Top 10 Best Earrings Brands with Price in India 2021

The list below only features the top bestselling Earrings, which means you, will get the best quality and best value for money. You can be sure of the product as it has been bought and tested by hundreds if not thousands of discerning Indian buyers. The list is updated daily, so only the latest and most popular Earrings are featured. This list is not based on opinions or biases; they are directly connected to the number of sales.

When you choose from the Top 10 Best Earrings Brands in India, you get the perfect balance of quality, value and reliability. Go ahead, choose what the world trusts!!

10. Zephyrr Earrings

Zephyrr Earrings

The Zephyrr Fashion Hanging Earrings happen to be perfect pair of hanging loop Earringsfrom Zephyrr adorned with white bloom and peach stones. It is ideal for every day wear, easygoing wear. Make your each minute delightful with these form earrings that have a long history of quality maintenance in Zephyrr. The flower configuration favor studs a perfect gifting choice for all. It is one of the gifts this wonderful stud to your sister any special occasion.

Price: Starting from 602 INR

9. Yellow Chimes Earrings

Yellow Chimes Earrings

The Yellow Chimes Earrings for women looks like a vine of radiating flowerets twisting on your ears to give you exciting looks with bright Swiss Zircons. These slip-on Earrings are offbeat, eye getting, and would be great sagaciously completes off your look, with a wonderful fly of shading. So unwind your magnificence with sprinkle of hues!

Price: Starting from 1,500 INR

8. Moonstruck Earrings

Moonstruck Earrings

The Moonstruck Champagne Earrings happens to be some of the bests one can imagine. Moonstruck has been working on making unique jewelry items for quite a while and these earnings are the perfect examples of their innovativeness. They are the perfect gifts one can imagine. In the best 10 list this is a must include one.

Price: Starting from 999 INR

7. Karatcart Earrings

Karatcart Earrings

The Karatcart Dangle Earrings is the best one you can imagine for those who look for the bests. Karatcart is your one stop goal for making any given day an event. We comprehend that your gems are more than just frill; they are an augmentation of your identity. The stone color of these earnings is clear, and the base shading is Silver.

Price: Starting from 663 INR

6. Jaipur Mart Earrings

Jaipur Mart Earrings

The Jaipur Mart handmade Jhumka-Jhumki earrings for women have now captured the attention of the general people as well as the foreigners. With the materials like brass Alloy with oxidized silver-plating,the makers of these earnings make miracles in every respect. The measure of these earning is that they are 5 CM in length and the width is 2 CM, weight being 25 Gram.

Price: Starting from 399/-

5. Dancing Girl Earrings

Dancing Girl Earrings

The Dancing Girl dangle and drop earrings for girls is the talk of the town now because of its uniqueness. The earrings’ weight is 25 gms, length is 5.2 cms and width is 3.7 cms. Dancing Girl Jewelries have come up to be unique. Even now the progress continues. So you will have new options to gift your ladylove.

Price: Starting from 374 INR

4. Rajasthani Traditional Earrings

Rajasthani Traditional Earrings

The Rajasthani Traditions Jhumki Earrings are catching attention worldwide. These brass-made jewelries with different pink shading have captured the attention of all. It is for sure that as gifts they have a high requirement. This is true for you too.Keep this item far from showers, water and other damaging fluids.

Price: Starting from 820 INR

3. Efulgenz Earrings

Efulgenz Earrings

The Efulgenz is the perfect pick for the festive times. If you wish to make your beloved look special, then there can be no other better choice than this one. Therefore, it is time for you to find them on the online or offline stores and check them out. The best product of Efulgenz is Efulgenz White Gold Plated Stud Earrings For Women(Pack Of 3Pairs).

Price: Starting from 600 INR

2. Voylla Earrings

Voylla Earrings

Add an ethereal touch to your customary clothing with these shocking pair of studs. Highlighting a lovely combine of jhumka earrings with Voylla Peacock Red Gold Plated Jhumki Earrings For Women. This immaculate red polish work and decorated with beautiful pearl dabs makes a flawless pick to include your gems gathering. For gifts, they are the un-parallel ones that one can think of.

Price: Starting from 85 INR

1. I-Jewels Earrings

I-Jewels Earrings

I-Jewels is one of the main brands in Traditional Jewelry. I-Jewels display this peacock formed earrings, which look shocking and vitally reasonable for a wide range of dressy events. The I-Jewels White Gold-Plated Peacock-Shaped Pearl Dangle and Drop Earring for Women Em2251Wis a standout among them. As gifts you cannot expect anything more beautiful than these.

Price: Starting from 1,499 INR

Gemone Diamond Earrings


diamond earrings

Are you searching for diamond Hoop earrings? Then this gorgeous 0.72 ct princess cut  rose gold earring is the best choice for you. Gemone Diamond offers this 14k rose gold black diamond hoop earrings at the best reasonable price. So, you can buy it easily. This marvelous diamond earrings has an excellent Asscher cut diamond in the center with a fine sequence of a small glimmering round shape black diamonds in a classic pave setting. These Rose Gold earrings offer you a stylish and a flawless appearance.

These could make lovely present for her. What is your selection?