Top 10 Best Hospital in India (Govt & Private)

Old people’s say ‘Health is Wealth’ and it is true but the lifestyle we lead today makes it next to impossible to be in good health and not to fall sick. But one thing is for sure that we all want good health and for that we visit doctors and hospitals for check up. There are some hospitals in India which are very good be it a government or private. Here we are going to talk about the top 10 among those hospitals.

Best Hospital in India

10. Max Hospital

The number 10 position on our list goes to the Max Hospital. This institution is situated in New Delhi, India. The major services which are provided here are cardiac imaging and nuclear medicine. There are various specialty centers in Max health care which takes complete care of vascular, heart, and cancer treatment.

9. Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC)

This is a private hospital which also has a research and educational institute run by the minority. CMC has a big network of many primary, secondary, and tertiary care hospitals around Vellore, Tamil Nadu. They have staff of almost all kinds of clinical abilities. The total number of staff in CMC in 8800 among which there are 1528 doctors and 2400 nurses.

8. Tata Memorial Hospital

This research centre which specializes in cancer treatment are associated very closely with the ACTREC (Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer). This centre which is also one of the leading cancer research centers in world researches for the treatment, prevention and education of cancer.


Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research popularly known as PGIMER is working on the health and environment problems in community as well as rural areas. They research on various deadly diseases like amoebiasis, diarrhea, sexually transmitted diseases, and stone diseases and provides the ways of ignoring them.

6. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

We can see the FTSS or the Full Time Specialist System in only one hospital in Mumbai and that is the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. Many big and renowned specialists are attached with this hospital. For the best outcome for the patients, they use the treatment based on Protocol and Care Pathway. The huge number of specialists who are associated with the hospital and also the Full Time Specialist System made this hospital one of the most special hospitals in India.

5. Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

For the last 65 years, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital has been one of the most famous hospitals in India. You will get service from each and every field of modern medicine as well as healthcare in the hospital. Right now they have 55 specialty departments and around 350 beds. As per their cancer research centre, they have different teams for different organ-specific cancers who can handle their part with great efficiency. There are several heart treatments which are done in the hospital with great care like bypass surgery. The weight loss surgery or the bariatric surgery is also done at the hospital.

4. Shri Ganga Ram Hospital

One of the best multi-specialty hospitals in India is Shri Ganga Ram Hospital. Comprehensive healthcare, laser treatment services are provided in the hospital. The hospital is very big and you can imagine its size from the number of beds in it, which is 675. They do a lot for the common people too as there is a quota of 20% beds for the people who are financially weaker and cannot afford good services.

3. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital stands at the third position of our list. One of the most efficient service provider for healthcare delivery in India is Fortis Healthcare Limited. The company also have a some great specialty facilities like diagnostics. The healthcare service is so efficient in their delivery of healthcare products that they have 45 healthcare facilities in India, Srilanka, Mauritius, and Dubai which have 314 diagnostic centers and around 10,000 beds for patients. Many great facilities are provided here like cardiology, anesthesia, cancer treatment, cardiac surgery, emergency care, and critical care.


The All India Institute of Medical Science, popularly known as AIIMS holds the number two position in our list for Top 10 Best Hospital in India. A huge number of underprivileged citizens get advanced clinical facilities here in India and also in some neighbor countries. Poor patients, who cannot buy good treatment are treated here with great care. Total number of facilities conglomerate with AIIMS is 1500. Totally there are 80,00 inpatients and over 1.5 million outpatients treated on yearly basis.

1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

The topmost position on our list goes to none other than the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. This is one of the best hospitals in world located in New Delhi. This multi-specialty hospital has around 710 beds and they have around 52 specialties in a single hospital which makes them very special indeed.

These are the Top 10 Best Hospitals in India, which are not only the pride of India but are famous worldwide.

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