Top 10 Best Knife Brands with Price in India 2021

If the knife works well enough then the cooking becomes fast and easy. A good knife in the house makes the cooking enjoyable. The fine knife edges make the cuts precise and effortless. Constant sharpening of the knife is not needed and the grip makes things seems smooth. To achieve all this all you need is a fine set of knives for your day to day tasks. Let us dive in to find out the top 10 brands of the knife in 2020-21. Let’s get going.

Knife Brands in India

10. Wusthof Classic Chef Knife

Wusthof classic chef knife is for those who are okay with a classic style of holding and cutting. This knife is made of high-grade steel which will last longer than many of its competitors. The body of theknife is versatile and is more than just slicing and dicing. The brand is a German brand which has been producing good quality knives in the market. This particular knife has anergonomic design which also helps with its comfortable grip. No matter what your expertise at knife holding is you will find this knife pretty good to use.

Price: The range for this knife starts from 5000/-.

9. Shun Classic Chef Knife

The Shun Classic knives are made by a Japanese firm which is well known for its knifemakingcraft. The whole body of knife looks beautiful and has asheer elegance to it. The knife also has a metallic glow to it. The shun knife are also known for their signature angular ridges and razor sharp blade that do not get faded away easily.

Price: This knife price range is 7000/-

8. Henckels Chef Knife

If you want to have theeasy management of your cutting and dicing, then this particular brand of knife would do the job pretty quickly for you. The Henckels chef knife is a specialityknife that is beautiful to hold and work with. The grip is also magnificent that it let not pain your wrist and lets you chop for long with no restraints.

Price: The price for this knife starts from 4000/-.

7. Victorinox 4020 Knife

If you are on a tight budget, then you can blindly go for this knife as it is the best knife out there with good quality and affordable pricing. However, do not make the mistake thinking that it is not for serious business as it will work like a charm in hands of a pro also. Therefore, if you want to have agood quality knife and do not want to spend a huge amount for it then this is the friend you were looking for.

Price: The price for this knife starts from 2000/-.

6. Shun Classic DM0701 Knife

This knife is another classic design by the Japan-based firm and is an important knife for anyone’s kitchen. The design is carefully crafted which takes the stress out of the holder’s hands. The angle of cutting is also set to the best possible degree. This knife can be your all-purpose knife if you want to have it with you all the time. The class and finish of this product will not disappoint you.

Price: The range for this product starts from 6000/-.

5. Kershaw Santoku Knife

Kershaw santoku is therenowned brand of highly precisely made knives with high strength steel. The stainless steel is built to last and can go on forever doing the daily chores in thekitchen. If you are not easily inspired by the common kinds present at stories then this brand might be the right choice for you. If you ever want to come across a knife which delivered completely on its promise of providing the cutting edge technology then this knife is the way to go.

Price: The price range for this knife starts at 1000/-

4. Zyliss Chef’s Knife

Zyliss Chef’s knife in no stranger to the world of knife industry. The brand has been a good seller all over the world for quite some time now. The blade special it that it can slice through anything easily be it the carrot or the cheese. The knife is constructed through modern age technology of high-end machines and the process is monitored heavily for quality issues. The brand is very particular of its knives and does not compromise on any shortcomings.

Price: The price for this knife start at 1000/-.

3. Swiss Classic Chef Knife

Swiss classic knife as the name itself suggests is a class knife from a Swiss company who have delighted their customer for many years now. The quality of knives produces by this firm is easily sold in the markets around the world and no chef would ever discredit the quality and abilities of this knife. The Swiss classic is a traditional knife which has not lost its traditional spirit and would jell well within any modern family too.

Price: The price of the knife starts from 2000/-.

2. Henckels International Series Knife

Henckels would surely score in with many products in the list for top 10 knives. The reason being its reputation in the industry and their will to keep on innovating when other give up. The customer can have a better experience with this knife as it is easy to hold and chopping with it a minuscule task. The art of slicing and dicing gets enhanced with this particular knife.

Price: The price for this knife starts from 3000/-.

1. Oxo Good Grips Knife

Oxo good grips are the most affordable brands in this list of knives. The Oxo is the mix of tradition with the modern age design. The Oxo enables the user to do their work with the knife tad more easy and faster. The knife is lightweight and the balder is ever lighter. The quality of the blade is comparable tooters in this list. The knife does not lose on any ground being a value for money knife. Just about anyone can afford to have this knife.

Price: The price for this knife starts from 2000/-.

So, which is now your choice of knife? Which brand do you think is the brand meant for you?