Top 10 Best Headphone/Earphone Brands in India 2018

Whether as the audiophile’s regular addicted to plug-ins, or for the gamer’s out-worldly experience during gaming, or to just watch some videos on YouTube, headphones have played a critical role in every gadget owner’s life. While there are many in the market battling for the top position in the segment, some have certainly won the race with their quality and potential to deliver a high-quality audios.

If looking to invest in headphones, here is a list of the top 10 best selling headphone/earphone brands in India, one can refer to before venturing forth.

10. Panasonic

A hugely popular brand of digital, Panasonic is quite well known in the headphone race too. Its affordability and easy availability attribute to the popularity. With classic audio clarity, Panasonic is indeed a good option for headphones. Bestsellers are RP-HS33E-K Wired On Ear Headphone, RP-HX35E-K Ultra Light Stereo Headphones and RP-HS46E-W Slim Earhook Headphone.

9. Creative

Stylish and affordable headphones are on the offer from Creative. Hence, this brand is extremely popular with the youth crowd. The top selling headphone models of this brand are ep-630blk, ep-600, and Hitz MA-350 Headset.

8. Denon

Immensely evolved, Denon began its career with audiocassette sale years ago. It has expanded to become a big name in the segment through its manufacture of world-class headphones. Combining comfort and clarity, these headphones deliver high quality audio experience. The top selling headphones offered by the brand are the Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac and the Denon AH-D5000 Reference Over-Ear Headphones.

7. Sony

Sony has always been a popular and hot-selling brand in the electronics segment. It has been a known fact that over the years the brand has marketed successfully a wide array of products like televisions, play stations, phones. In the headphones section too, Sony has not taken a backseat. In commemoration of the fact that Sony was the first brand to offer to the world the first portable music player, the “Walkman”, it is only right to give this world class brand adequate credit. The top models of the brand are Sony MDR XB-450 and MDR-AS200.

6. Beyer Dynamic

The German brand Beyer Dynamic was established in 1924 and has undergone massive growth since then to emerge as a market leader in the headphones segment. The engineering employed allows for sound amplification and production of high-quality audio. The Beyer Dynamic DT880, Beyer Dynamic DTX 910, and the Beyer Dynamic T51P are the hot-selling ones by this brand.

5. Grado

With the uni-color option of black only and its open-air design, Grado is a set-apart brand of headphones. Providing comfort and class, this is a top-notch option for music as well as an amazing gaming experience. The best headphones from Grado include Grado Prestige SR80e, Grado Labs SR125i, Grado Prestige SR225e and the Grado PS500.

4. AKG

Combining high-end technology and quality, AKG has outdone the others in the competition with its world-class headphones. AKG K450 Premium, AKG K267 Tiesto DJ, and the AKG K 240 Semi-Open are some of the bestsellers by this brand.

3. Ultrasone

Ultrasone is a German brand that focuses on easing the listener’s fatigue. A favorite of many DJs from all around the world and an option to swear by for music lovers, this is a definite value investment. The Ultrasone Edition 5 and Edition 12 are considered the hot-selling headphones by the brand.

2. Bose

Music reaches a new definition with Bose headphones. The immense clarity, noise cancellation makes it map huge sales annually. It is one of the most exorbitantly priced headphones, yet that does not act as a deterrent for music lovers to invest in this piece of hardware. Built using high and advanced engineering Bose gives an out of the world auditory experience and is totally worth its value.

1. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is a German company that is a complete engineering marvel. When it comes to earphones, none can beat Sennheiser. The giant headphone brand is a huge hit with music addicts and also professionals. The features of noise cancellation and minimization doubled with clarity and awesome quality undeniably sets this brand apart. The RS 110 II and HD 800 are the ones in huge demand amongst others.