Top 10 Best Ideas For 11 Month Baby Food in India

If your baby has entered into 11th month now, then he is at the stage to taste maximum kinds of foods as others do in your family. But however, make sure that the Baby food is well cooked, mashed without any lumps to feed your baby. At this stage, you might have also discovered his likes and dislikes on foods through several kinds of regular foods. But here are some different foods that can make his taste buds feel different and active. Thus, let us check few different varieties of baby foods below:

But before that, please try to remember one thing. Please get suggestions from your pediatrician before you are starting to stick with these foods.

11 Month Baby Food in India

10. Tomato Uttapam

Tomato which is rich in potassium, fibre, vitamin A, Biotin and other nutrients are a healthy diet for babies who have completed 10 months. Deseed the tomato seeds and now peel of the skin. Take little flesh of the tomato and sprinkle it on dosa while you spread it as uttapam on the dosa pan. Tomatoes may be allergic to some babies. Thus, consult a pediatrician before trying this.

9. Ragi Biscuits

Ragi biscuits are so healthy and delicious finger food for 11 month baby. It can also be easily made at home with few ingredients such as ragi powder, milk, butter and rock sugar. Fry the ragi powder and then add milk to it. Knead the dough so that it becomes soft and tender. Now cut into square shape and bake it for 20 minutes in a pan until it becomes golden brown.

8. Potato Pancakes

Potato is a nutritious source of carbohydrate diet which is essential for a growing baby. Steam the potato and peel off the skin when it is completely baked. Now mash it using the masher. Take one cup of sooji, ½ cup of water and add this to the mashed potato. Mix it until you get a batter form. Now, spread that in a dosa pan and fry until it is golden brown.

7. Spinach Rice

Spinach is a rich source of iron, vitamins, minerals and helps in preventing gastric problems, liver problems and has so many other health benefits. Take cupful of spinach (Let it be Amaranthus), rinse it in water, and boil it in a pan or pressure cooker. Now blend the spinach, boiled rice, salt, hing together. This spinach rice which is green is color is a healthy supplement for the growing baby.

6. Mini Idlis

Idlis which is a rich carbohydrate supplement is an essential food for baby’s weight gain. Take the idly batter and spread it in mini idly mould to get delicious mini idlis.

5. Dal Soup

Dal is a must give food for the baby since it is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat. Boil masoor dal in pressure cooker until it is completely cooked. Now filter the water out from it and add salt, turmeric powder and hing to it. This soup is a best and healthy appetizer for your baby.

4. Guava Puree

Guava which is a rich source of Vitamin C is a best fruit to build the immune system of your baby. It is also best food to cure constipation in babies. Just please note that the seed must be completely removed out from guava before giving it to your baby. Boil the ripe guava and deseed the seeds with the help of spoon. Now take out the pulp of it and steam it with little water. After it is cooked well, grind it in a mixer jar to feed your baby.

3. Dates Puree

Dates which is a rich source of iron can be added to the baby’s diet from 11th month onwards. But just a spoonful of dates puree is more than enough at this stage. Boil around 5 pieces of dates well until it is completely cooked. Now, take the boiled dates into a mixer jar and blend it until you get a smooth paste. Now filter it through a strainer and then again boil in a hot pan. Boil it until it is thick in consistency. Instead of giving it directly you can add this syrup to any other food of your baby.

2. Rava Ladoo

Rava which is also called as sooji is said to be a great food for building strong nervous system, preventing anemia and boosting up energy. Rava Laddoo (A round shaped sweet made of suji) is an excellent diet for your baby. Just simply fry the rava and add ghee, milk and sugar to it. Fry till it becomes sticky consistency so that you can make ladoos from it.

1. Appam

This is a traditional south Indian dish which is mostly available in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Appam which is made up of rice is rich in carbohydrate and fat. Also, appam is a steamed food as that of idly which will never make any problem to your baby’s stomach. Appam can be just made by blending rice and fenugreek seeds which was soaked for the 3 to 4 hours. This mixer will give a thick batter that must be allowed for fermentation.