Top 10 Best Ideas For 8 Month Baby Food in India

Has your baby started to crawl around your room? If she is able to do this she is around the age of 8 months plus. At this stage, the muscles of her tender body is still developing and she needs extra care during this period. Thus, it is very important to feed her foods that are rich in vitamins, calcium, protein and magnesium.

At the stage of 8 months, the baby will start to eat three solid meals per day and also start to enjoy evening snacks as well.

Thus here, let us check few of those foods that are essential for an eight month baby. Also, please note that do not stop mother feeding even if you start to give below foods. Also, consult with your pediatrician before giving any solid foods.

Diet Plan for 8 Months Baby

10. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a best food for a baby who has just entered her 8th month. This diet is rich in carbohydrate, protein, fat and other multi nutrition. This Rice pudding can be made so simply by just boiling the rice together with little cinnamon sticks, little raisings, small pieces of apples and powdered sugar for taste. Now pour milk to it and make sure it has soupy consistency. Now boil the rice until it is s soft and tender so that it is easily digestible for the baby.

9. Multi Fruit Yogurt

Multi fruit yogurt is a very yummy food that enhances the taste buds of your baby. Just take pulp of the fruits such as apples, blue berries, bananas, pears and plums (All small quantity) and grind it in a mixer jar. Add yogurt to it which is a rich pro-biotic food along with enriched calcium. This colorful combination of fruits will make your baby so interested to eat.

8. Blueberries Smoothie

Blue berries which are rich sources of vitamin A, K, C, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous are best diet for an 8th month baby. Boil blueberries well and preserve the Boiled water. Now transfer the blue berry to the mixer jar to be blended. A rich smoothie of blue berry will be the final output after grinding. You can add preserved water to it to make it lighter.

7. Vegetable Soup

This is a common food that can be fed for a baby right from 8 months. Take the vegetables such as carrot, beans, cabbage and tomatoes, clean it and boil that until it is softer. Now preserve the boiled water and filter out all the vegetables. You can add little bit of salt and hing to enhance the taste.

6. Curd Rice

Curd rice is an authentic Indian diet that can be started even for babies. Curd rice is best for several reasons such as it acts as a pro-biotic and anti-biotic during fever, heals stomach upsets and indigestion problems and prevents the stomach from bloating. Also, curd is rich source of protein and good fats that makes it a healthier option. Thus, blend the curd and rice together in a mixer jar, add little salt to it and feed your baby.

5. Whole Wheat Porridge

Porridge is a light weight and fast digestive food not only for adults but also for babies. Whole wheat porridge can be made with the help of powdered wheat that are available in the super markets. Take this whole wheat powder and mix it with water until no lumps are formed. Now start boiling it in a medium flame until it gets it thick consistency. Now add palm sugar which is a rich source of iron to it. You can also add little drop of ghee to enhance the taste.

4. Carrot Rice

Carrot rice is enriched with multi nutrition such as beta-carotene, vitamin A (Very helpful for infant’s development, Vitamin C and calcium. Select best carrots and peel off the skin of carrots. Now boil it until it is soft and smash it using potato masher or mixer jar. Now mix this with pre-boiled rice and now grind it together in a mixer jar. Carrot rice is ready and this will be most filling food for the baby.

3. Papaya Kheer

Papaya which is again a best fruit containing with lot of health benefits. Peel the skin of papaya and deseed the black seeds of it. Now, take a scoop of the papaya pulp and mash it using the masher. Now, either add milk or water to make it into liquid consistency. This kheer is a best food for the baby’s eyesight, strong bones and muscles.

2. Idly

Idly is a traditional south Indian food and can also be called as a rice cake. It is a best food for an 8 month baby since it is fully filling and rich in carbohydrate and fat. You can take an idly from idly pot, add milk to it and mash it using the masher. Now, you can either add sugar or palm sugar to enhance the taste.

1. Ragi Malt

Ragi malt is a commercial health drink that is available in the super markets. It has high sources of ragi which is very good for baby’s development. It is fully filling food and contains multi nutrition.