Top 10 Best Electric Kettle Brands with Price in India 2021

The simplest household appliance, Electric Kettle is a super invention and it’s super efficient way of turning cold to hot, weather it is water, tea or coffee. Sometimes one need is just a cup of tea or coffee, whether at home or while travelling. The portable electric kettle is not only reduces the time but also minimizes effort of making single cup of beverage.  These are the top 10 list of electric kettle brands.

10. Baltra

BHC-103 Electric Kettle

Baltra BHC-103 Electric Kettle has a compact and sleek design and ideal for travelling. It comes with an inner heating tube and fine stainless steel body.  It offers automatic power functions and ergonomic designed handle. It has a capacity of 1.8 ltr and quickly boil water using less energy. Best price : 500/- to 600/-

Best Selling Product : BHC-103 Electric Kettle

9. Inalsa

Regal Electric Kettle

The Inalsa Regal Electric Kettle comes in stainless steel body finish. The brand offers concealed heating element, 360 degree cordless base, auto shut off system, boil dry protection and the capacity of 1 ltr. The product has an innovative design and it’s available at the cost of 1400/- to 1700/-

Best Selling Product : Regal Electric Kettle

8. Havells

Vetro Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Havells is presenting a glass and steel concealed kettle with LED indicator light. The Vetro electric kettle features auto cut off and dry boil protection, removable and washable filter, hinged lid, a cord storage to maintain stability. Apart from boiling milk or water, it can make noodles and pasta too. Buy this useful product at the cost of 3000/- to 3400/-

Best Selling Product : Vetro Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

7. Phillips

HD9303/02 Electric Kettle

The stylish silver-black combination of colors, the Phillips HD9303/02 Electric Kettle comes with the capacity of 1.2 ltr. The product features polished stainless steel body, steam sensor and automatic stop, lightweight with detachable strainer.  It has the additional feature of overheat protection, which ensure that the kettle doesn’t consume unnecessary energy. Buy this durable and stylish kettle at the cost of 2000/- to 2300/-

Best Selling Product : HD9303/02 Electric Kettle

6. Nova

Nova KT 723 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

The Nova KT 723 cordless kettle is available with the capacity of 1 ltr. This easy to use appliance features a concealed coil and 360 degree rotating connector. Additional features are separate base with power cord and cord storage, boil dry protection and boiling stop with automatic switch off facility. Best price for the product is 700/- to 900/-

Best Selling Product : Nova KT 723 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

5. Pigeon

Egnite PG Electric Kettle

The Egnite PG Electric Kettle of Pigeon comes with stainless steel and a plastic body, having a capacity of 1.2 ltr. Pigeon offers this durable product with features like Auto stop, Wide spout, Cordless operation and Water level indicator. It is quite light in weight, which allows easy handling. Available in three exciting colors; black, grey and orange. Best price is 1090/-

Best Selling Product : Egnite PG Electric Kettle

4. Bajaj

Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 1.7 L Electric Kettle

A stainless steel cordless, Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 electric kettle is the best product. It has 1.7 ltr capacity, comes with concealed elements, Automatic stop feature, which switches off when water inside dries up to prevent any accident. The ergonomically designed appliance of Bajaj is available at the cost of 1300/- to 1500/-

Best Selling Product : Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 1.7 L Electric Kettle

3. Morphy Richards

InstaCook Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

The Morphy Richards Instacook Electric Kettle is the smartest appliance, having a capability of boiling water and eggs, Steaming corn and veggies, making tea, coffee and soups and even cooking noodles and pasta. It offers 8 types of functions with capacity of 1 ltr. The product features the cord storage facility, which is convenient to handle and space saving. The appliance is available at the best price of 2600/- to 2800/-

Best Selling Product : InstaCook Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

2. Prestige

PKGSS 1.7 Electric Kettle

The prestige PKGSS 1.7 Electric Kettle comes with glass lid, which gives the product trendy look. Useful for water and milk boiling, the kettle has a concealed element and automatic keep-warm function. It has the capacity of 1.7 ltr, which is light, portable and convenient product. Best price for the stylish appliance is between 900/- to 1100/-

Best Selling Product : PKGSS 1.7 Electric Kettle

1. Orpat

OEK 8137 Electric Kettle

Orpat Electric Kettle comes with stainless steel and aluminum die cast body, which is the best for extreme long life. This product has a capacity of 1.2 ltr. It has wide mouth, to clean easily. The brand give cordless kettle with overheating safety protection as well as auto stop indicator light. The product has a handle with single touch lid locking system and it gives an elegant look to the kettle. Available at the very affordable price of 700/- to 900/-

Best Selling Product : OEK 8137 Electric Kettle

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