Top 10 Best Ketchup Brands in India 2021

Pizzas and Pastas which originated from Italy has occupied Indian food markets very fastly right from the recent decade. This food became very famous that it even replaced the traditional dal, curry and rice varieties of India. By now, every metro city has numerous fast food zones which sell hot pizzas and pastas that are loved by Indian children. So, what can be the equivalent side course for making a compete lip smacking meal in those fast food zones? That is none other than the sweet and tangy “Ketch up”.

Ketch ups are made from the pulp of Tomatoes that gives you a very tangy and sweet taste.This soury, sweety and tangy taste of Ketch ups when added to your fast foods makes it a whole delicious and a complete meal. Also, the growing the demand for fast foods has made “Ketch ups” to be a very important side course and also a compulsory item for every fast food varieties.

10. Everest Ketchup

Everest Ketchup

An Uttar Pradesh based range of products was actually established on 1986 is right now one of the best manufacturers of ketch ups in India. It consists of ISO 22000 manufacturing plant producing 40 MT per day. Also, provides products as per customer’s choice such as sachets, pet bottles, glass bottles and pouches. A very famous brand in North and central India and mostly available in walt mart stores worldwide.

9. Smith and Jones Ketchup

Smith and Jones Ketchup

Smith and jones ketch up are made from ripened tomatoes along with herbs and spices. It goes well with any Indian snack such as bajjis, cutlet, somosas and pakadas. It is also available in jain version without onion and garlic. Equally it is available in wide varieties such as garlic sauce, sweet n hot sauce, masala chilli sauce, pizza ketch up and Bhelpuri chutney. It has understood Indian consumers so well and offers products that makes Indian cooking so easy.

8. Sil Ketchup

Sil Ketchup

Sil which originated on 1952 and later purchased by “Bombay oil industry” on 1991 is now one of the top most food products in India. Products such as baked beans, soup varieties, sauces such as hot n sweet ketch up and original ketch up are its specialties. Also, sil ketch up contains high nutritional values per 100 grams such as protein, carbohydrate and fat in proportionate levels.

7. Chingz Ketchup

Chingz Ketchup

Bannered with the daily advertisements saying “Desi Chinese” , Ching’s is a very popular brand in India for its wide variety of products such as instant thai noodles, instant soups and sauce such as sweet chilli, schezwen sauce along with traditional tomato sauce. Damn sure that you can get authentic taste in this brand since it adds the original ingredients in every pack.

6. Tops Ketchup

Tops Ketchup

The success story of Tops began on 1984 and still now the company has reputable name in Indian food market. Varieties of products such as vinegar, jam, custard powder, cake mix, drinking chocolate, snack sauce along with the original fresh tomato sauce are produced in the Tops cannery. Every fresh tomato is pre-cleaned and checked twice before selecting and then sent to lab for physical, chemical and microbiological test. Thus, Tops motive is to offer the best quality ketch up for its consumers.

5. Del Monte Ketchup

Del Monte Ketchup

Varieties of products such as diced tomatoes, tomato wedges, tomato paste, tomato juice, stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce are the speciality of Del monte company. This company which has continuously earned reputation world wide makes its sauce from its largest cannery.  Del monte is one of the largest seller, producer and distributer for US retail market and most of its foods are packed in “can” which are assured to be fresh and fully cooked.

4. Maggi Ketchup

Maggi Ketchup

Maggi, a very famous brand from Nestle, India is one of the best tomato ketchups available in Indian market. It has been an integral part in every Indian household right from 1980’s. Also, it is definitely different from other tomato ketch up brands in taste, quality and quantity. It has introduced variety of ketch ups such as “hot and sweet”, “No onion and no garlic” sauce that has made Maggi into a unique product. Ketch ups from Maggi comes in a comfortable pichkoo pack that is easy to use and also available at an affordable price.

3. Kissan Ketchup

Kissan Ketchup

This is definitely a great food that makes your kids engage with any kind of foods. Made of 100% real pulp of tomatoes, Kissan Tomato Ketch up can be a best side dish for not only any Indian snacks such as somosas, pakodas but also for any Italian foods such as pastas and pizzas. Kissan has introduced different favors in the Tomato ketch ups such as fresh and original sauce, chilli tomato sauce, chatakdaar sauce and sweet, spicy sauce.

2. Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup

Heinz assure that only fresh, juiciest and firmest tomatoes fill the Heinz Tomato ketch up bottle. No doubt, this is the reason that makes it as a world’s favorite ketch up. Additionally, every bottle is packed with due care and comes from the tomatoes of Heinz farms that is grown and protected by the trusted farmers of Heinz. Also, this American Ketch up is made up of only organic materials with less sugar and no salt and thus making it rich and healthy option for your main course.

1. Cremica Ketchup

Cremica Ketchup

The tangy taste with slight acidic flavor makes it a special and compulsory dish on your plates. Cremica, is a very famous brand for its quality, taste and thus fast accommodating Indian households. One of the best food processing companies in India, producing wide varieties of sauces such as sandwich spreads, mayo sauces, chocolate syrups, Indian snack dips and fillings for cakes and desserts along with the Tomato Ketch ups. Made up of pure water and pulp of tomatoes with sugar, edible common salt and liquid glucose is definitely a healthy sauce that can cause no side effects to your body.