Top 10 Best Diabetes Hospitals in Mumbai

Diabetes, which is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels is today an epidemic still many people remain unaware about it. A study shows that everyone in two people with diabetes remain undiagnosed till the time complications set in. Be it due to lack of proper information or fear of finding the right doctor, the disease is tightening its grip on the masses. And so, it is extremely crucial that people have necessary information about the disease, its complications, treatments and its doctors. Here are the top 10 diabetes hospitals in Mumbai you might consider. Read on.

Diabetes Hospitals in Mumbai

10. Chellaram Diabetes Hospital

A non-profit foundation based in Mumbai, Chellaram Diabetes Hospital is well known among people for their expert staff and homely environment. From diagnosis to treatment, the hospital caters to every metabolic disorder or complication that arises with diabetes be it diabetes type-1, diabetes type-2 or gestational diabetes. Among its diabetology services, the hospital specializes in providing diagnostic facilities like CT Scan, Digital X-Rays, Sonography, ECG, Stress Test etc.


9. Diabetic Foot Clinic (DfC)

Diabetes is as much as related to foot problems as it is to blood sugar. However, not many people diagnosed with prediabetes or even diabetes pay attention to this side effect that diabetes carries along. DfC founded by Dr. TusharRege is possibly the only large scale clinic dealing specifically in diabetic foot treatment. In addition to doorstep dressing facility, the clinic also provides diet training, diabetic footwear and foot surgeries.


8. Holy Spirit Hospital

Though the name says it all, Holy Spirit Hospital was founded by the Missionary Sister Servants of Holy Spirit who observed the poor health conditions of people in India. Currently directed by Dr. SnehaSSps, the charitable hospital comprises of over 300 beds and excellent amenities. Apart from diabetology, the hospital provides treatments in endocrinology, nephrology, gastroenterology, cardiology and urology also.


7. Dr. Gadge’s Diabetic Care & Research Centre

Founded and owned by the world renowned diabetologist Dr. PradeepGadge, Dr. Gadge’s diabetic centre remains one of the best possible diabetes care hospitals in India. Specializing in diabetology, Dr. Gadge is a Nair Golden Jubilee Award Winner, Guinness World Record Holder and also a speaker at American Diabetes Association. This perhaps is the biggest assurance that you can have when you are consulting a doctor.


6. Apollo Sugar Clinic

Coming under the umbrella of Apollo Healthcare, Apollo Sugar is a group of 50 diabetes clinics spread in 11 cities throughout India. With over 1 million patients and over 300 expert skilled doctors, Apollo Sugar combines the technology and friendliness in paving equal care to each patient. Individual attention is an added perk. Inline with modern age treatment and management in different stages of diabetes, they provide three programs for bringing blood sugar level under control namely Sugar 90 Flexi, Sugar 360 and Sugar One.


5. Global Hospital Mumbai

Global Hospital holds top-of-the-line expertise in treatment and therapies of diabetic mellitus and other metabolic diseases. Comprising nearly 500 patient beds and 24×7 ambulance services, they pay special attention to each case be it regular or under emergency. Their team of diabetologists and endocrinologists contains qualified and skilled doctors like the renowned Dr. PradeepTalwalkar and Dr. Sneha Kothari. Besides this, the hospital also provides endoscopic tests for pre-diabetic symptoms.


4. Nanavati Hospital

Located in Vile Parle West alongside Swami Vivekanand Road, the foundation stone of Nanavati Hospital was built by the first prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru 67 years ago. Equipped with 352 beds, the hospital is known to be a leading diabetes care centre, not just in Mumbai but pan India. In addition to diabetes, the hospital also launched a cancer ward in 2013. Many eminent celebrities including Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan have been taking part in various events of the hospital.


3. S. L. Raheja Hospital

Specializing in diabetes and diabetes foot surgery, this Mumbai-based hospital provides advanced technological procedures from diagnosis to treatment. In addition to equipping world class diabetologists, the hospital caters to the treatment procedures of all the symptoms and diseases caused as a side effect of diabetes. Some of the tests that they provide include A1c test, glucose tolerance test, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and glucose challenge test, all coming under the accreditations of NABH.


2. Wockhardt Hospitals

Incorporated four decades ago, this world renowned group of hospitals is preferred by people round the globe for medical treatments and consultations. Already a world leader in heart surgery, the hospital is also gaining momentum in treating diabetes cases. In Mumbai, the diabetes wing is directed by Dr. Akshay Jain, an award winning renowned diabetologist holding a training certificate from Cleveland Clinic Foundation.


1. P.D. Hinduja National Hospital

Hinduja Hospital, undoubtedly is the best overall medical care centre in Mumbai and a leading hospital in the country. Round the clock service, friendly staff, full-fledged amenities under a well experienced team of doctors, specialists and medical practitioners. Taking reference from the research and studies conducted by US and UK governments on diabetes awareness, the hospital has recently launched their Diabetes Self Management (DSM) Clinic. Led by Dr. Roshani Sanghani, the clinic conducts awareness campaigns to educate the masses about “what is diabetes” and how to prevent it.


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