Top 10 Best Dhoti and Kurta for Men in India with Price

One of the most traditional dresses worn in India by men is dhoti and kurta. Before independence, most the people in India tend to wear dhoti kurta or kurta pajama. The usual daily as well as casual wear for the men at that time was dhoti kurta. But nowadays with the society being modernized, dhoti kurta is now seen as a formal clothing. But there are still some people mostly in the rural parts of India where the dress is worn on regular basis.

Top 10 Best Dhoti and Kurta for Men in India with Price

Dhoti is a piece of cloth, rectangular in size which is wrapped around the waist and legs and at last the knotting is done in the waist. In different languages it is pronounced differently like Dhuti in Bengali, Mundu in Malayalam, Pancha in Telugu, Veshti in Tamil, Panche in Kannada, and Dhotar in Marathi. It is worn with kurta, which is a shirt of loose fitting. This different from lungi as it is not stitched. Here we are going to mention the top 10 dhoti and kurta in India with their prices.

10. Contrast Patch Border Dupion Silk Short Dhoti Kurta

This readymade short kurta is made of dupion silk fibre with an amazing contrast patch border work. The dhoti has an adjustable waist which makes it more comfortable for the people wearing. This set is a brilliant festive collection. Dry cleaning is compulsory to keep the fabric in good shape. The price of this product starts from 3500 INR.

9. Printed Dupion Silk Dhoti Kurta

Red printed kurta looks very good with a white dhoti. The sleeves and the collar neck of the kurta have buttons over it. The fabric used to made the product is dupion silk. Dry cleaning is the best option for this kurta with less or no use of bleach. The price starts from 6500 INR.

8. Plain Dupion Silk Dhoti Kurta with Jacket

This readymade product is famous for its gracious look. It has been moulded buttons and patch border work for its classy look. The dhoti waist is adjustable to suite the wearing person. To make this product, dupion silk fibre is used. Dry cleaning in cold water is recommended for the product. The price starts from 5500 INR.

7. Embroidered Neckline Art Silk Dhoti Kurta

This readymade product is made of dupion silk fibre. The zari work brings more beauty to the product. The dry cleaning of the product is necessary with the use of cold water. The products cost around 9000 INR.

6. Plain Art Dupion Silk Dhoti Kurta

This readymade attire is designed with patch border Work, which makes it glow even more. With adjustable waist, it brings relief to the wearers. The color and design of the product make it a standout product and the use of dupion silk adds to its beauty. The product must be dry-cleaned only. The price of the product starts from 3000 INR.

5. Printed Cotton Kurta with Dhoti

The kurta is a yellow and red cotton angrakha kurta with block print, dori and patch border work. The product is available with a white dhoti to enhance its beauty. The color and the texture of the product is very soothing to eyes. To keep the fibre in good condition, it must be dry cleaned only. The price of this item starts from 2000 INR.

4. Woven Art Silk Jacquard Kurta Set

A satin lining can be seen in the kurta to enhance its beauty. You will see buttons and patch border work in the product. To make this product, dupion silk fibre is used. The cold wash dry cleaning is compulsory for the product. The price of this set starts from 10000 INR.

3. Embroidered Silk Kurta Dhoti

This kurta is special for the work of resham and jari on it. This dress is best for the occasions like the wedding or any other similar one. The fabric used to made the item is dupion silk. It must be only dry cleaned and if possible cold washed. The price of this amazing set starts from 8000 INR.

2. Double Tone Kurta with Red Dhoti

This is a festive item and can be worn on big occasions or parties. This product is handmade and the fabric used is dupion silk. Washing of this dress is important as it has to be dry cleaned only without the use of bleach. The price of this wear starts from 6000 INR.

1. Cotton White Kurta and Dhoti

The most commonly worn Kurta is on the top position of our list. It is made of 100% cotton and can be bought in both regular and loose styles. It can be washed easily at home. It is good night wear and can be worn on parties too with an added modi jacket over it for the cool look. The price at which you can get is around 1400 INR.

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