Top 10 Best Door Locks with Price In India 2017

The quality of the door locks is required to be the best and that is the reason that you will be getting the best deals about the same. Each year new options and series comes so far the door locks are concerned and that is the reason that you will be able to find the list of the best door lock makers now.

  • The long list underneath just components the top smash hit Door Locks, which implies you will get the best quality and best esteem for cash.
  • You can make sure of the item as it has been purchased and tried by hundreds if not a great many recognizing Indian purchasers.
  • The rundown is overhauled day by day, so just the most recent and most prominent items are highlighted.
  • This rundown is not in light of feelings or inclinations; they are specifically associated with the quantity of offers.

Proceed and pick what the world trusts!

10. Wilson Door Lock

The Wilson Iron Mortice Door Handle Set is the best protection that one can imagine. The measurement of these handles is 7 Inch and the bolt can do Single activity with two keys. It is a very safe option so far if the security of your house is concerned.

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Cost: 1,050/-

9. Godrej Locks

Safety and security finds a new presentation with the Godrej Locks Kadi Tala – 275 mm (Texture Brown). These lock have lever twofold bolting component and they have helpful al-drop and lock work. They are hostile to robbery mounting screws. The locks are prevalent consumption insurance on steel parts.

Cost: 885-900/-

8. Kodia Bullet

The Kodia Bullet Door Lock Bullet Double Turn 2 in 1 with 8 Levers with 4.5 inches long key and a very heavy bodybrings you the best option for tight security. So, even at the important center for works, too these locks are used. You can also use this one for your home or workplace and be assured. There is no way they can be normally breached.

Cost: 398/-

7. Godrej Locks Premium

Here, comes in the list the Godrej Locks Premium Night 1CK – Brushed steel inside opening Pin cylinder Technology (Brushed Steel). They are scratch safe, long enduring, and electro-plated. So, you will not be having any problem regarding the quality of them. The right quality of it get gives included security and also protection and keeps the bolt from being opened even by its own particular key.

Cost: 1,295/-

6. Imported RFID Door Lock

The Imported RFID Door Lock Access Control System with 10 Keyfobs are 100% brand new and are of the best quality. They are solid products for the best results. You can now make use of this premium quality product. Imported from Hong Kong these locks can make you assured that you would be having the best quality out of it.

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Cost: 1,140/-

5. Godrej Ultra Twin Bolt

The Godrej Ultra Twin bolt with 1 CK Satin Nickel and Inside opening options are truly unique. Its body is produced using extreme clear defensive covered steel is more grounded. The Lock bolt and deadbolt of these locks is produced using metal are non-destructive and have higher quality. The unbreakable lock gives additional resistance from the entryway being constrained open. It has halting capacity guarantees that the lock bolt cannot be pushed back to open the entryway from outside.

Cost: 1,899/-

4. Godrej Locks Ultra Tribolt

Godrej Locks Ultra Tribolt 1CK (Satin Nickel) is a new thing for demand now. It is produced using predominant crude materials, metal expelled three bolts, and sheet metal parts to give additional quality. They locks are also helpful keep down element anticipates incidental bolt out’ circumstances. The Al-drop bolt gives included security and keeps it from being opened even by its own key. The lock is properly planned with delicate adjusted edges to match entryway stylistic layout.

Cost: 2,645/-

3. Godrej Classic Cylindrical Lock (Stainless Steel)

Un-parallel Quality of the Godrej Classic Cylindrical Lock (Stainless Steel). The entrance entryways for private and commercial foundations are perfectly secured here. It has single board entryways 32mm to 45mm thick and the backset is of 60mm. Godrej made sure that you get additional strength with them.

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Cost: 745/-

2. Godrej Locks Ultra Vertibolt Texture 1CK (Brown)

The Godrej Locks Ultra Vertibolt Texture 1CK (Brown) is vertically interlocking deadbolts produced using intense, unique high review zinc composite give imperviousness to prying open or jimmying. It has secure body and repository scratch-safe powder-covered wrap up. Also, operable by handle from inside and key from outside is possible with it.

Cost: 1,645/-

1. CP Plus Electronic Door Lock

The CP Plus Electronic Door Lock spares superfluous strolling each time towards the door. It shields from theft and different Harassments. You can open the entryway bolt by squeezing switch from anyplace. It is programmed for stopping which keeps the lock indenting being constrained open from outside.It also spares the cost of guard.You will be getting the perfect security with this lock on the door.

Cost: 1,400/-