Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands with Price in India 2021

The dog owners in India can choose the best dog foods at affordable rates from online stores. You have to choose the right nutritious and balanced foods for your loving dogs. Read on to know about best dog food brands in India 2021.

10. Chappi Adult Dog Food

Chappi Adult Dog Food

It is available in the denomination of 20 kgs. The Pedigree brand food is highly delicious and nutritious. It consists of 18% crude proteins, 5% of crude fiber and 5% of crude fats. It comes with shinier and thicker coat. It promotes strong teeth, strong bones and healthy digestive system. It is rich in minerals (calcium, phosphorous), dietary fiber and nutrients. It is suitable for dogs of all ages.

Price: INR 2088 per 20 Kg pack

9. Royal Canin Maxi Junior Dog Food

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Dog Food

The Royal Canin Brand dog food promotes digestion and assimilation of nutrients. The balanced and nutrients rich dog food promotes healthy growth of your dogs. It promotes growth of healthy cartilage, joins and bones. It is a perfect blend of antioxidants, calcium and phosphorous to boost immunity.

Price: INR 1838 per 4 Kgs

8. Focus Puppy Dog Food

Focus Puppy Dog Food

This Drools Brand dog food for your pet is manufactured using natural ingredients. It is free from flavors, colors, chicken and meat. It is affordable and tasty for your dogs. It is free from wheat and corn. It is rich in nutrients to strengthen the skeleton, joints and bones. It promotes natural growth and keeps your dogs in upbeat health.

Price: INR 4229 per 15 Kg

7. Farmina Dry Puppy Nonveg food

Farmina Dry Puppy Nonveg food

The Farmina brand dry dog food is offered for puppies. This non vegetarian food comes with meat flavor. The Vet Life natural diet is manufactured using natural ingredients to promote growth of your puppies. It is highly delicious and healthy for your pet dogs. It is safe and natural.

Price: INR 6490

6. Hills Pet Food

Hills Pet Food

The Hills brand pet food is designed using a scientific formula to provide essential nutrients for your dogs. It is manufactured using natural ingredients like brown rice, vegetables, flaxseeds, chicken and rice. It consists of fibers, minerals, proteins, vitamins and fats in right ratio. It can be fed to dogs of all ages. It consists of higher percentage of meat to promote growth.

Price: INR 6050

5. Solid Gold Dog Food

Solid Gold Dog Food

It is actually US based dog food brand. It is widely available in India. Its key ingredients are fish, chicken, brown rice, hund-hen-flocken and lamb. This high quality premium dog food is widely available at online stores for immediate purchase from the comfort of home. It is rich in minerals (sodium, phosphorous, and calcium), amino acids and vitamins.

Price: INR 1200 per 1.2 Kg

4. Jerhigh Stix Bites Dog Food

Jerhigh Stix Bites Dog Food

It is manufactured using higher percentage of meat. It is tasty, pure and promotes digestion. The manufacturer follows the same standards of human food production. It is highly safe and affordable. Its popular products include Jerhigh meat, Jerhigh Chicken Jerky, and Jerhigh Milky Stick.

Price: INR 646 per 100 grams

3. Eukanuba Pet Food

Eukanuba Pet Food

It is developed specifically for large breed dogs. It has higher levels of phosphorous and calcium to promote growth of bones and support healthy joints. It is ideal for large breed dogs aged between 2 months and 24 months. It is affordable and safe.

Price: INR 1300 per 3 kg

2. Genesis and Chicopee Adult Dog Food

Genesis and Chicopee Adult Dog Food

It is a balanced diet for your pet dog. It has fats and proteins in right combination to provide necessary energy levels for your dog. It maintains healthy weight and keeps in upbeat health. It consists of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids for clear and healthy eyes. It also maintains healthy skin and coat. It also helps to maintain healthy bones and joints.

Price: INR 657 per 2 kg

1. Arden Grange Puppy Food

Arden Grange Puppy Food

It is a balanced diet for your large breed puppies and giant breed puppies aged above 8 weeks. It safeguards the joints for your pet dogs. It is rich in calcium and boosts immunity. It is palatable and digestible. It is one of the best dog foods available in the market.

Price: INR 5500 per 12 kg