Top 10 Best Digital Cameras Buy Under a Price of 15000 In India 2018

How do you decide what camera to buy?? You may or may not be a professional and hence must not know much of the technicalities. However, there are three main basic factors: resolution, zooming ratio and connectivity closures. Just note down the above features in cameras you are looking at and the one, which is better in your budget, is ideal choice for you!

Here’s a small list of top 10 available digital cameras in range of 15000 INR for you-

10. Canon IXUS 180 Digital Camera

Canon IXUS 180 Digital Camera

Price: 7250 INR

This is a new model launched in January 2016. It is lightweight (132g) digital camera with approximate 20MP resolution and Wi- , NFC connectivity. Only drawback is for people who want extra zooming features. This camera can zoom only until 10x Times. Rest it has all good features that you need for a decent digital camera.

9. Sony CyberShotDSC W830/S Digital Camera

Sony CyberShotDSC W830/S Digital Camera

Price: 7630 INR

This digital camera from Sony is budget-friendly when compared to other digital cameras in this range. Like other costly cameras, this gives resolution of 20 MP along with HAD CCD sensor. Moreover, it includes high definition video recording and intelligent photography shoot modes for users to click in a smarter way. Screen is 2.7 inch big, which is considerable enough. Only point where it lacks is zooming facility. It allows 8x times zoom only, hence, clarity in distant photographs is not that great but is good enough for non-professionals.

8. Fujifilm FinePix JZ100 Digital Camera

Fujifilm FinePix JZ100 Digital Camera

Price: 8350 INR

Fujifilm is a company based in Japan in the stream of photography and imaging related products manufacturing. They aim for professionals and keen enthusiastic photographers as their potential clients. It has a good resolution of 14MP and a screen size of 2.7 inches. You can even tag your photos as well as edit in the camera for a faster upload once you reach home. It also has face detection technology inbuilt in it.

7. Nikon Coolpix L340 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L340 Shoot Digital Camera

Price: 9949 INR

This model from Nikon was launched in 2015. It has an excellent resolution of 20.2MP with 3-inch LED screen just like powershot or snapshot models. This economic camera weights bit more – 1.5 kg making it difficult to handle in leisure travelling. It has zooming ability of 28x, which is not at all bad for a digital camera in just 10k. Hence, you may name it as a small package with great things in it.

6. Samsung WB350F Digital Camera

Samsung WB350F Digital Camera

Price: 12000 INR

The Wow factor about this phone is it comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi with NFC for quick Facebook or any other social media uploading. This 16.2MP resolution digital camera from Samsung providea bright, sharp and clear images which are shown on 3-inch touchscreen in the camera. It comes with 4GB memory card and excellent 21 X Optical zoom feature for exemplary shots on camera.

5. Nikon S6800 Digital Camera

Nikon S6800 Digital Camera

Price: 14,950 INR

What better do you expect than a Japanese technology product delivers you a high definition HD movie recording with an excellent resolution of 16MP. It has an intelligent auto focus facility which snaps great pictures.. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi for quick social media sharing. Hence, this camera is a good friend for all those who love photography but don’t know the exact techniques for better photos. This camera will do all the settings itself and hence is an excellent selection.

4. Canon IXUS-285 HS Digital Camera

Canon IXUS-285 HS Digital Camera

Price: 12,116 INR

Canon is again a very well established Japanese brand with great knowledge in the field of imaging and photography. They are manufacturers of camera equipped with latest technology and features giving Nikon a tough competition. What is unique about this camera is its 20.2 MP CMOS sensor, which results in higher resolution images that can be shared instantly via Wi-Fi and NFC. Also with ZoomPlus technology, zooming can be almost doubled upto 24 times without losing the visual quality. It is compact, easy to carry and weighs light just like phone (145g). It comes with a 3-inch LED screen.

3. GoPro Hero Action Digital Camera

GoPro Hero Action Digital Camera

Price: 12,400 INR

This camera gives excellent video recording. Also, it has a unique feature of microphone inbuilt in it so that you may record audio while taking any video of the surrounding. It has very sturdy and can be used in rains as well because it is waterproof. It has better video results and hence you should go for it if you like to record videos. It comes with many user-friendly features one of which is Quick Capture. Hence, this is one of the bestselling video recording cameras in the market. Moreover, it can record fast – action scenes very well with thorough accuracy.

2. Sony Cyber Shot H300 Digital Camera

Sony Cyber Shot H300 Digital Camera

Price: 13,125 INR

In competition to Canon Powershot, this camera from Sony gives 35 times optical zoom facility for maximum capturing. Resolution is same as Canon Powershot- 20MP. Another good quality of this camera is its super HAD CCD sensor which results in removal of excessive noise. It gives excellent clear shots in even low light by means of intelligent auto mode option available.

1. Canon Powershot SX420 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SX420 Digital Camera

Price: 14,897 INR

This camera from Canon is like God of all. It has super features like 20MP resolution, 42 times long range zooming ability, and DIGIC4+ processor. Other features like Wi-Fi, NFC and 3-inch screen are still common. It is excellent at its work and provides impressive portraits and close-ups. It has been designed in a way for better handling and durability. It is one of the best sellers in this range and has high ratings from users with hardly any negative reviews. It is a new model that came up in March 2016.