Top 10 Best Hand Tool Kits Brands with Price in India 2021

Are you in the market looking for the best hand tool kits brands with their prices in India for the year 2020-2021. Then this article will help you to find the best hand tool kit in the market. The article covers top 10 brands to look out for in the year 2021. Please go through this article to acquaint yourself about the top 10 Hand Tool Kits brands that you should consider before you make your final purchase.

Let’s begin with the list;

Hand Tool Kits in India

10. Craftsman 8 Piece Plier Set

If you ever wanted to cut, grab, or bend something whatever you could find under the hood then the right kind of pliers will do the task pretty well. This brand has come up with the set of plier tools to make your work easy and comfortable. These pliers come in various sizes and made to stick your hand no matter what size your hands are. The make is high strength steel construction, which makes it highly durable and can last really long too.

Price: the starting price range for this set of tool sis INR 4893.48.

9. Craftsman 8-Piece Plier Set

This particular brand of tools is not technically cheap, however, they are pretty good at their job and are good value for money. The tool set is the best budget friendly wrench sets that are awesome for their price. The first set in this pack has every metric and SAE size of wrench that you would ever need to have. The set of tools is handy to carry and work with. The product comes with a case for storage and better keep.

Price: The price for this set of tools is INR 9515.

8. Westward Tools 32-Piece Wrench Set

This brand is a lesser known brand in the world, however; they make some of the finest set of tools in the market. Their socket sets have been featured to be one of the best in the market and you cannot miss put on them for sure. Moreover, when it comes to sockets and ratchets, the brand comes out with the best set of tools for an amazing price too.

Price: The range for this tool set starts from INR 3262.

7. Tekton Drive Socket with Ratchet

There is a good chance that you would have already come across this brand somewhere else as this is a well-known brand of tool sets. Be it construction work or automotive work these tools come in handy all the time. You cannot live without them if you constantly work in the construction or the automotive garage work. If you were looking for some sturdily built tool set, then please go ahead purchase this tool set as it will not disappoint you.

Price: The price for this tool set starts from INR 2038.

6. Precision Screwdriver Set – 35 Bit Tool Kit

These are a set of professional tools for MacBook, laptop and electronics. These are premium precision tools with scope for near zero error. The repair kit it with magnetic bits to make things easier for you. You can use the bits with the power tools. They are perfect for DIY replacement projects. The brand provides lifetime guarantee for their products.

Price: The price for this set of the tool set is INR 1695.73.

5. Stanley Punch and Chisel Set

If you are looking for the cheapest option, then you can surely go for this brand of thetool set. The quality is top notch for the price and you cannot ask for more. The tool set does its job pretty well can be a nice collection to be added to the toolset you already own. If you go to ahigher range of brands in this tool set, you will end up paying in the range of 1000 to 2000. To save yourself from such an expensive purchase go with this brand of thetoolset and make your life that much easier.

Price: The price for this tool set starts from INR 1291.

4. Pittsburgh Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set

This tool set is highly recommended for those serious to do some heavy work on their own. Every person would need these tool set once in their lifetime and to make thehouse of them in the proper way is the most important thing. If you want to own a pieceof thegoodtoolset, then please go and purchase this set of tool. The brand is well known and does the job pretty well.

Price: The range for this tool set start from INR 747.61.

3. Pittsburgh Tap and Die Set

The pick sets aren’t the ones that you probably would thinking to buy at first instance though their utility is far important than their popularity. This brand of thetool set is all that you need for all your chores. If you like to do things the way it should be done, then make no mistake these are the tool set you must be purchasing right now.

Price: The price for this set of tools is INR 1087.

2. Pittsburgh Hook Set

If you are planning to remove a doorpanel, then this tool set would do the job for you. You can totally rely on this tool set to remove any kind of door panel with ease. This particular tool set will make all the difference in the way you work. This tool set is worth every penny that you would spend to purchase it.

Price: The starting range for this particular brand of the tool set is 135.

1. Pittsburgh 5-Piece Auto Trim and Moulding Set

Another great set of thewrenchtools to the rescue. You will be delighted to hold these piece of tools and work with them. They make thetaskeasy and enjoyable to perform too. They come cheap and they do their job well. The quality of the product is of high quality and can withstand heavy force usage.

Price: The starting price for this tool set is INR 543.72.

Now that you have the details for the best top 10 brands of tool sets, you can make your purchase confidently. So what’sit’s going to be?