Top 10 Best Drilling Machines (Power Drills) Brands with Price in India 2021

One of the most handy and useful power tools of the household work is electric drilling machine. The machines are essentially operated through electrical motors; the parts of the drilling machines are safety latches, hands, reversing switches, torque adjustments and the chuck. It is the versatile machine which is easy to use and it’s safe as well. There are numbers of brands offers the best products with the latest features, speed settings and various sizes. The hand held tool comes with a cord or a battery. Here is the list of the best brands which provides the best products in the Indian market.

10. Planet Power

Planet Power

The Planet Power electric machines are available with the premium quality metal and plastic along with copper materials. The machines are easy to operate with its best features. They are equipped with ergonomically designed soft grip handle. There are different speed settings with high durability. The non vibration function with latest technology ensures smooth drilling experience. Best Price: 1146/- onwards.

9. Cheston


Cheston Power tools offer the variety of electric drill machines. The products are designed with latest technology, featured with various speed settings, forward reverse functions, and different voltages. The machines go under several quality tests and comply with each application to perform.  The brand is giving warranty on their electric drill machines as well. Best Price: 730/- onwards.

8. Camel


The Camel electric drilling machines are solid and easy to use. The handy machines offer consistent high performances. There are various sizes and shapes and can be use for different purposes. The machines are ideal for drilling holes into concrete foundations, brick walls and wood works. The brand is giving warranty on its power drill machines. Best Price: 721/- onwards.

7. Buildskill


Buildskill Power drilling machines are available in the Indian market with good quality, easy to handle designs and durability. The electric impact drilling machines comes with ergonomic designs for easy grip and better performance. the products are designed with advanced technology which is perfect for accurate drilling. The variable speeds and forward reverse features help the drilling functions effectively. Best Price: 675/- onwards.

6. Foster


The powerful electric drilling machines from the house of Foster, the UK based brand are used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The power drill machines are available in wide ranges, sizes and various features. The machines are equipped with the best features such as variable speed controls, high quality keyless chucks with lock function which prevents the drills from loosening. Best Price: 945/- onwards.

5. Makita


Makita is the well known brand for its high performed power drill machines. The products are designed to give the comfortable grip and its materials are very durable. The machines are featured with various speed settings, compact design which provides easy handling without harming wrist when a screw is seated. Best Price: 1700/- onwards.

4. Hitachi


Hitachi is one of the popular brands of power tools industry. The electric drilling machines from the brand are made from good quality materials and they are highly durable. Ergonomically designed power drill machines are very easy to use with its best features of non slip elastomeric grip handle which maximizes user comfort and control. Best Price: 3500/- onwards.

3. DeWalt


DeWalt Power Tools offers a wide range of corded and cordless power drilling machines. There are available in various sizes with the best featured drilling machines. The power drilling tools are designed with features and various ranges of voltages to meet the drilling needs of specific applications.  Best Price: 3250/- onwards.

2. Black & Decker

Black & Decker

Black & Decker Power Tools presents best quality and features in its power drilling machines. There are different types of torque settings and come with the powerful motor lends. The drilling machines have various screw driving applications. The firm grip handles, which reduces effort and it improves handling of any type of applications. Best Price: 1800/- onwards.

1. Bosch


Bosch is the pioneer brand of power tools used for construction, woodworking and metal working industries. The comprehensive range of the electric drilling machines is designed to save energy and it delivers the highest levels of performance. The Bosch drilling machines are compact and light in weight. Best Price: 1789/- onwards.