Top 10 Best Induction Stove Brands with Price in India 2021

With the advent of technology, we have been able to get a hold of some of the best of all gadgets that have proven pretty convenient to us. Over the years, with a gradual rise in everyday technological aspects, people seem to have gotten a hold of some ecstatic electronic equipment, which helps them significantly with everyday needs. Induction cooktops have been the most significant one owing to the fact that they are easy to use, safer to use when compared to gas stoves and at the same time are also cost effective.

Amidst the various companies that have been prolifically serving in this niche, we have shortlisted some of the best companies for you.

10. Havells Induction Stove

Havells Induction Stove

This company is the final entrant to our top 10 list and yet again, the company is known to have a strong international presence. The induction cooktops are made available across the “Insta cook series” and the prolific features are Digital LED display, Auto switch off, PAN sensors and temperature control options as well.

Price : 2,155.00 Rs.

9. Morphy Richards Induction Stove

Morphy Richards Induction Stove

This company is a leading kitchen appliance company across the world and has a renowned service area in India as well. The company is well known for the provision of a number of prolific features for the induction cooktops. The company hosts international presence across, Australia, England, New Zealand, and China as well. The company has consolidated their position in India owing to their features like Auto cook options, pre-set modes for cooking, auto switch off option, keep warm mode and a sensible touch panel as well.

Price : 2,216.00 Rs.

8. Kenstar Induction Stove

Kenstar Induction Stove

Kenstar is among the most popular home appliance brands in India. The premier induction stoves offered by the company has been Kitchen King, Kitchen Emperor, Prince DX A1, prince DX and Galaxy models. The company is well reputed for a prolific after-sales service.

Price : 1,895.00 Rs.

 7. Sunflame Induction Stove

Sunflame Induction Stove

Sunflame has a wide range of induction cooktops on offer. The Indian company provides for a lot of features in their range of cooktops. Some of the commendable ones are touch panel controls, auto switch off, digital display and much more. The appliances are very durable and are modern in terms of their technology as well.

Price : 2,489.00 Rs.

6. Preethi Induction Stove

Preethi Induction Stove

Even though the popularity levels of this brand seem to have gone down over the past couple of years, still the company is pretty well known for their high-end services in the ranks of induction cooktops. Trendy and sleek cooktops aided with some good features like auto switch off, power saver mode and so on, the company has a pretty good arsenal of cooktops for the taking.

Price : 2,461.00 Rs.

5. Philips Induction Stove

Philips Induction Stove

The range of home appliances offered by this company can certainly be acclaimed as one of the highest grossing. The company needs no introduction and therefore, the appliances are ought to be pretty good as well. The range of induction cooktops provided by them is simply ecstatic and feature packed. The appliances are sturdy and provide very durable services.

Price : 2,249.00 Rs.

4. Butterfly Induction Stove

Butterfly Induction Stove

The fourth company that makes it to the list is Butterfly. This company has a prolific reputation under the kitchen appliance category. The excellent quality of the products manufactured along with the good service of the products is a major reason as to why the company has been able to make such an impact across the Indian market.

Price : 1,750.00 Rs.

3. Pigeon Induction Stove

Pigeon Induction Stove

An Indian based Kitchen Appliance Company, which is known for their services across various niches. The induction cooktops present in the market has been branded under the “Rapido” series. The brand is known for the provision of good electronic appliances at a lower rate. The company makes it third on our list.

Price : 1,539.00 Rs.

2. Bajaj Induction Stove

Bajaj Induction Stove

Bajaj Electricals has a pretty prolific aid in the niche of kitchen appliance as well. In addition to that, they have a sprawling name in the Indian Consumer forum. The induction cooktops are pretty well known by virtue of the company’s reputation and therefore, a well-based consumer entity is also formed.

Price : 2,100.00 Rs.

1. Prestige Induction Stove

Prestige Induction Stove

It is among the leading kitchen appliance brands in India. It is a division of the TTK Group, and over the years, Prestige has consolidated their position in the kitchen appliance sector. It has a reliable service and the cost-effectiveness of the product is also pretty good.

Price : 2,499.00 Rs.