Top 10 Best Ideas For 6 Month Baby Food in India

Is your baby entering into second half year? If it is so, it is the time to add some extra nutrient supplements for your baby along with breast milk. This switching is essential since this is the stage at which the baby learns to improve his activities like head holding, playing, rolling back and raising his arms and legs. Solid foods make baby more active and energetic and he can withstand his hunger for a longer time. But remember, it is also important to continue breast milk though you start to give solid and other foods.

So, here let us check the important foods that can be given to a 6 months old baby. However, discuss with your pediatrician before giving these foods.Food for Baby 6 Months

10. Formula Milk

If your baby is almost 6 months old, you can start giving formula milk along with the regular breast milk for your baby which will help him to withstand his hunger for a long time. Formula milk powders are also rich in nutrients and provide essential energy to your baby. It makes you feel comfortable during any travel time and at any public places when you feel shy to feed your baby. There are huge numbers of formula milk available in the market such as Lactogen, Similac, Gerber and Enfamil.

9. Iron Enriched Meals

There are few commercial iron, vitamin and mineral enriched cereals like Cerelac, First food and Gerber available in the market which is actually good for baby’s health. If your baby is having enough breast milk, try to add small quantity of iron enriched cereals available in the market. Initially 2 to 3 spoon will do. Later you can increase the quantity. This food contains essential amount of iron, minerals and other health supplements to ensure his growth.

8. Curd

This is enriched in probiotic and calcium which will help for your baby’s growth. Home- made curd added with little salt or powdered sugar can be given to your 6 months baby. This is a light food that is easy for digestion.

7. Water

If you are sticking to the medical advice of not giving water until 6 months period, then you can start giving water for your baby now. Water will enhance baby’s digestion and keep his bowel system fresh always. Give water 3 times daily with thoroughly boiled feeding water bottle. Also, parents must be very cautious to stick over to purest form of water such as mineral water or RO water throughout your baby’s development. Try not to change the water brand at any time and stick to the same brand always.

6. Boiled Apple

Home-made Apple sauce will enhance the taste buds for your baby and he will ask for more. This diet is rich in calcium, vitamins, Folate, magnesium and potassium and thus it is healthy and tasty food for your baby. This can be made by peeling the skin of apple and then boil it in a pan surrounded with water. Boil it until it becomes soft and tender. Now beat it in mixie until it has no lumps.

5. Vegetables

Steamed vegetables boiled until it is tender is another best diet for your growing baby. Vegetables like beet root, carrot, sweet potatoes can be boiled and then mashed to serve the baby. Ensure that you start with very small piece of it and increase the size step by step. Also, please note that do not overcook the vegetables which may kill all the nutrients in the food.

4. Rice

Rice is a best supplement for a growing baby since it is rich in carbohydrates, iron and protein. Best boil the rice and beat it in a mixie so that no lumps are formed. You can also add mashed dal, vegetables to enhance the taste. But however, please make it clear that you have clearly mashed the rice before giving your baby so that he will not get any indigestion problem.

3. Bananas

Bananas which is rich in several nutrients such as magnesium, iron, potassium, minerals, selenium, phosphorous is a best diet for a 6 month old baby. For this, ripe bananas must be peeled off to add it in mixer jar. Beat it until it is soft with no lumps. You can also add breast milk or formula milk to enhance the taste. But please be careful while selecting the bananas. Select only ripe bananas that is best for immediate feed. Also, never choose too ripened bananas.

2. Dal Water

Dal which is rich in protein and minerals is a best companion for a growing baby. You can boil the dal in a pressure cooker and make sure that it is boiled completely. Filter the water out from dal and pour it in the feeding bottle. You can also add little salt to enhance the taste.

1. Fruits

Fruits are the best diet for the 6 months plus baby. Fruits like apple, peach, bananas, papaya are best foods for the baby which is rich in several nutrients. Boil above said any fruit until it is soft and tender and mash it with the help of mixer grinder. Do not feed citrus fruits until one year.