Top 10 Best Selling Jeans Brands with Price in India 2021

Jeans form the basic wardrobe essentials for most individuals, young or old. The comfortable piece of clothing has found its way to the priority list and that has caused a major sifting through of brands. While there are hundreds out there vying for a good market share, a few clearly stand out of the competition.

Here is a list of the hot & most best jeans brands in India 2021.

10. Numero UNO

Numero UNO

Founded in 1987, Numero UNO is an Indian brand that has gained huge popularity in the recent years. Initially a manufacturer of only men’s denim, this label moved on to span even the female jeans sector. It is regarded as an influential label, is credited with fusing international styles, and washes at affordable prices.

Numero Uno Jeans available starting at Rs.779/-

9. K Lounge

K-Lounge Jeans

K Lounge is a trendsetting fashion brand and has incorporated four styles in clothing: Killer, Integrity, Lawman, and Easies. All of these four labels have gained popularity and are in good demand. K-Lounge outlets are available in most cities across the nation and deals in clothing like denim, trousers, t-shirts, jackets, and shirts.

K Lounge Jeans available starting at Rs.800/-

8. Diesel

Diesel Jeans

Started in 1978 and established by Renzo Rosso and his former boss Adriano Goldschmied from AG Jeans Company, Diesel has risen to magnificent heights. From denim to tees to leather wallets and belts, Diesel ha a lot out on the offer. The products are easily available and found in stores across the country. It can even be purchased online.

Diesel Jeans available starting at Rs.1000/-

7. Flying Machine

Flying Machine Jeans

Flying Machine reflects the urban youth style. The brand along with staying abreast with trends of the seasons also incorporates Nanotechnology like Temperature Regulation unto its clothing. The clothes also have the additional feature of being stain resistant. So go ahead and be careless with the coffee!

Flying Machine Jeans available starting at Rs.1000/-

6. Denizen

Denizen Jeans

A baby of Levi’s Strauss & Co. started in 1873; this elegant and smart apparel manufacturing line provides extremely well-made denim. The products are made with the finest fabric and good finishing and are diversified to suit every body type. Denizen amalgamates style, quality, and variety in its products.

Denizen Jeans available starting at Rs.700-800/-

5. Wrangler

Wrangler Jeans

Created in the 1940s and headquartered in Downtown Greensboro; North Carolina, manufacturing of Wrangler jeans was begun by Blue Bell, a top-notch brand then. Bernard Lichtenstein, a Polish tailor was hired to work with cowboys to design apparel. The style then launched in 1947, the 13MWZ style, is still available.

Wrangler Jeans available starting at Rs.687/-

4. Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London Jeans

Pepe Jeans London is the fourth largest brand amongst others in India. Started in 1973 at Portobello Road, London, this huge denim and casual wear brand was at the time just a small market stall that has now risen to form a US multi-billion dollar company and has stores located all over Europe. Pepe Jeans London has stores in over 80 countries across the globe.

Pepe Jeans London Jeans available starting at Rs.1500/-

3. Spykar

Spykar Jeans

Spykar is the third largest brand in this list and was established in 1992 by Mr. Prasad Pabrekar who started it with a very low budget and gradually worked his way through to expand it. Spykar produces innovative and new designs and strives to introduce in the market all types of styles and fabrics. The backbone is the team of very energetic and persevering designers and merchandisers who update themselves with the newest styles of the international market.

Spykar Jeans available starting at Rs.999/-

2. Lee

Lee Jeans

Lee is ranked as the second largest brand among the top ten best jeans brands in India. Very popular for its denim, Lee is an American apparel brand that was started in Kansas in 1889, under VF Corporation. It has a range of products like jeans, T-shirts, jackets, blazers, shirts, etc. Initially taken to manufacture dungarees and jackets, the brand launched the zipper fly in the 1920s. Lee Company spanned its reach to 81 countries across the globe during the 1960’s. and emerged as one of the best denim brands in India.

Lee Jeans available starting at Rs.929/-

1. Levi’s

Levi's Jeans

With its debut in India in 1995, Levi’s has taken into its stride a huge market share of denim purchased in the nation. Started in the year 1853 by Levi Strauss, it is available globally in over 100 countries across the globe. The brand has emerged as a huge label for the youth in the country. Known to all as Levi’s, this apparel label has more than 400 stores located in over 200 towns and cities nationwide.

Levi’s Jeans available starting at Rs.1000-2000/-

List of Best Jeans Brands with Price in India 2021

S.No Brands Starting Price
1 Levi’s 1000-2000/-
2 Lee 929/-
3 Spykar 999/-
4 Pepe Jeans London 1500/-
5 Wrangler 687/-
6 Denizen 700-800/-
7 Flying Machine 1000/-
8 Diesel 1000/-
9 K Lounge 800/-
10 Numero UNO 779/-