Top 10 Best FM-Radios with Price in India

FM-Radio is one of the most traditional forms of listening to music. The players have been prevalent since a long time now with many new ones been added. There is a number of FM Radios’ available in India. These devices are not only for entertainment but also provide a wide array of information. It is also one of the fastest mediums to spread a news or information. Here is a list of top 10 Best FM Radio available with price in India.

10. Philips RL118 FM Radio

The device has a frequency of 50Hz and a sound output of 160mW. The battery is rechargeable and is powered by Ac battery. It catches both FM and AM signals and a wide array of buttons are controllable. Such buttons are volume button, battery selector switch, tuning and band selection and power on and off switch. It offers 6 months warranty and is priced at Rs. 849, thus being an extremely affordable option.

9. Philips IN-RL226FM/N FM Radio

It features a R20 battery and a 4.5 V DC Socket. With a 4 inch speaker and a high sound output it is a delight to listen to. It comprises of big speakers of 4 inches and comprises of features like volume control and tuning control. It is extremely affordable and is available at a price of 769INR.

8. Philips RL205 FM Radio

The device has a standard manual tuning of FM, AM and an inbuilt LED torch. It also comprises of a standard headphone socket and has a sound output of 425 mW. The Table-top radio is available at a price of Rs. 865. The price suggests its affordability and thus is an extremely convenient buy for all.

7. Philips AJ 32123

The device gives the choice of ten pre-sets which lets you listen to the favorite station without the need to tune it to the station each time. It also consists of an alarm clock with an LED display. It also supports a sleep timer time limit which lets you enjoy music softly while sleeping and you do not need to leave it on all night. It is available at a price of Rs. 1,375.

6. Philips RR200 FM Radio

The radio has an output power of 400mW and can receive both signals of Am and FM. It is rich with features like auto level recording, microphone, mono cassette, auto stop and others. The volume, tuning and band selection along with function selection can be controlled. It is available at a price of Rs. 1249.

5. Artis BT27 with FM Radio

The device along with being an FM Radio is a Mini Bluetooth multimedia wireless speaker for smart phones, tablets or iPad. It supports hands free calling along with a built-in microscope. It also consists of a Card Reader and is charged through USB.

4. Lenco CRW-1 FM Radio

This is one of the best options and hence features in the top 10. It features an LCD display with a 500 mW sound output. It is powered by an AC battery and you can also set alarm in the device. It is capable to receive both Am and FM signals. This table-top radio is available at a price of Rs. 2,999.

3. Pagaria L-938 FM Radio

This device is filled with features and FM tuning can be extremely friendly with just a tap at the numbers in order to directly select a station. It can plug in all external like SD card, USB, Micro SD Card and others. It comprises of 3 Watts of powerful Speaker output and is conveniently priced at Rs. 899.

2. Sony ICF-C218 FM Radio

This is one of the best devices and has a 0.9 inch LED Display which has an analog tuning. It is powered by battery and is capable to receive both FM and AM signals. It is powered by an AC battery and you can also set an alarm here. It is available at a price of Rs. 1,490.

1. Sony ICF-F12S/CE Portable Radio

It is an FM/MW/SW 3-band portable radio which comes with excellent sound quality. The model depicts perfection and elegance with its sleek design. It has high and powerful sound where you will get to experience a thoroughly entertaining session. It supports a 220 hours of long battery life and is priced at Rs. 1333.