Top 10 Best Electrical Wires/Cables Brands in India 2021

Safety is paramount in life, especially when the talk is about transferring power from one place to another. In this regard it is very much important that the cable we are using must be shock resistant and fire proof, which can provide ultimate safety. One mustn’t be cavalier while buying electrical wires or cables, since the hazards owing to poor quality can be disastrous. While you are looking for cabling or wiring your apartment, house, office or banquet hall, selection of right cable is always provide you extra safety. In addition, a good choice of electrical wires can cut the costs of wiring or lessen your expense of cabling. To save you the trouble of googling, good electrical wire brands and the skepticism that follows, here is list of top electric wires/cables brands in India.

Electrical Wires Brands in India

10. Bajrang Wire Products Pvt. Limited

A renowned company for over 3 decades based at Jaipur, this company has grew exponentially, expanded its production capacity, upgraded its technology and meanwhile, has become one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality carbon steel wires in India. Owing to their massive production capacity they serve a lot of other departments such as electric boards, defense and others.

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9. Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable, LLC is a leading manufacturer and innovator of wire and cable and other electrical products, serving a multitude of channels and other industries. Extensive design and production capabilities have helped them expand their product offerings and enhance its market presence since its inception. They have exceeded the expectations of their diverse and growing customer base. This company manufactures a wide array of quality products and it distributes the equipments across the country through numbers of supply stores settled in a chain. The production includes copper fabrication, assembled electronic equipments, industrial cables and much more. The product list of CCI integrates MoonraysO, CopperfieldO, BaronO, SeopreneO, WoodsO and likewise. The extensive collection of manufactured wires of this company consists of portable cords, communication cables, machine wires, royal welding cables and many more.

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8. Lisha

Established in 1966 in Mumbai, Lisha wiring device consist of the conventional, mini modular and modular range of FR electric wires and cables, switches and other accessories. Safety is foremost priority at Lisha and they endorse zero defects with their high quality products. They empathize with the customers and are easily approachable owing to their greater distribution penetration.

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7. Sterile Technologies Ltd.

Sterile Technologies Ltd is an Indian manufacturer of optical fibers, telecommunication cables and power transmission conductors. It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India. It is country’s only integrated optical fiber producer and one of the largest suppliers of optical fibers to overseas markets in China, Europe and South East Asia. It is known for inspiring latest technology and positive changes. This company has grabbed many prestigious awards for their phenomenal contribution in the electrical wire manufacturing in India among which Frost & Sullivan award and AEGIS Graham Bell Award are the major ones. Apart from electrical cables, they are known to produce quality communication cables such as data cables, OFC Cables, LAN cables and much more.

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Established in 1989, K-FLEX is an Italian brand, renowned worldwide with its production facilities and commercial distribution branches on every continent. Outside of India, this company is famous in many other foreign countries such as Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Poland, Dubai, China, UK and many more. The company built production facilities in India in 2011, and since has been answering to the enormous local market request. This company deals with the thermal insulation and acoustic which is important for many other services like fire stopping, shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Railways and solar energy.

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5. Finolex

Incorporated as a small scale industrial unit in 1956, Finolex Cables Limited embarked on a continuous process of expansion and modernization which enabled it to become the most diversified and largest cable manufacturer in the country. As of today, their turnover has exceeded 30 billion INR. More specifically, this company is a subsidiary branch of Finolex Group. It seems to be a long struggle that has been paid off by entering the name of this company in the list of the top ten electrical cable companies in India. Finolex manufactures every kind of industrial cable and electrical wire that is required in the purpose of control and communication.

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4. Universal Cables Ltd.

UCL was established in 1962, and since then, the company has made rapid progress achieving a world class reputation. The cable division produces a wide range of product. Moreover, it has collaborations with internationally acclaimed leaders in their respective fields.

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3. KEI Industries Limited

Established in 1968 with prime business activity of manufacturing house wiring rubber cables and switchboard cables for DOT, this firm was converted to public limited in 1992. The registered office of KEI industries Ltd is situated in the region of Okhla Industrial Area in New Delhi. Presently, KEI Industries Limited is engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing power cables extra high voltage (EHV), high and low tension, control and instrumentation cables, specialty cables, rubber cables, HT cables, LT cables and even stainless steel wires. It is to be noted that this company is known to produce the zero halogen cables as well as the braided cables for the first time in India. Thus this company makes a long reach in the domain of cabling industry of India.

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2. Polycab

Polycab is one of the leading cable manufacturers in India. Continuous innovation with their products has helped Polycab cater their customers in the best possible manner. Polycab has started their journey in the year of 1968. Since the last 38 years of their existence, they have truly evolved to become one of the most trusted electric brands against electric hazards. The major objective of this company is to provide the customers with enormous safety and sustainability along with their manufacturing products. This company is known to produce tangle free cables, justifiable wires, insulating and unsheathed cables that are better than any other manufacturing company. Besides producing good quality cables and wires, they also manufacture switches, lighting, fans, conduits and fittings, solar and other appliances.

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1. Havells India Ltd.

Founded in 1958, with revenue of more than a billion dollars in 2015, Havells is one of the largest and best selling electric equipment companies in India. A large variety of products ranging from industrial and domestic circuit protection switchgear, flexible cables and wires, lighting, motors, fans, water heaters, power capacitors is being manufactured at 12 different plants of Havells in India and 6 additional manufacturing plants in three continents. In addition, this company has two more power cable companies under its operation that are Crabtree and Standard. The electrical wires have high insulation strength, are ROHS compliant, and are anti-termite and anti-rodent.

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Select the best deal when the need is related to electrical safety and cabling installation. Get the safest wiring system and cables from the above-mentioned top cable companies of India, within your budget.