Top 10 Best Leading Analytics Companies in India

Big data analytics is the latest innovation in the domain of information management in large amount. Any particular business can enhance the productivity and efficiency by introducing this data analytics tool that has been provided by various companies in India.

The top ten foremost analytics companies in India are enlisted below.

Analytics Companies in India

10. AbsoluteData:

AbsoluteData is an USA based multinational company, which has the work domain in data analytics and research. It is one of the top ranked companies in India, whose corporate office is located in California. The organization offers various analytics services such as CRM analytics, predictive analytics, marketing modelling, conjoint analytics, big data analytics, customer segmentation and many more.


9. Latent View:

Latent View is one of the foremost data analytics companies in India, which has been founded in the year of 2006. The corporate office of this company is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This company has strong presence in India and provides improved financial services to various organizations.


8. Cognizant Analytics:

This is one of the leading players in India in the domain of data analytics service. The offered products by this company have been widely used by more than 500 clients globally. They are giving numerous analytical products such as digital analytics, analytical processing, data deployment, data mining, and data visualization. In order to improve the productivity and efficiency, these analytics are highly demanded by the users.


7. Mu Sigma Analytics:

Mu Sigma Inc is one of the ISO 27001 affiliated organizations in India that is delivering numerous analytics service. The company was established in 2004. The corporate office of this company is located in Chicago, US. The service portfolio of this company includes demand analytics, optimization analytics, marketing analytics, transportation analytics, sourcing analytics, risk analytics and much more.


6. IBM Analytics:

IBM Analytics is a name of a reliable organization in the field of IT services. It is one of the well-equipped companies in India providing excellent outsourcing and consulting services along with data analytics services. It was established in the year of 1911. Headquarter of this company is in New York, US. This particular company helps the clients to take an appropriate decision by delivering them proper data analytics service.


5. Mckinsey Knowledge Center:

It is considered as one of the well-versed company in India that is producing excellent data analytics services for the business organization. It has been settled in the year of 1998 whereas the head office is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is offering many analytics services with the help of professional expertise. Its services encompass of operational analytics, data analytics, marketing analytics, risk analytics, energy modeling and much more.


4. HCL Analytics:

HCL is one of the largest outsourcing service companies in India, which is familiar for consulting service and IT services also. The company was established in the year of 1976 with an objective to provide excellent IT services to this country. The head office of this company is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Their analytical portfolio of services includes marketing analytics, customer analytics, operation research, fraud analytics, big data analytics and much more.


3. TCS Analytics:

TCS Analytics is one of the leading companies in India in the sphere of data analytics. It has been founded in the year of 1968 and the corporate office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is engaged in dealing with various analytical services such as spend analytics, risk analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, and financial analytics. They are working on to store the customer supporting data in order to get closer to the clients and as a result, they have been placed as one of the top-notch data analytics companies in India.


2. Accenture Analytics:

Accenture Analytics is the mane of reliable analytics company in India. It is an Ireland-based company whereas the corporate is located in Dublin. It has been founded in the year of 1989. This company offers various analytical solutions to several domains such as cross-functional services, industrial analytics, marketing analytics, functional analytics, financial analytics and much more.


1. Wipro Analytics:

Wipro is one of the gigantic names in the world of IT industry that has become popular for numerous IT consulting services and outsourcing services. It has been established in the year of 1945 and the corporate office is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It expertises many analytics services in order to save a huge amount of data for customer services, financial services, retail transportation, media and telecom, transportation and much more.