Top 10 Best Epilators for Women in India 2018 with Price

Now, with the help of epilators, the intimidating task of going outside regularly and waxing has become quite easy for women. Considering the busy day schedule, you can remove your body hair using best epilators, which can save your money and time as well. The list of best epilators for women in India with price is enlisted below.

10. Panasonic ES-WU11 Epilator

Panasonic ES-WU11 Epilator

Panasonic ES-WU11 Epilator is available at the worth of Rs. 1999 only in Indian market. It has wide tweezers that will help you to remove hair easily. Furthermore, you can procure replacement head in extra with this set of epilator. It holds an ergonomic design that produces enormous grip amenity and lightweight caters easy carry for long time. The incorporated rotation disk is 30 % faster than other models.

9. Braun SE3270 Epilator

Braun SE3270 Epilator

Braun SE3270 Epilator is priced around Rs. 3375 and is available in pink and white color. Cord is associated with this epilator, which caters beautiful and smooth removal of hair. It also has soft lifting tip and smart light along with the massage rollers. This massage head helps to relax your skin if any kind of irritation occurs after shaving. The features include 20 tweezers that is specialized in pulling out the smallest head of hair accurately. In addition, it carries one cleaning brush and 2 speed settings.

8. Babyliss Isyliss G490E Epilator

Babyliss Isyliss G490E Epilator

Babyliss Isyliss G490E Epilator is available in the market at Rs. 4956 only along with heavy features and specifications. It comprises of 2 speed gear setting and 22 numbers of tweezers. This particular epilator has the facility to remove the depilation head for easy access of this tool. It comes with a protection cap that produces fast but easy hair removing. The structure of this model is quite attractive offering hygienic washable head along with this pack.

7. Braun 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator

Braun 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator

Braun 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator is worth of Rs. 4450 in Indian market. It has cord facility along with 2-speed technology. It holds no tweezers as it flexible enough to provide you outstanding service while you are removing hair from skin. With the help of speed settings, you can set the speed as your wish or need; nevertheless it would be better if you start with medium speed. It consists of one rotating head that makes you adequate comfortable to rotate the epilator with skin. Apart from this, one trimmer cap, an efficiency cap and one shaver head is packed with this system.

6. Philips Hair Removal HP6400 Epilator

Philips Hair Removal HP6400 Epilator

Alike other epilator, this one also has 2 speed mechanism aired with the cord facility. It is available in the market at Rs. 2395 only. The ergonomic grip design provides seamless performance as well as painless shaving. 7.5 watt is consumed by this epilator, which in turn can save power, as well as with seamless shaving. It also houses a washable head that can make easy cleaning after-shave. You will be habituated with time using this tool and avail a hassle free experience.

5. Braun Xpressive Body & Face Silk Epil 7, 7681 Epilator

Braun Xpressive Body & Face Silk Epil 7, 7681 Epilator

This set of epilator is available in the market at Rs. 3000 only. It is mounted without cordless but providing tweezers blades. It consists of pivoting head, which helps to run it over surface through 360 degree. The grip of this epilator is quite comfortable as you can use it under the shower also. In order to soothe the irritation due to shaving can be relaxed using the massage system that is available with this system. It adds a brush that is needed for washing after-shave and attached with easy and smooth pull out and tuck in technology.

4. Remington 2 in 1 Corded EP6020 Epilator for Women

Remington 2 in 1 Corded EP6020 Epilator for Women

Remington 2 in 1 corded EP6020 is a curve tweezers that is priced around Rs. 3420 only. The available features and specifications of this model includes 18 massage fingers, 2 speed, 42 tweezers, gliding technology, washable head and many more. The appliance is easily washable after use as you can prolong the lifespan of this epilator. Apart from these facilities, the model consists of foil shaving head and moisturizing rollers that leads to leave you skin smooth and fresh after shaving.

3. Philips HP6519 Epilator

Philips HP6519 Epilator

Using Philips HP6519 epilator model, you can remove body hair seamlessly. The present market value of this model of epilator is Rs. 3380. It does not provide any kind of pain at the time of removal of hair, because a sensitive cap is attached with the system. It serves massage to the skin as well and remains your skin soft leaving the hair. It brings an enormous amenity to the users in case they are injured by the process in order to provide some relief. Moreover, speed gears and tweezing discs are attached with this pack to make the save sensible.

2. Philips HP 6382/20 Epilator

Philips HP 6382/20 Epilator

This model of epilator is the familiar one in market and you can own by paying Rs. 1450 only. It comes with rounded removal tip that can make you comfortable for removing hair from the skin surface. It is featured with soft trimming head along with washable brush, which enables you to wash hair in hygienic way. Its ergonomic design provide excellent grip, though it is cordless. Mini shaver is available with this trimmer, in addition, using which you can shape hair elimination precisely.

1. Philips HP6421 Epilator

Philips HP6421 Epilator

This gentle appliance is available in Indian market for Rs. 1786 only. It comprises of 2 settings for speed control and disc for tweezing. Once after you complete your hair removal task, you can stay fret free for next 4 weeks abruptly. However, if your growth of hair is too fast then you may have to go for twice in a week. It houses cord and small brushes that are needful in order to wash the machine after use. In addition, this epilator is able to remove hair even of 0.5 mm long. It contains a washable head that is beneficial for body skin.