Top 10 Best Steam Iron Brands with Price in India 2021

There are some items, which seem to be very important for day-to-day chores. A number of electronics have significance in our lives, an iron being one of them. An electronic iron keeps us forever ready for any outings with creaseless clothes and superb confidence! If you are looking for some iron brands in India, you have come to a right place.

Here is a list of top 10 best selling stream iron brands at online prices in India 2021:

10. Singer Iron

Singer Iron

Singer is a company that comes out with nice irons. The irons by the Singer are available in different variants like dry, steam, travel irons, etc., like Singer 108 dry iron. In steam irons, you get an easy filling and emptying facility, dry, steam or spray functions, indicator light, etc. most of these come with 2-year warranty. It has irons in the range of Rs. 900-1400 at online websites.

9. Inalsa Iron

Inalsa Iron

A great feature in this iron is that it comes out with irons that are safe for clothes, as it comes with non-stick coating that prevents delicate clothes from all the damage. It comes with steam, spray, and self-cleaning functions. You have to wait for some time to allow the iron to heat up completely. All the irons are ISI approved and come with minimum a warranty of 1 year. It is available in online prices of Rs. 400 to 700 after discounts at online sites.

8. Russell Hobbs Iron

Russell Hobbs Iron

The iron such as Russell Hobbs RTI133 travel iron is compact, minimalistic, and easy to use. It has features like dual voltage, fine spray, foldable handle, and automatic steam. They start from Rs. 1,969 on online shopping websites.

7. Crompton Greaves Iron

Crompton Greaves Iron

If you want an iron that is sleek, lightweight, better grip, and pilot lamp, you can go for irons by Crompton Greaves, such as Crompton Greaves ED Plus dry irons. It comes with 2-year warranty, and has a swivel power cord. Most of the irons by this brand consume 750 watts power. These irons start from Rs. 493 on online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

6. Maharaja Iron

Maharaja Iron

Irons such as Maharaja WhitelineEasio 1000-watt dry iron are the irons made for convenience. These irons start from Rs. 399 on online shopping websites and are available in different models. It has features like powerful crease removal, non-stick coated sole plate, adjustable thermostat etc. It comes with a 1-year warranty, so if you face any problem, you can take it to any of the customer support centers and get it repaired within the specified time.

5. Orpat Iron

Orpat Iron

The irons by Orpat like Orpat OEI 187 dry iron serves the basic required features such as variable temperature controls for different fabrics, designed to make it reach the tricky areas, a silk braided and 180 degrees swivel cord for the ease in the movement lightweight and ergonomic design. These start from Rs. 410 on online shopping websites.

4. Usha Iron

Usha Iron

Usha comes up with fine irons like Usha Electric EI-1602 dry iron. These are available in different attractive colors and sleek designs. It has a shockproof body and temperature controller that provide safety to both you and your fabrics. These are easy to handle and extremely lightweight. They start from Rs. 569 on online shopping websites.

3. Bajaj Iron

Bajaj Iron

If you are going to use iron on a more frequent basis, you may choose the irons by Bajaj as these are lightweight and come in user-friendly options. In irons like Baja DX 7 dry iron, the soleplate is nonstick that prevents the clothes from the accidental damages. The multiple temperature settings allow you to set a different temperature for silks, cotton, linen etc. These start from Rs. 625 and goes as per different models.

2. Morphy Richards Iron

Morphy Richards Iron

If you want a good iron to suit your needs, budget, and do both the tasks with quality, you can definitely go for irons by Morphy Richards. The non-stick soleplate coating helps you to iron your most delicate clothes too without any worries. The adjustable temperature control dial ensures you the most convenient ironing. You get 2 years warranty with almost all of these irons like Morphy Richards Inspira dry iron. It is available in the price range of Rs. 499-999.

1. Philips Iron

Philips Iron

Philips is a brand in electronics that is trusted by most of the people. It can be regarded as the best brand in irons that are available online. There are so many models like Philips GC1010 comfort steam spray iron are available that are suitable for people with any kind of budgets. Philips irons range from Rs. 1000-2000/-. There are all variants by Philips, i.e., dry irons, steam irons, etc. you may buy the one you like or which suits your needs and budgets.

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