Top 15 Best Selling Deodorants For Men in India 2021

India is a subtropical country and with the recent global warming issues, the climate is showing its very extremes. Temperatures reach approximately 50˚C and presenting yourself before others, and for one’s personal hygiene, it is integral that a good deodorant be used.

Moreover, if you have the habit of unnecessary sweating, you like to hide them with the help of deodorant to keep your personality head high in front of others. The only time you like sweating is work out. But other than this, you need to prevent the culminating body odour due to over sweating. In order to make the coming summer fragranced and sweat free, use the best deodorant in this country. Feel smart and cool in office or any other workplace. Get the professional look complete with the latest edition and variants of reliable deodorant brands.

Here are some of the top 10 best selling deodorants across the country.

15. Old Spice Deodorants

old spice

One of the most earliest and famous manufacturers of fragrances for men, old spice still retains its charm and appeal that can still make women swoon at one smell of it. Popular for its out of the box advertisements, old spice is particularly famous in India for its practicality in making the fragrance last throughout the day, and its particular formulation is one that has certain antibacterial that help to keep the skin clean and fresh. It is available in various flavour and all of them are equally strong. The fragrance of the deodorant lasts the whole long a day. Total eight variants of Old spice are gettable which are familiar for classic smell, makes this brand popular. Purchase it online to avail the best discount offers.

14. Garnier Deodorants

garnier deo

It is one of the best selling deodorant brands of India that produces an extensive array of versatile cosmetic products. More specifically, the men deodorant of this brand is more familiar than other products. This brand is known to manufacture quality products of variant fragrances. Famous for its other beauty product lines, fragrances also adds to the list quite extensively as it assures quality with coping up with the extreme climatic conditions with long lasting effect. There are many variants that are sold under its name which are namely, Extreme Cool, Absolute Dry, Invisible Deo Spray, Anti Sweat Absolute Dry, Anti Sweat Extreme.

13. Reebok Deodorants

reebok deo

Another most popular deodorant brand in India is Reebok, which is familiar for its scent product. Yet this sport giant apparel company on the list, the product lines offered by Reebok gives value for their money. They are long lasting and giving one a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling throughout the day. Various fragrances are available on their products such as Reeplay, Reemystify, Recharge and Reehypnotize. There are many variants available in India. You can buy your suitable deodorant online to make your day superior than others.

12. Nike Deodorants


The Nike is marketed by the sports apparel giant, since their products are specifically designed to cope up with extreme conditions to eliminate the affect of sweat and odour. All their products including the fragrances offer a guarantee to cope up sweat and odour produced throughout the day. Its variations or the different flavours that are offered by this brand are Magnetic Blue, Wood Blast, On Fire, Cool, Paranoia. You can get anyone of your favourite item that smelled exactly you want and suits you the best. Buy the best item to impress your dearest one through body smell or fragrance. Order it from online shopping and get convenient discount offers.

11. Play boy Deodorants

Play boy Fragrances

Although new to Indian market, the brand shows plenty of promise with its charm and exciting new flavours. There are currently only three variants that are available in India, namely, New York, Miami, Ibiza. The brand, however, has been extensively marketed in other countries; therefore do not be surprised to see other variants. It is being treated as the growing brands of deodorants in India with its amazing fragranced items which are also available in various flavours. You can try at least once this brand deodorant to know hoe efficient this deodorant is throughout the day.

10. Wild Stone Deodorants

wild stone

Owned by McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd based in Kolkata, Wild Stone is one of the most leading brands known in the market for male grooming, manufactured by an Indian manufacturer. Due to its manufacturing origin, their product formulations are specifically designed to suit the skin tone and climate of India. The deo is quite invigorating and long lasting that can keep you energetic and refresh all the day long. Comprehensive variants of this brand are available in the market. From casual deodorant to office collection, it remains in the top of the choice of Indian youth. Moreover, apart from their fragrance line, Wild stone has their product lines in Talcs, aftershave products. Its variants include Rosemary, Spicy Fresh, Woody, Musky, Lavender, etc. however, this brand is little expensive than others because of its high quality body sprays. If you are looking for the best quality deodorants within your reach, you can easily opt for Wild stone. Online shopping is more convenient nowadays.

9. Dove Deodorants

Dove Deodorants

The main thing which you will like about the Dove deodorants is that they dry instantly and hence give you a much cleaner look whole day. The company boasts of providing sweat protection and a fragrance which will last for more than 48 hours. That is a real long time which is attracting many buyers making it one of the most selling deodorants in the market today. In India the climate is humid and it keeps you fresh all day long in that period. The formulae which the product has been using is clinically tested and is very gentle for skin. You can use it in the morning and be refreshed all day long. Some of the best deodorants which the company has are Cool Fresh, Clean Comfort, Plus Care Dry, and Invisible Dry.

8. AXE Deodorants

axe deodorant

Marketed by Uniliver, Axe is one of the most popular fragrances found in India, with its product line offering a large variety. It is one of the widely purchased brands of deodorant in India. For the utmost sense of strong fragrance and manly smell, it remains in the top of the list of top selling brands of deodorants in India in 2017. Although not advertised by any celebrity, its appeal is quite strong, evidence that its quality speaks for the product itself. In fact the product is tested on real women as a part of its quality control tests. The various flavours/ fragrances that the product is offered are Chocolate, Pulse, Dimension, summer, Provoke and Apollo. Originally manufactured by France, the brand is now popular in sixty different countries.

7. Brut Deodorants

Brut Deodorants

One of the most reliable deodorant brands in India, Brut is known for keeping the skin safe as they do not use any harmful chemicals in their product at all. Due to a great range of different fragrances, Brut is one of the best-selling deodorant brands in India too. Since a long time, we cherish the spicy masculine scent of Brut and the trend is still going on. For getting the best results the brand must be used after a shower. That way it can provide a long-lasting effect on your body. Some of the best Brut deodorants are Ocean, Instinct, Brut Classic, Musk and many more.

6. Park Avenue Deodorants

Park-Avenue's deo

Park Avenue comes under the belt of Raymond, one of the leading clothing brands of India, and like its clothing counterpart, Park Avenue is one of the most famous fragrance lines in India. Offering a wide range of different flavors such as Good Morning, Alive, IQ Open your mind, Beyond the Horizon, Delive into Nature, Terra, Cool Blue, Tranquil Freshness, Alpha, Storm, Combo of the Three Men, the deodorants are specifically designed to suit the topographic location of having hot summers. These deodorants are known for long lasting fragrance and for their strong flavour. Such manly flavour is the main reason behind the popularity of Park Avenue in the Indian market. Get the best one and add some extra glamour to your outfit.

5. Cinthol Deodorants

Cinthol Deodorants

In the industry of deodorant, Cinthol has created a revolution by launching its Deo Stick. The fragrance is very good and the best part is that it will stay 3 times longer than the other regular deodorants. That is the reason Cinthol deodorant are ruling the industry as the bestsellers now. You can apply the deo stick directly to your body after the shower. That way you will stay fresh all day long and the fragrance will make you feel good. The product is gentle on your skin and will not harm it by any means. You can find the product both online and offline. The cream formulae makes it way more effective than the other deodorants in this range.

4. Guess Deodorants

Guess Deodorants

The seductive scent of Guess deodorant is loved by all. Once you smell it, you will not be able to forget the fragrance for a long time. Using it, you will stay trendy and sophisticated as a heady mix of aquatic and woody notes will drop a hint of peeper to make you smell great. Not only will you smell good but the impression which it will leave on your mind will be long-lasting too. Without thinking any more you must but the deodorant as with all your fashionable clothes, it is also a must have thing in your wardrobe. You can use this any time in a day for imposing a great impression over the people who are going to hang around with you.

5. Adidas Deodorants

adidas deo

Similar to that of other competing sport giant apparels, Adidas too has an intriguing line of deodorants and fragrances. Apart from deodorants, this brand manufactures sports bags, shoes, and many other materials that are popular among the sport lovers and young athletics of India. Its formulations are specifically designed to handle the extreme heat conditions to reduce sweat and odour. The various fragrance flavours are Get Ready, Sport Field, Victory League, Team Force, Intensive, Pure Game. It becomes one of the best selling brands of deodorants in India in the year of 2017.

2. Fogg Deodorants

Fogg Deodorants

The second position of our list is claimed by Fogg. Without any doubt Fogg is one of the best deo brands in India today. The esteemed black collection of Fogg can be found on a host of online stores in India. Most of the series of this amazing brand are selling as hotcakes now in India. The masculine fragrance of the product and the special design for every weather makes it even more special. The fragrance will get you noticed for sure. They do have very long lasting perfumes too. For the working people, Fogg is a must have in their wardrobe as usually they need heavy duty fragrance and Fogg can easily provide them that.

1. Nivea Deodorants

nivea for men

Famous for its beauty line products for the Ladies, Nivea has launched a line of fragrances for men as well and their products are regarded as effective with a style statement. Their extreme utility makes it one of the top choices of consumption since it allows for the skin to remain cool, dry, odour free throughout the day. Apart from the basic fragrance line, Nivea has an extensive line for shower gel, shaving foam and after shave products for their male consumers. The deodorant of Nivea India has launched several quality deodorants for men that lasts maximum hours eliminating the irritation and itching due to sweat. It is considered as one of the most engrossed deodorant perfume for men India, meeting all the need of young consumers. It produces extensive range of deos such as Nivea Sport, Nivea Active, Nivea Roll on and likewise.

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