Top 10 Best Deodorants for Women in India 2021

Women love to use deodorants in all the seasons. Everyone hates bad smell of sweats in the body. Hence, Deodorants play a main role in enhancing the personality and give a refreshing lost lasting smell throughout the day. There are many national as well as international brands, which offer different types of deodorants for women. Some products are available for the sensitive skin also. Below are the best 10 brands for deodorants for women which are available in the Indian market 2021.

10. Revlon


Revlon is one of the best brands in cosmetics and fragrances. Deodorants for women contain goodness of floral, fruity and sensual fragrances. The brand offers anti-per spirant deodorants don’t damage the skin. The products don’t contain alcohol or colorants. The fragrance lasts all day long gives a feel of fresh till night. Neon, Chic, Gold are the best flavors from the brand. Available at the price range of ₹150/- approx.

9. Secret Temptation

Secret Temptation

The Secret Temptation presents exciting fragrances in deodorants for women. The products give all day long odor free smell without create irritation to the skin. the daily wear deodorants add the feeling of pure joy with playful and fresh fragrance. Romance, Mystery, Passion, Affair and Play are its different flavors. Price range is around ₹150/-

8. Eva


Eva offers a range of alcohol free deodorants with a unique formula which balance a PH level in the skin. The products effectively prevent body odor keeping it fresh and active whole day. The deodorants give very nice, sweet and long lasting fragrances. Blush, Urban, Groove, Doll, Tease, Fresh, Sweet, Bliss and Flirt are the best flavors. Best Buy: ₹110/- to ₹125/-

7. Yardley


Yardley offers original feminine deodorants for women. Very mild and exquisite fragrance is what the brand provides in each flavor of the products. Its antiperspirant formula gives the day long orderless confidence. Its variants are English lavender, Jasmine, Red roses, Lily of the valley, English rose and Sandalwood. The products are available at the ₹180/

6. Adidas


Adidas deodorants sprays are a blend of fruity, flowery, aquatic, spicy and soothing aromas. They give 24 hours of fresh feeling. The products don’t cause skin irritation, safe to use on a daily basis. The deodorants feature vibrant fragrances with long lasting effect. Its Variants are Special edition, Fruit rhythm, Pure lightness, Natural vitality and Floral dream. Available at the price range of ₹175/- to ₹200/-

5. Nivea


The famous brand Nivea gives deodorants enriched with pearl extract formula. They are for sensitive skin. the deodorants give a soft beautiful underarms with anti-perspiring protection. Whitening, Energy, Pearl, Lemon grass, Licorice and Fruity Touch are the variants which the brand offers. Available at the cost of ₹165/- to ₹200/-

4. Fogg


The leading brand Fogg presents the deodorants with the guaranty of 1000 sprays. The products have rejuvenating fragrance to help staying fresh all day long. They suit for all occasions with subtle and beautiful smell. The brand is dermatological tested which is good for all skin types. Fogg Black Series is the famous among women. Best Buy: ₹195/-

3. Dove


A dermatological tested brand, Dove offers the anti-perspiring deodorants with ¼ of moisturizer for delicate skin of underarms. The products contain Vitamins E and F to soothe and condition the skin. The deodorants don’t irritate the skin and give the healthy skin with refreshing and wonderful fragrance. Dove original, Silk dry, Go fresh, Clear touch, Whitening and Invisible dry are the best flavors from the brand. Price range is ₹150/- to ₹200/-

2. Reebok


Reebok is the brand which provides deodorants with active ingredients to fight odor with its fruity and citrus smell. The products from Reebok are most suitable for casual occasions and office use. The deodorants are alcohol free and long lasting. Comes in a Lemon, Apple, Blossom, Wood, Lily of the Valley, Aquatic, Amber, Musk and Spicy flavors.  The best price is starting from ₹275/-

1. Nike


Nike is a well known and trusted brand worldwide since 1929. The brand offers a range of fragrance collection with elegant and sophisticated notes. It is the most famous among women when it comes to deodorants. They are of great quality with long lasting and attractive fragrances. Variants are Blue fantasy, Pink parade, Fruit fever, Purple woman, Sweet emotion, Spicy love. Easily available in the market at the starting price of ₹250/-