Top 10 Best Indian Destinations to Visit in December

With the arrival of winters, there is a chill in spines but still the heart craves for the beauty, which India has. And to the nature in India at its best, visit these top-10 destinations where winters are always a great time to spend, especially for the couples.

10. Udaipur Rajasthan


Udaipur, Rajasthan that too in winters, are you joking? Well, this could possibly be the first ever reaction while you would read this destination to be visited in December. But let me tell you that at least for once, just visit it. You would not regret; this is the surety. And if you ask me the reason, then it is because the summer does not give the true color to the city, that winter gives. The Lake Palace, Monsoon Palace, and Jag Mandir add in the treat with placid beauty at the FatehSgar Lake. In fact, due to being located at the base of Aravalli hills, you can witness the chill on sand dunes, with fabulous weather around the month. So, do not miss to visit this Venice Of East, especially if you have a partner. The packages start from Rs. 12000/- onwards for couples.

9. Mylapore, Chennai


It could be possible that unlike the other mob, you would like to visit the beach instead of the hills covered with snow. Well, if is it so, then come to Mylapore in Chennai. Unlike the other months, winters are cold enough to cuddle down in the arms of partner while wandering around the beachfronts and sipping coconut water. And if you are a boozer, then drive down to Pondicherry and booze immensely as it is at its cheapest best. Don’t miss to visit the Concerts, Madras Music Festival, etc. within a package of Rs. 6000/- onwards for couples.

8. Small Vagator, Goa

Small Vagator, Goa

Again a beach on the list, which is in fact the most popular one in India. In winters, it is like an Indian Las Vegas where Casinos are brimming. You can enjoy here the Christmas parties, EDM parties, VH1 Supersonic, etc. it is not the beach love, which is savoured here, but even much more than that within an affordable budget of Rs. 7000/- onwards for couples.

7. Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Visited once back when I was a kiddo, I never ever wanted to come back, but guess what, I have to because I could not live without my parents. However, I would suggest you to go and settle there as it is truly a heaven, but if in the case, you cannot, then just visit once, twice or even thrice, up to you. And if you think where to start from, then start straightaway from Gulmarg where temperature at its freezing point. So, either make snow balls and hit your partner or ski on the fresh snow, the fun is going to be ultimate with a happy pocket as the budget starts from Rs.10000/- for couples.

6. Leh, Laddakh

Leh, Laddakh

Remember PhunsukWangdu of Leh, and serene beauty pictured in Three Idiots, well, you will be chocked till amazement being at the place. In fact, for a moment, you will be freeze in a trans that are you are still on Earth, or God have called in your heaven. Jokes apart, but literally the beauty cannot be described in words; hence, I am seldom writing. But still telling you to start your frozen snow trek withChadar Trek, Liker to Khalste Trek, Sham Trek, and Khalsar. However, if you are a couple, go with The Chadar Trek. Well, as the place is of top quality, so are the packages starting from 20000/- onwards for couples.

5. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli, Uttarakhand

Earlier in Uttar Pradesh, now as Uttaranchal, this state has got some splendid hill station abiding the beauty of nature at its best. In fact, so is the Auli, laden with snow in winters making you feel the heaven beneath the foot. So, if you are there, do visit Neelkanth, Nanda Devi, and Mana Parbat if you want to grasp the entire nature in eyes. Well, well, well, if you are a ski lover, then my friend, Auli also holds a National Championship in Skiing. Be there in January and the packages are quite affordable starting from Rs. 8000/- onward.

4. Shimla, Himanchal Pradesh

Shimla, Himanchal Pradesh

Called as Honeymoon Paradise, this hill station is truly a Queen of all hill stations, as the given name. But that does not means, singles are not it, they are too, however, they will lust seeing couples hand-in-hand. But do not worry, there are plenty of things to do like Colonial Walk, visiting the Chail Town, enjoying the Skiing festival. In fact, Balloon Ride is also available; so be quick, book your tickets now, the packages starts just from 15000/- onward.

3. Dawki, Shillong

 Dawki, Shillong

Having temperature between 20-24 degrees, Dawki is a pleasant place to visit in winters. In fact, being a centralized hill station, it is accessible from all the sides in the country. So no matter you are in South, North, East, or West, the place is god to travel. You can enjoy here the Unmagot River, fly in the air, and eat on the juicy Oranges, which are the specialty of the place. You can also enjoy the festivals like Tysim, Pinjera, Turu, Baghmara, Williamnagar and Tura. The packages starts from Rs. 12000/- onward.

2. Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

One more gigantic tourist spot for winters, Dalhousie look magnificent under the cover of freshly dropped snow. You can lust your eyes with snow-capped mountains, trekking through it. In fact, if you are a trekking enthusiast, the Dalhousie in winters is must to visit once as it holds a National Winter Trekking Expedition. So, choose you trip from Rs. 8000/- onward, if you are a couple.

1. Thajiwas Glacier, Sonamarg, J&K

Thajiwas Glacier, Sonamarg, J&K

Jammu and Kashmir is again on hit list with Thajiwas Glacier as the top contender in the list to be visited in winters. Well, no doubt it is as it holds a spectacular beauty that is only possible here with subzero temperature. This place is ecstatic while the sledge ride, skiing, and snowboarding. Well, hop up, the packages start from Rs. 20000/- onward.