Top 10 Best UPS Inverter Brands with Price in India 2021

Just like any other day, you are enjoying your day at home. Resting and spending your time with family. Or in case others, one may be in the office working on an important project or task assigned to you or one can be working at home. But what if the power suddenly is cut off. The match you were watching, the important work you were doing or might the video game you were winning is suddenly gone.

Pathetic as it sounds, yet it is!!

But with inverters, everything can be back in action as earlier it was before the power cut. Finally, the peace once lost can be restored!

Well, the market for UPS inverters in India has been increasing rapidly due to frequent power cuts and fulfilling the need of continuous power supply to households, offices, events, and business ventures. But with the increased market competition and look alike inverters, it is tough to choose the best one.

Therefore, we here bring a list of Top 10 inverter brands in India the customer can choose from in the market–

10. Birla Power Inverter

Birla Power Inverter

Birla Power Solutions Ltd inverters or BPSL inverters designed to keep up with the latest technology. These inverters incorporate uniquely designed digital circuit that not only protect the appliances but also results in faster response time, better quality power, and ultimate safety of your appliances.

9. Uniline Energy Inverter

Uniline Energy Inverter

It is purely an India based company which manufactures many products including inverters. Who better to understand the worry and trouble caused by power cut than Indian themselves. Uniline inverters are a complete Made in India product. All products are highly reliable and developed with high features. One of the most seasoned organizations in India in the division of locally established Inverter presented itself as the India-based organization with its parts and segments outlined in India as well; The Uniline Energy Inverter offers extraordinary working condition with Efficient Star evaluations that diminishes cumbersome Electricity Bills.


  • Price – Rs 6,500-7,200
  • Warranty – 2 Year
  • Capacity – Smoothly works with Television sets and fridge.
  • Features – Indian Company-Uniline Energy and guaranteeing best proficient star appraisals.

9. True Power Inverter

True Power Inverter

Established in the year 1993, they produce inverters that are rich in quality, features and have a low self-discharge rate. They are widely used in heavy-duty terminals and are anti-corrosive. The inverters of this brand are rich in perfection and elements. The few names of the arrangement of the True Power brand are Sapphire, Hulk, and Signature. It is gradually making a solid presence in the market of inverters in India.

7. Select Energy Inverter

Swelect Energy Inverter

The Company manufactures a variety of products such as inverters, UPS, solar inverter, and a solar charge controller. Established in the year 1994, their inverters offer high-efficiency DC to AC conversion. They also manufacture solar inverters, which use the solar energy and convert it into usable power for household products.

6. Su-Kam Inverter

Su-Kam Inverter

It is another leading inverter brand in India, which offers reliable, efficient, and affordable inverters for household and commercial use. Some of the inverter series offered by Su-Kam are Torque, Falcon, Blaze, and Cosmic. It currently has more than 50 service centers established across India. The Sukam Shinny arrangement is accessible in five VA alternatives 250vA, 400vA, 650vA, 850vA, and 1500vA. The 850vA model is the most favored decision for India’s family utilization and worked with great segments which stamp it as one of the best models

The specification of inverter:

  • Price – Rs 4015
  • Warranty – 2Year
  • Capacity – SUPC: 1847069
  • Features – Fuzzy legitimate Control Technology, Extra Protection.

5. Genus Inverter

Genus Inverter

This brand of an inverter is controlled by the Company Genus Power Infrastructure Limited which offers an entire determination to the power reinforcement. This brand gives great inverters in various assortments which are loaded with the present day elements and advancements. Class mark likewise offers predictable single stage and 3 stage inverters. Other than from the inverters, this organization additionally gives best quality Home UPS, batteries, solar panels san diego cost, Static UPS, and so forth.

4. Delta Inverter

Delta Inverter

It is an inverter manufactured by a well-known company Delta Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. providing a complete solution for power backup. It is beginning to become a popular choice among the customer due to its longer power backup.

3. Arise Inverter

Arise Inverter

Emerge inverter is the result of the Company Arise India Limited that producers electrical and also hardware merchandise. This organization was established in the year 1984. From its starting, this organization has brought a greater name in conveying world-class great which offer exceptional performance. Owing to its brilliant merchandise, the Arise India Limited has earned various honors. The primary inverters of this brand are Golden, Wonder, Super, Shinestar, and so on. At present, the organization devises a solid presence in the country with more than 12,000 dealers and more than fifty offices in India.

2. Microtek Inverter

Microtek Inverter

The following name in the rundown of main ten best inverter marks in India is Microtek which is one of the solid and most established items for the power backing in India. This brand is controlled by the Company Microtek International Private Limited which was built up in the year 1972. This organization is likewise a piece of the Action Group which gives to a great degree solid, reliable and also productive inverters. These inverters additionally some sublime components like show warnings, sinewave innovation, and auto change. The Microtek International Private Limited makes UPS and batteries additionally in its eight modern plants arranged in different areas of India.

1. Luminous Inverter

Luminous Inverter

It is the leading and most popular inverter brand and choice in India. Brilliant offers it’s remaining among the main three UPS makers in India, with an extensive variety of offers and administration organize in India. The ‘UPS Sine’ and “particle” are the most dependable inverter choices accessible.

  • Price Rs 5,000-7,800
  • Warranty 2 Year
  • Capacity Regular battery charging from 120V to 300V
  • Features Automatic Holiday mode jam battery charge, Digital show.

With such a rich variety of products, the customer has many options from which to choose from. Inverters have become a necessity due to frequent power cuts. With the right choice, the customer can enjoy the pleasure of having electricity throughout the day.