stands for Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Ltd., which was found in 1960 is still running successful in giving its excellent and quality and services. It sells all its milk products such as ice cream, curd, milk powder, cheese under the name of “Vijaya”.

3. Kwality Dairy

Producing key milk products such as curd, lassi, paneer and ice cream under the brand name “Dairy Best”, Kwality is also an ISO certified Dairy Company and exports its milk and milk products to more than 20 countries across the world. The company was launched in the year 1992 and right now it has six manufacturing plants in India.

2. Mother’s Dairy:

A very famous Dairy brand in North India especially in New Delhi and NCR region was actually established in the year 1974. Right now, it has six manufacturing plants in India just like Kwality Dairy Company. It collects milk from the milk co-operative federations and then processes it through State-of-art technology. Finally supplies that processed milk to the market. It produces several products such as processed foods, juices, jams, drinks along with the regular dairy products.

1. Amul Dairy

Carrying the very famous slogan “The taste of India” is really the number one dairy brand in India as mentioned in the slogan. Several products such as Amul Lassi, shrikand, milk, flavored milk, ice cream, toned milk, slim milk, fresh cream, cheese bread, sandwich spread and butter are its traditional products among which Amul Ice creams are very famous in all over India. It was established in the year 1947 is actually an oldest and largest dairy companies of India.