Top 10 Best Furniture Brands with Price in the World 2018

Everyone will have the dream of having the beautiful house with top quality furniture in it. This is achieved by hiring the internal designer for decorating the home or one can even search on the internet. One can learn how to make the house look more elegant, beautiful and decorate the home as per the requirement.

One can give the appealing look for the home just by choosing the best kitchen ware furniture’s, curtains, other modern furniture’s. One must always select the furniture which will be suited for the wall paint so that it gives the charming and the appealing look for the home. There is option to get the furniture which will be affordable, graceful and attractive. There are some top brands of furniture’s which will give the appealing look for the home and are mentioned below.

10. Christopher Guy

This Company was founded by Christopher Guy in the year 1999. This brand is internationally recognized company, which is famous for the production of the best quality chairs, headboards, washing accessories, beautiful sofas, kitchen accessories, dining tables, mirrors and many more. The products of this brand are perfectly blended with the classic and the modern touch. They even have the elegant style and also it will give the elegant look for the home. This furniture will clearly show the designer artistic sense.

9. Henkel- Harries

This brand is recognized as the finest and the oldest brand in America. It was launched in the year 1946. John harries was the prime designer of these furniture. It was designed by none other than John and was sold by the Henkel’s to various corners of the world. The furniture design of this brand was more popular and there was a great turnover in the business. This furniture’s were designed in the European antique style. This was another reason for the success of this brand it is popular for its elegance and the timeless furniture’s.

8. French Heritage

Its basically the European furniture brand. This brand is famous for designing the top level office and the home furniture with premium quality that is present in America and Europe. This brand is popular for some of the most antique designs and also the graceful design. This Brand has the professional and the finest designers to invent new ideas and to create the comfortable furniture designs. Some of the furniture designed by this company comprises of European handcrafted furniture, beach made hostelry, casual contemporary and eclectic furniture’s.

7. Theodore Alexander

It’s the best brand that can be trusted with variety of furniture types available under this brand. The very beautiful, comprehensive and the amazing designs of furniture’s are available in this brand. The brand is recognized worldwide for the traditional and the transitional furniture’s and the accessories. This company has very well experienced and the very well designers who will make the wonderful designs of the furniture by using the finest material. This company will produce both antique and the modern style of furniture. If anyone wants to get furniture from this company can refer deigns of the furniture in the catalog that is available in the official website of the company.

6. Edra

This is another one among the famous furniture brand which was founded in the year 1987. This popular brand is very famous in the Tuscany. It is the city popularly known for its history of crafts and arts and it is also famous for its traditional and the cultural values. The furniture’s which are produced in this city is sold out all across the globe. One can even get the traditional and the classic form of furniture’s in this brand. They sell the high quality performance along with the best quality furniture.

5. Henredon

This brand is considered as the best quality manufacturers of home furniture. This brand is in the industry for about 65 years. The company has hundred of various types of furniture products which will be very useful for the home. This brand is famous because of its best furniture design and hard work of its manufactures with each item that is being produced. If anyone looking for the unique style if furniture to their home and office then they can prefer the Henredon brand of furniture’s. These are affordable as well.

4. Kartell

It was founded in the year 1949. This company has the high quality premium type furniture and it has the unique idea in creating it. All most all the furniture of this company will give the appealing look and it also take part in improving the decoration of the home. This brand will design both wooden and the plastic furniture. The price of furniture of this brand will be affordable. The furniture produced by this brand will satisfy the needs of the customers. This well known Italian brand company furniture’s are found in all the shops of Europe and America.

3. Roche Bobois

It is one of the most popular brands. It was founded in the year 1960. The company has the top quality furniture’s and it always stands in the top position of very talented and pioneer inventor. Furniture models under this brand will release its latest and exclusive collection of furniture for every half yearly term. It has 250 showrooms all over the world and it is considered as the world’s most exquisite furniture brand. The employees of this company will try hard and make the innovative ideas to make the brand very popular.

2. Fendi Casa

This company is popular for its creative and the innovative ideas. It was started in the year 1989. It has both contemporary and the classic style of furniture’s. Antique furniture’s are designed only for some customers who can afford its cost. Various model furniture under this brand will add extra beauty for the home and make it appears like the dreamy place. This company will prepare the leathered ivory sofas of dark brown color with cushions and the plaids. Apart from that the company will also manufacture the sofas, coffee tables and the arm chairs.

1. Restoration Hardware

The company furniture offer great collection with unique designs. It is considered as the fastest growing and the most luxurious brand. It is one of the very popular brands. It has variety of furniture which includes babies and child furniture as well. It has contemporary, classic, antique and many more collections of furniture. This brand has the unmatchable and the timeless collection. This brand is growing because of its production and sale.