Top 10 Best Food Processor Brands with Price in India 2021

In this modern era, everyone wants to get creative in the kitchen, each person prefers to an electric-motor-driven appliances to do smart cooking.  A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. It is a machine that can help you transform whole ingredients into sauces, soups, and chopped bits. A food processor offers functions like mashing, pureeing, wet/ dry chutney grinding, whipping, shredding, crushing, blending, mincing, grating etc.

With 100s of food processor brands and models to choose from, finding the best food processor that suits your kitchen and budget requirements can be a very difficult task. Here are top 10 food processor brands to select from.

10. Jaipan Food Processor

Jaipan Food Processor

Since 1982, Jaipan Group is into Home Appliances business. Today Jaipan has cross 32 years of consumers love & affection. The company has an excellent Sales and Marketing team to ensure high visibility of the brand.  Good quality and affordable prices of kitchen appliances, especially food processors are a factor of its success.

Best Price: Rs. 5000-6000.

9. Usha Food Processor

Usha Food Processor

The perfect blend of art and technology, Usha’s smart Kitchen Appliances come in a wide range to add aesthetics to your cooking. Kitchen appliances are very sleek and easy that whether it’s mixing, whisking, blending, chopping or beating, there’s a whole host of gadgets designed to make task easier. You can get kitchen appliance at a great price.

Best Price : Rs. 5000-6000.

8. Prestige Food Processor

Prestige Food Processor

Over the past five decades, TTK Prestige Limited has emerged as one of the India’s largest kitchen appliances companies. The brand is giving various options and services which are very unique. The food processors from Prestige are compact in sizes and will take care of all processing needs. It’s perfectly suited for even a traditional cook.

Best Price: Rs. 4000-6000.

7. Maharaja Whiteline Food Processor

Maharaja Whiteline Food Processor

Founded in 1857, Maharaja Whiteline has been consistent in innovation. Maharaja Whiteline brings you the food processors are extremely convenient. The elegant colors goes well with the most kitchen decors too. The products are energy efficient, reliable and durable. Ergonomically designed, this food processor with super sharp blades works wonderfully.

Best Price : Rs. 3000-5000.

6. Kenstar Food Processor

Kenstar Food Processor

Kenstar is a name that stands for international quality, style and durability. By introducing a range of high quality product categories, Kenstar lays the commitment of an international lifestyle to every Indian household.

Kenstar kitchen appliances are utilitarian kitchen companion that will help in every task effortlessly and amazingly. Comes in different types of attractive models.

Best Price :  Rs. 4000-5000.

5. Glen Food Processor

Glen Food Processor

Glen is an inspiration from the needs of the discerning buyers of modern home appliances. Glen Food Processors are an ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. Guaranteed for long and trouble-free usage, The products have overload  protector mechanism  with  5 years warranty on motor. With its long term relationship with customers and business associates, It has positioned in top 5 brands in Indian market.

Best Price : Rs. 3000-8000.

4. Morphy Richards Food Processor

Morphy Richards Food Processor

For over 75 years, Morphy Richards has been a pioneer of household appliances. Wide range of food processors offer an equally wide range of features. Bring home the Food Processor and get rid of the cumbersome kitchen chores easily. Good Multipurpose Appliances which takes care of many needs in the Kitchen.

Best Price : Rs. 4000-10000.

3. Inalsa Food Processor

Inalsa Food Processor

For almost 50 years, Inalsa has been a pioneer in household appliances in India, both in terms of latest designs as well as technology. Those who are looking for a high quality and efficient food processor may consider buying the Inalsa Food Processors. A two-year warranty by the manufacturer adds to the utilitarian features of the products. The brand  provides Quality and Value for money Appliances to the modern home.

Best Price : Rs. 3000-7000.

2. Bajaj Food Processor

Bajaj Food Processor

Obsession with quality started way long back in 1981, when the company of  Bajaj Appliances  Limited  was found. It is a second leading brand in India. The Bajaj food processor sports a stylish design with a sturdy body for better endurance. The applianceis accompanied by a set of three jars and a processing bowl for varied use. It operates several functions.  A good variety of discs are there to perform functions.

Best Price : Rs. 3000-8000.

1. Philips Food Processor

Philips Food Processor

Cooking is more fun when it is done with the right type of quality equipment. The Philips food processor is perfect for anyone who loves cooking and experimenting with new food items. All this for an affordable price makes this a very good combo of great features at a good price. PowerChop technology is a novel innovation by Philips which renders the food processor superior to other processors in the market.

Best Price : Rs. 3000-8000.