Top 10 Best Hand Mixer Brands With Price In The World 2018

Hand mixers comes under the category of the best kitchen appliances that you must have, as it gives you an opportunity to make meringue, whip thick cream and lot more. Simply put, there are three kinds of power mixers you can get in the market. It includes, hand mixers, stand mixers and hand blenders.

To make your daily tasks easy, use of electric hand mixers is recommended. The price of hand mixers are in the vicinity of $10 to $100. Find below details of top 10 best hand mixers brands with price in the world 2017.

10. KitchenAid KHM926ER Empire Red 9- Speed Hand Mixer

KitchenAid as a brand is quite famous for its durability. The hand mixers of KitchenAid are sleek and stylish. The best part about this hand mixer is that it combine ingredients at wide array of speeds. Ingredients are not going to splatter thanks to the Soft Start Feature. You can approach ingredients from any sort of angle you want by locking the card into the side portion. To give you comfort at the time of mixing, this hand mixer provides you with soft grip handle. Cost is ($44.00)

Key Features:

  • Easily remove any accessory with the press of a button
  • Durability
  • Not costly

9. Dualit Professional 4-Speed Hand Mixer in Chrome

One of the most important things about Dualit products is that they are work of art, giving you much more of a professional feel. Dualit Professional 4-Speed Hand Mixer in Chrome is tailor made for both commercial and home usage. It has a heavy duty 300 watt motor power. There is a presence of beater ejector unit in this mixer that makes your task lot easier. Cost is ($76.49)

Key Features:

  • Commercial certificate
  • High torque performance
  • Unique retractable power cord storage

8. Bistro Electric Hand Mixer in White

Bistro produces some of the best electric hand mixers in the world. Most of these mixers has a rubberized exterior, which makes gripping straightforward. What’s more, it ensures that mixer do not slip from your hand at the time of operation. Bistro Electric Hand Mixer in White has three different attachments that are ideally suited for combining dry and wet ingredients. Cost is ($48.49)

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Flat bottom
  • One touch option

7. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

When it comes to hand mixers brands, Cuisinart has done tremendously well in the last two years or so. Not only their mixers are easy to operate but are also technologically advanced. Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, White can easily mix up any ingredient. In terms of cleaning, you do not need to put in extra effort. Cost is ($56.05)

Key Features:

  • Precise control
  • Compact design
  • Technologically sound

6. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Being in the fray for so long, Hamilton Beach as a hand mixer brand is quite popular in the market. One of the most significant things to note about these hand mixers is that they have a coating in place, which ensures there is no scratching of your bowls and pots. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer has a bowl rest facility that reduces dripping messes, giving you an opportunity to place the mixer right on the edge. Cost is ($35.06)

Key Features:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight designs
  • Excellent coating

5. Proctor Silex 62507 5-Speed Easy Mix Hand Mixer

Proctor Silex as a hand mixer brand is fast gaining reputation in the market. Their main USP comes in the price tag. Most of their hand mixers are in the price range under $20. Proctor Silex 62507 5-Speed Easy Mix Hand Mixer in Black is tremendous for individuals who lack hand strength or suffering from arthritis. For easy grip, majority of Proctor Silex hand mixers have smaller handles. Proctor Silex 62507 5-Speed Easy Mix Hand Mixer in Black is ideal for children that have started making cookies. Cost is ($ 8.45)

Key Features:

  • Not big and bulky as is the case with professional models
  • Affordable
  • Easy to handle

4. Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer

Sunbeam is quite popular in the market when it comes to making low cost hand mixer with emphasis on storage. The beauty of Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer is that once you have completed mixing, machine fits into its own storage caddy. In comparison to other hand mixers, this hand mixer is a bit heavier and has a bigger handle grip. Cost is ($64.95)

Key Features:

  • Soft grip handle
  • Chrome beaters
  • Vertical display

3. Cooks 10-Speed Hand Mixer in Stainless

If you are looking for a low speed and versatile mixer, Cooks 10-Speed Hand Mixer in Stainless is your best option. Another important thing to note about Cooks hand mixers is that they have special dough hooks that offers you lot more flexibility in terms of usage. The stainless steel design of this hand mixer is going to be quite attractive for your overall kitchen portfolio. Cost is  ($20.00)

Key Features:

  • Low speed
  • Exceptional design
  • Affordably priced

2. Oster FPSTHM 2578 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer

Oster is one of the best hand mixers brand available in the market right now. Simply put, this is a six-speed model that people all around the world adore, and it is loaded with speed and power to enhance your productivity in the kitchen. Not only this mixer is good for making yummy desserts, but also for loaded mashed potatoes and creamy dips. Cost is  ($21.73)

Key Features:

  • 250 watt motor
  • Six speed settings
  • Clean Start function

1. Black & Decker MX3200B Hand Mixer

One of the most significant aspects of Black & Decker hand mixers is that they give you a power to mix ingredients in whatever way you like in a straightforward manner. When you add this up with the price tag of these mixers, you cannot ask for more. Cost is ($17.94)

Key Features:

  • 250 watt power
  • Easy to set down the mixer
  • Storage case