Top 8 Best Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day

On this romantic Valentine’s Day, everyone wish to make special dishes to surprise their soul mate and thus make their day most rememorable and lovely. So for this upcoming Valentine’s Day what is your plan for dinner?

But what is the use of making a romantic dinner for this Valentine’s Day?

Here are the points to be noted for that:

  1. A romantic dinner for your spouse or soul mate during this Valentine’s Day will make your relation more strong than ever. This is because, by preparing his favorite foods you make him to understand that he is more important than anything else in this world.
  2. You come to know his likes and dislikes in the ingredients of the foods. For example, he may like less spicy food, more sugary and sweet food and may dislike more salty foods.
  3. Make him to understand that food prepared at home is healthier than the foods available at outdoors such as hotels and restaurants.

So, let us see few of the awesome dinner ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

8. Creamy soup with a lovely message

Just make thick creamy tomato soup and take a cone filled with fresh cream. Just write “I love u” on the creamy texture of the soup and serve it hot to your husband. He will get amazed and surprised when he looks at this soup.

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7. Strawberry mousse

Mousse is a special recipe which can be fluffy, creamy and thick and just melts in your mouth as soon as you taste it. For this Valentine’s Day, making an excellent strawberry mousse is a perfect idea which will definitely attract your partner. For this you need fresh strawberries, fresh cream and sugar syrup. Just blend all this ingredients in a mixer grinder and keep it in the refrigerator for 5 hours. You will get a delicious strawberry mousse when it is all set.

6. Try different dessert

Just try a different kind of dessert for this Valentine’s Day. Unlike any conventional dessert, try to make a different variety of dessert such as hot gulab jamun in vanilla icecream, hot carrot halwa in butterscotch ice cream, valentine fruit salad and so on. This may sound different, but will make you enjoy your dinner till the last moment.

5. Simple bread recipe

Take two breads and toast them until it is slightly brown. Now butter the breads and cut it into heart shape. Take fresh cream, sugar and little coffee powder and beat it until they have no lumps. Now apply this fresh creamy coffee paste into the bread and serve hot. This dish taste best when served hot.

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4. Pancake

Just like dosa, you can also make a pan cake in the form of heart shape expressing your love for this Valentine’s Day. You can easily make a pan cake using the white flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Now, buy a heart shaped baking vessel for making heart shaped pan cakes. Just pour the batter into the mould and bake it to get the surprising heart shaped pancakes.

3. Strawberries in sauce

As we know already, strawberry is a fruit which has a natural shape of the romantic heart which is symbol of love. Now, prepare a sweety red sauce with these strawberries by just grinding it in a mixer grinder. Now take few strawberries, white plate and the freshly made strawberry sauce. Dip the strawberry into the sauce and place it decoratively on the white plate. Just serve it during your dinner time of the Valentine’s Day. Your soul mate will surely feel romantic when he sees this romantic plate.

2. Valentine Samosa

Samosa is a chat item which is very famous in northern india. Samosa served hot with tamarind sauce and tomato sauce has won millions of hearts for its excellent taste. Thus, for this Valentine’s Day, try to make Samosa by cutting it into heart shape and filling it with aloo subji. Now deep fry it and present it with tomato sauce which may definitely surprise your husband.

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1. Heart shaped dosa

This is rather a simple but best dinner idea for this Valentine’s Day. Dosa is actually a south Indian recipe which is made up of rice batter. Since this rice batter can be easily prepared at house, it is easy to make a heart shaped dosa on your tawa. Just make your husband surprise by making heart shaped dosas for this Valentine’s Day. For added surprise, you can also make different dosa shapes conveying messages such as “I love u”, “I like u” and symbol of kissing lips.