Top 10 Best In/Over-Ear Headphones Under 1500 to 2500 Rs in India 2017

No one can deny in an argument that best music can be felt, inherited and enjoyed only through Headphones. Either it may be in or over headphone, the sound quality and bass experience can make anyone go crazy. Also, it is an excellent device which helps to listen your own music without disturbing others.

But if when you are ready to buy a best headphone from the market, you get confused by looking at so many different brands, quality and types. To help you in this, this article has given a list of top ten in or over headphones that can become your best companion.

They are:

10. JBL

JBL Synchros E10

A light weight constructed headphone series that comes with a mic in In-ear headphones. Sleek design cable that is free from tangling and makes it to use even during your workout times. Ear tubes and ear tips come in different sizes that help in giving perfect grip to your ears. JBL Synchros E10 Stereo headphone (In-ear) and JBL Sterio bluetooth headphone (Over ear) are the best headphones available at the above price range.

9. Dell

Dell Byte Corseca

Dell has introduced different series of headphones such as Bluetooth over ear headphones, wireless headphones and gaming headsets. Whatever series of headphone you purchase from Dell, you are guaranteed best sound experience along with good bass and clear ambience. Dell Byte Corseca is one such headset under this price range which has Bluetooth connectivity and gives a comfortable grip even while jogging. Also it has an excellent battery life that can withstand for longer hours.

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8. Audio Technica

Audio Technica ATH-AX1ISGY

It is the one of best headphone brands that comes in attractive color combination that are highly preferred by youths. It is from the Japanese manufacturer and no doubt that these headphones meet strict validations before coming into the market. Ear pads are made up of soft cushion and strips are made up of best plastic that does not irritate your head. Covers a warranty period of 2 years and models such as Audio Technica ATH-AX1ISGY, ATH-CKX5 BK Sonic Fuel are available at a price range of Rs.1500 to Rs.2000.

7. Skullcandy

SkullcandY Uproar

A classical design headphone that come with Taptech button that helps to control phone calls from your mobile phones. It carries a supreme sound feature that includes bass, mids, highs, vocals and trebles which can give a perfect sound experience. Sweat proof technology makes that headphone ideal for physical activity. SkullcandY Uproar headphones are available at this price range.

6. Philips

Philips SHL3300BK/00

Philips which is already a renowned brand in electronics market has introduced wide variety of headphone that gives best sound experience along with comfortable fit. Philips has mainly concentrated to produce comfortable head phones for its users and thus it has imposed several technologies like cutting edge technology that gives a comfortable grip around the head. It never fails to give crystal clear sound even when used continuously for hours. Philips SHL3300BK/00 is one such headphone under this price range.

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5. Kinivo

Kinivo BTH 240

Featured with long lasting battery that can withstand up to 10 hours, Bluetooth connectivity that can play music from your mobile phone and a USB port that can connect to USB devices are some of the best things in Kinivo. Kinivo BTH 240 is the best headphone which comes under this price range.

4. Sennheister

Sennheiser CX 275

It comes with an excellent design with soft cushion that cuts the outside world’s noise completely. The ear pads are detachable and can be easily carried in your cases while travelling. In ear headphone has protruding ear tip that can sit comfortable in your ear drum. Sennheiser CX 275, Sennheister HD 202 are the best headphones under this price range.

3. Signature

Signature Acoustics C-12

Again a headphone range that comes with soft cushion ear pads that does not cause stress to your ear drums. In ear Signature Headphones come with mic that be used to switch between the calls and music. Signature Acoustics C-12 (Above price range) comes in an attractive leather case in which ear phones are made up of wood. Also covers 1 year warranty period which can be used by the customers when the device is under repair.

2. Sound Magic

Sound magic PL 30

Comfortable and ergonomic designs are the specialties of this headphone.  This comes in variety of color ranges that are attractive and stylish. It is a headphone which is known for its pure music reproduction just cutting the outside noise. Also, its design is unique that makes it different from other conventional headphones. Sound magic PL 30 and Sound magic E10C comes under this price range.

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1. Sony


For more than a decade, Sony is the leading renowned brand of electronics in India which delivers best in market’s Headphones. Sony MDR series have introduced several head phone types such as extra bass headphone, wireless headphone, sterio headphone which has unique shaped ear tips that can never be found in brands of headphones. Neodymium magnet helps to deliver better sound quality and deep bass. Sony MDR-XB0AP and Sony MDR XB-450 are some of the best models of headphone that comes under this price range.