Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Brands with Price 2017

Everyone would want to quit smoking at some point for various reasons. But finding an alternative is the best factor to consider before quitting. One cannot just stop smoking suddenly and e-cigarette is a best alternative that can help to quit smoking. Here is a list of top 10 electronic cigarette brands and models that can help you quit smoking effectively.

10. Icare


The icare starter kit is considered to be one of the tiniest types of e-cig that is available on the market. It’s an all in one kit that is simply perfect and compact to use. It’s ideal type of brand that would help all those people who want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and switch to vaping. It’s truly a must have type of vaporizer who love to vaping with small amount of clouds.

  • Its exceptionally well in terms of flavor.
  • This product has great reviews that you can consider checking out.
  • Price: $14 to $16

9. Myvapors myjet Wismec

Myvapors myjet Wismec

Myjet is a very popular type of ecigarette that you can find on the market that is ideally portable. It’s a small sized ecigarette that is really a very impressive alternative for tobacco cigarettes. It’s ideal for those who want to stop smoking with alternative option that has proven results. The cartridge is fillable efficiently and hence no need to purchase prefilled cartridges and save money on this as well.

  • Its tiny and best alternative for real cigarettes
  • Not expensive and anyone can afford it
  • Price: $28 to $30
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8. Aspire pockex

Aspire pockex

Aspire pockex is one among the most popular all in one e-cig on the market. It’s really very compact and comprises of 2ml fill tank for easy filling on the go. This e-cig is specially designed to offer dense vapor and offer rich flavors to the users. Those who love vapor can enjoy this e-cig a lot. It comprises of SS coil of type 316L U-tech Nautilus X 0.6ohm.

  • Easy filing tank of 2ml
  • 1500mah battery with 23W maximum output wattage
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Price: $28 to $32

7. V2 VERTX Plus


V2 VERTX is a very popular e-cig and is now available with plus version. The plus version of this brand is provided with much more power than other brands of the same category of micro e-cig. It can deliver hours of pleasure without having to sacrifice vapor production. The latest model is of new generation e-cigs with is compact features and benefits.

  • Comprises of touch screen control, which is the first of its kind in micro e-cig
  • Very powerful and innovative type of next generation e-cig
  • Office website can offer you all options
  • Price: $88 to $90

6. Phillip Morris e-cig

Phillip Morris e-cig

Phillip Morris offers a really good option to all those who want to stop tobacco cigarettes. This brand is also called as IQOS as it makes use of real tobacco than using flavors of e-juice. The major difference between real cigarettes and this model of e-cig is that IQOS would heat the tobacco than burning it. The unit comprises of tiny Zippo type of casket that would comprise of the unit. It would also become a cleaner and also a charging dock. A new generation hybrid cigarette for those who want to quit smoking for good.

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  • The quality of vapor is really exceptional
  • There is no smell or ashes after using it, unlike real tobacco cigarettes
  • The vapor has very pleasant smell
  • Price: $20 to $60

5. Geekvape Karma Kit

Geekvape Karma Kit

The geekvape Karma is found to be a very hybrid device kit that would comprise of mechanical mod or copper Black Ring and also a powerful 2 in 1 atomizer. This is recognized as a kit for all those who have regular users and not for beginners or intermediate users. It’s not exactly a starter kit and hence one must learn about it. Make the purchase only if you have been vaping from a long time.

  • It’s ideal for regular smokers who want to make a change or quit smoking
  • The 2 in 1 atomizer can switch between RDA to RDTA and vice versa
  • Price: $48 to $50

4. Vapor slide

Vapor slide

The Vapor slide is a tiny vaporizer pen. It is also designed to be used with your favorite type of water pipe. This is the best benefit from using this e-cig. It’s a 2 in 1 type of e-cig that can offer you with the experience of bong and vaping in one device.

  • Comprises of button free design
  • Can be used as vaping device or as bong inside water pipe
  • Offers pressure sensor technology that can activate the inhaling automatically
  • Price: $98 to $100

3. Twelve Juno

Twelve Juno

It’s a famous brand that offers ultra portable e-cig kit. It comprises of prefilled 36mg strength of three Juno pods of 1.6ml each. These Juno pods are non refillable. The vaping experience one can get from this device would be exceptional and the feeling would be completely natural like smoking a real tobacco cigarette.

  • Comprises of firing system that is draw activated
  • Sports 380mah rechargeable battery
  • Provided with non fillable Juno pods with the kit
  • Price: $ $37 to $40
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2. My Von Erl

My Von Erl

This is a mesmerizing type of e-cig with 4 inch long body. My Von e-cig is made of top grade aluminum. It comprises of larger size giving it more benefits when compared with other models. Each pod would comprise of 1.6ml of liquid that has nicotine strength of about 18mg. They are provided with 50 PG/ 50/ 50 VG blend.

  • Comprises of draw activated mechanism
  • Provided with 350mah battery to power the device
  • Very sleek and round
  • Price: $48 to $50

1. JUUL e-cig

JUUL e-cig

JUUL is a very popular brand and has gained the top position of the year 2017. It is a very powerful smoking cigarette and an ideal alternative to quit smoking. The size and the use would be same as that of a real tobacco cigarette but this is very much healthier than tobacco cigarette. It’s recognized to be the closet product on the market that can replace your smoking habit with feel and pleasure.

  • Comprises of innovative features and is sleek
  • It offers the same feel as that of a real tobacco cigarette
  • Price: $48 to $50