Top 10 Best Hard Disks with Prices to Buy Online in India

External hard drives are very essential equipment nowadays in order to avail extra facility of storing important data, files or information. Numerous valuable and portable hard disk drives are available in Indian market. A list of top 10 hard disks drive with price in India is compiled below, according to their affordability and technical specifications.

10. Toshiba Canvio Simple

Toshiba Canvio Simple

Toshiba Canvio Simple is one of the suitable solutions in order to grow your digital gallery. With the help of this portable hard drive, you can manage to hold pictures, videos, files, music, and important data. The transformation operates with plug and play mood and provides drag and drop option as a bridge between laptop and hard drive. It comes with inbuilt sensor, ramp loading process for unfortunate drops or incidences, and 1 TB storage space. It houses USB 3.0 and 2.0 as well and can deliver 5 Gbps transfer speed. The hard disk is available in the market at Rs. 4,800 only.

9. Dell Backup Plus

Dell Backup Plus

The model of Dell Backup Plus is treated among the best hard drives that are available in market. It is featured with plug and play specification and drags and drop technology. You can operate it without installing any other assisting external software and share photos, videos or any other information from the drive to facebook, twitter, or YouTube directly. It is composed of USB 2.0 and 3.0 for faster transfer. It can be paired up with any device, which has Mac OS or Windows OS system. Furthermore, the disk software can be enhanced to Fire wire 800 or Thunderbolt for surfing all new features. The disk has 1 TB capacity and price around Rs. 5,250 only.

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8. Seagate Backup Plus

Seagate Backup Plus

Seagate Backup Plus is one of the reliable portable drives in India. With the help of this 2.5 inches drive, you can save your data via flexible backups and it is much suitable with Mac or windows version. Moreover, auto saving of photos, sharing and connection up gradation is possible in this disk with swappable adapters. It can directly be linked up with flicker, facebook, or YouTube and is supporting USB 3.0 for quick transfer. It is designed with USB power source, which in turn does not allow any external plug-ins. Storage capacity of this disk is 1TB and it is worth of Rs. 5,395 only in Indian market.

7. WD My Passport

WD My Passport

WD My passport power drive is the convenient choice, particularly for storing or backup expansion purpose. It is designed with perpendicular recording technology and works well with the operating system of Mac or Windows versions. This disk has the speed ratio of 5gbps for USB 3.0 and 480 mbps for USB 2.0. It comes with the specification of password protection for automatic backup along with hardware encryption, which makes your files secured. This specific model of external hard drive houses 1TB internal space and the present market value of this model is Rs. 5,499 only.

6. Samsung 840 Pro-Solid State Drive

Samsung 840 Pro-Solid State Drive

Samsung 840 Pro Solid State Drive has become one of the suitable external hard disks among all other available models. This particular sample comes with the software of Samsung Magician 4.0 and has the compatibility to work with Mac, Linux or Windows operating system. More specifically, the drive is supporting TRIM command, the new version of operating system. It is known for less energy consumption with faster performance such as 540MB and 450MB per second like read and write speeds respectively. This model is priced around Rs. 15,200 only and has the capacity to store up to 256 GB.

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5. Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt

Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt

Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt is one of the appropriate choices for portable hard disks. It is composed of plug and play system along with thunderbolt storage. In addition, this device is suitable for Mac notebook, while it has been formatted in such a style with HFS+ that you can operate the transformation of data very safely. It is powered with Bus system and offers 46.3 mbps speed ratio for read as well as 49.1 mbps for write. This particular device has the internal storage capacity of 1TB and is worth of Rs. 21,990 only.

4. Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite Mobile

Seagate's GoFlex Satellite Mobile

One of the lightweight and robust hard disks is seagate’s GoFlex satellite mobile, which is configured with wireless storage system. This decent drive allows you to save data, music, video, movie and many more anywhere and anytime. It works well with many operating systems of windows such as Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista and Mac OS X 10.5.8 version as well. It is designed with sleek and enticing cosmetic appearance and has the maximum capacity to store 500 GB. Present market rate of this portable hard drive is Rs. 9,540 only.

3. Verbatim Store “n” Go USB

Verbatim Store “n” Go USB

Verbatim Store “n” Go USB comes with 2.5 inches size and is installed with one of the most reliable security softwares in order to protect your backup data. The list of operating system that it supports is such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.1 and upgraded all versions. It can be operated in high speed transfer rate of 4800 mbps and houses the capacity for storage as 1TB. Apart from this, this device is treated as well versed for its vital installation of Nero Backitup and Burn software. This portable disk is available in the market at Rs. 5,400 only.

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2. IOmega eGo SuperSpeed

IOmega eGo SuperSpeed

IOmega eGo SuperSpeed is one of the best looking devices and is featured with own special configurations. This is an ultra lightweight portable hard disk, which operates seamlessly with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4, and Mac OS X 10.6 and so on. The model has the power to deliver great speed performance and modelled with high security specifications like antivirus program. The storage capacity of this device is 500GB and is priced around Rs. 4,061.

1. Buffalo Ministation Stealth

Buffalo Ministation Stealth

Buffalo Ministation Stealth is designed with adequate space in order to provide high speed data transfer amenity. This particular hard disk supports the operating system of Windows 7, windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4 and other versions. It is designed with all security specifications and delivers 5gbps transfer rate. It has the storage capacity of 500GB and is available in market at Rs. 3,770 only.