Top 10 Best Indoor Air Coolers Brands with Prices in India 2021

Apart from being cost effective air coolers consume lesser energy and thus is a lesser threat to the environment.

The top 10 best air cooler models have been listed below in the descending order of their performance, value for money, energy efficiency and overall popularity.

10. Orient Snowbreeze CD3001B

Orient Snowbreeze CD3001B

The Orient Snowbreeze CD3001B comes with an impact resistant exterior of polypropylene and has a capacity of 30 ltr. It is inverter compatible and the in built fan comes with 12 blades and four way deflections to control air throw speed and direction. It uses wood wool cooling technology and comes with dust and mosquito mesh.

Price: Rs. 7000 to 8000

9. McCoy Commando Air Cooler

McCoy Commando Air Cooler

McCoy Commando air coolers have a rust proof, sturdy plastic body and a water tank capacity of 45 ltr. Honeycomb cooling technique combined with a 15 bladed tower fan and a four way deflection system offer an optimal cooling experience. It additionally incorporates laminar drip technology.

Price: Rs. 8000 to 9000

8. Kenstar CD 2010 Dx

Kenstar CD 2010 Dx

The Kenstar CD 2010 Dx is a cooler that is extremely energy efficient and inverter compatible. It comes with a corrosion free exterior of thermally re engineered plastic and an ice chamber. It is equipped with a six blade powerful fan and a four way deflection system which ensures cool air is thrown to all corners of the room. It has a 45 ltr capacity and a water level indicator.

Price: Rs. 8000 to 9000

7. Ram Coolers Cute 123

Ram Coolers Cute 123

Ram Coolers Cute 123 is famous for its’ small size and portability. It has a significantly larger cooling pad area than many of its’ competitors and has a galvanized steel body which is powder coated for durability. It can effectively cool areas measuring up to 125 sq ft and comes with adjustable speed control. Other features include child protection mesh, low noise and diverter for air direction control.

Price: Rs. 4000 to 5000

6. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Desert Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Desert Cooler

The Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Desert Cooler looks stylish yet practical with its’ durable ABS plastic body. It has a capacity of 45 ltr with an adjustable 3 speed fan system. Its’ cooling technologies ensure that the entire room is cooled uniformly and that there are less interruptions between cooling phases, making it a great value for money purchase.

Price: Rs. 7000 to 8000

5. Voltas 60 VE D60M

Voltas 60 VE D60M

Voltas 60 VE D60M boasts of sophisticated design, neo modern features and a huge capacity of 60 ltr. The exterior is made of ABS plastic that renders it sturdy and the cooler has two major consumer friendly features namely, water level indicator and auto fill option. This cooler has a reputation of high performance making use of honeycomb cooling and Oscillating swing control.

Price: Rs. 11000 to 11500

4. Crompton Greaves WAC-401

Crompton Greaves WAC-401

The Crompton Greaves WAC-401 has a capacity of 40 ltr and is equipped with evaporative cooling which make it famous for cooling larger areas more effectively. It has glossy ABS plastic body which is very durable and wood wool padding. This air cooler has vertical and horizontal louvers which allow it to cool air evenly and the built in fan is specially designed to throw air at very high speed. It comes with both fan and cool options.

Price: Rs. 7000 to 7500

3. Usha Honeywell CL48PM

Usha Honeywell CL48PM

The Usha Honeywell CL48PM cooler has a water tank capacity of 40 ltr and is equipped with honeycomb cooling. Its’ body made of of ABS plastic which is corrosion resistant. It has a powerful air throw capacity measuring 1800 cubic meter per hour and comes with speed control options. It cools approximately 57 square meters evenly.

Price: Rs. 10500 to 11000

2. Bajaj Icon DC2015

Bajaj Icon DC2015

The Bajaj Icon DC2015 has a water tank capacity of 43 ltr and an air throw range of 50 ft, thus efficiently and uniformly cooling areas as large as 500 feet for longer periods. It is equipped with wood wool evaporative padding and has a built in system facilitating continuous water supply. It consumes approximately 200 watts of energy.

Price: Rs. 8500 to 9000

1. Symphony Diet 22 i

Symphony Diet 22 i

The Symphony Diet air coolers are considered to be the most value for money purchases. These air coolers use honeycomb pads that are fitted at an angle to ensure proportionate water-air mixing. Cross fluting provides balanced cooling within the room. The coolers come with remote controls, mosquito and dust filter as well as a specialised ice pack chamber.

Price: Rs. 8000 to 9000

Popularity of air coolers is determined by cooling capacity and endurance. Symphony and Bajaj are winning brownie points from customers with their state of the art technology and dedication to quality.