Top 10 Best Guitar Brands with Price in India 2021

Music is the best art when you know how to create it. The music lovers always are interested in different instruments such as flute, harmonium, guitar, etc. The instruments have their own melody. Among all, the guitars have always been considered to be romantic and sensuous instrument. In the present scenario, most of the people like to try their passion of music by learning guitar. There are several famous brands offering the best quality guitars, which are given below.

10. Dehradun Guitar

Dehradun Guitar

Dehradun Guitar is the homegrown brand of guitars in the country. The brand provides its guitars made up of Himalayan woods, which is hand crafted. The guitars are smooth and very strong. With the best features, the brand offers its guitars at very affordable prices. Each of the guitars creates the melodious sounds, gorgeous finishing and powerful pickups.

Best Price: 3,999/- onwards.

9. Signature Guitar

Signature Guitar

The Signature is the famous brand of the nation. The guitars from Signature are especially made for Indian weather. The guitars are crafted with high quality materials and they are sturdy and comfortable to play. The reputed brand is serving the good quality guitars for more than 30 years. It also manufactures classical guitars, solid tops and fiber body guitars.

Best Price: 4,999/- onwards.

8. Gibson Guitar

Gibson Guitar

The US based guitar brand, Gibson was founded in 1902. The brand is globally popular for its innovative and superior quality guitars.  The guitars can create wonderful melodies, and it’s very comfortable. There are many models of guitars available in the Indian market with little higher rates. The signature series is world famous of guitars.

Best Price: 49,500/- onwards.

7. Jackson Guitar

Jackson Guitar

The Jackson brand was established in 1980. The brand is popular for its trendy and stylish guitars all around the world. The guitars are best suited for sharp and clear music for better performances. The designs, shapes and sizes are always extraordinary the brand offers in their guitars. There are many music players and guitarists who prefer only Jackson Guitars for their best performance.

Best Price: 13,380/- onwards.

6. ESP Guitar

ESP Guitar

ESP is a Japanese company founded in 1975 in Tokyo. The company’s manufacturing brands are ESP Standard, ESP Custom Shop, LTD Guitars and Basses, Navigator, Edwards Guitars and Basses and Grassroots. It is the brand for its quality products and range of guitars. The brand provides guitars with powerful pickup, best melodious tuning and super stylish body.

Best Price: 9,270/- onwards.

5. Fender Guitar

Fender Guitar

The FIMC, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the manufacturer of stringed musical instruments. It was established in 1946, having a wide range of guitars. The guitars have smooth fingerboard and comfortable necks. The Fender manufactures the high standard guitars with the superior quality materials and craftsmanship.

Best Price: 12,199/- onwards.

4. Cort Guitar

Cort Guitar

The South Korean multinational brand Cort is one of the largest brands of guitars. The brand is offering almost all types of guitars for the better music melodies and tunes. The brand manufactures bass, acoustic and electric guitars. Aero Series, Classic Rock, VL, Performer, G series, Hollowbody series etc. are the best range of models in guitars. Best Price: 10,449/- onwards.

Best Price: 10,449/- onwards.

3. Ibanez Guitar

Ibanez Guitar

The Japan based global brand Ibanez is internationally manufacturing and marketing the music instruments. The brand provides guitars, amplifiers, effect units and mandolins. The brand is considered as the best brand in the Indian market. A range of guitars include acoustic, semi-acoustic and bass guitars. The versatile brand is famous for its technology as well.

Best Price: 13,299/- onwards.

2. Yamaha Guitar

Yamaha Guitar

From beginners to professionals, the Yamaha is the multinational corporation which provides variety of guitars. The best models of the huge collection include S series, SG series (SG 5,SG 7), Yamaha RGX and RGZ electronic series and many others. The best quality guitars generate tremendous performance. The brand is popular for its affordability, quality standards and best results.

Best Price: 8,000/- onwards.

1. Epiphone Guitar

Epiphone Guitar

The American brand Epiphone was founded in 1873. Since then, the brand is serving world’s best guitars which are best selling in the Indian market. The high quality materials, smooth fingerboard and comfortable neck provide the most entertaining plays. The stunning and weightless guitars generate wonderful tones and they are super flexible while playing. The brand manufactures other instruments such as banjos, amplifiers, mandolins, effect units etc. other than guitars.

Best Price: 13,000/- onwards.

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