Top 10 Best LED Bulb/Tube Light Brands with Price in India 2021

In the country, lighting industry is steadily growing with the fastest technology. Revolutionary LED bulbs are taking position in the market with their bright future. The LEDs with improvements are useful mainly in interior spaces of homes and offices. The famous brands have launched LED bulbs with many benefits such as free maintenance, better output, and good warranty. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular brands of LED bulbs and tube lights in india 2021.

10. Oreva LED Light

Oreva LED Bulb

The Oreva manufacturing brand offers various types of LED products. The LED bulbs from the brand are energy efficient, safe and at affordable price as well. The bulbs have 15000 hrs of self life span and the brand offers 2 years of warranty on the LED bulbs. Oreva has two series of ECO bulbs and DX bulbs in LEDs. The best price range is starting from INR 99/- for B22 1 watt LED bulb.

9. Havells LED Light

Havells LED Bulb

A global brand of lighting solutions, Havells manufactures international quality LED bulbs. The brand produces LED bulbs with power of 2 watt to 15 watt which are highly energy efficient. The LED bulbs have 25000 hrs of self life. The LED bulbs that are high in demand in the market pricing at INR 175/-

8. Osram LED Light

Osram LED Bulb

Osram is innovative manufacturing brand of lighting products since a decade. The brand produces world class LED Bulbs, LED Tubes, Reflector Bulbs, and other products. The LED bulbs have 20000 hours of life and consume 50% less energy. The brand provides 1 year of warranty in LED bulbs. Best price starts at INR 190/- of Clas A B22 6 watt.

7. Moser Baer LED Light

Moser Baer LED Bulb

Moser Bear has a key role in LED lightening market. The brand ensures highest lighting in low powered LED bulbs. The bulbs have ProtectionPlus Driver which provides good effects even in extreme conditions of Indian lightening. The brand produces 5watt and 7watt LED bulbs, at the starting range of INR 160/- with an impressive life span of 50000 hours.

6. Surya LED Light

Surya LED Bulb

Surya is India’s trusted and reputed brand of lightening products. The two main series from the brand are Royal Lamps and Eco Lamps. The series have various power watts and life span. The brand offers 2 years of warranty in its products. The Royal series comes with higher watt and goof in terms of lumens per watt. A 3 Watt Eco LED Lamp is available at INR 275/-

5. Bajaj LED Light

Bajaj LED Bulb

The oldest brand in India, Bajaj is in the 5th position for its idely appreciated LED bulbs. A brand offers full range of LED bulbs and lights. The regular series of LED bulbs come with 2 years of warranty with good quality and environment friendly. The brand offers a starting price range of INR 45/- for 0.5 Watt LED bulb.

4. Wipro LED Light

Wipro LED Bulb

A well known brand Wipro offers small range of LED bulbs. However, a brand ensures excellent quality in each product. It produces LED bulbs which save up to 50% energy, long life, No UV ot IR radiation, No mercury and available in various color options. The lowest price is INR 130/- for Garnet 3 Watt LED Bulb.

3. Eveready LED Light

Eveready LED Bulb

Eveready is one of the leading brands, offering LED bulbs which have life of 20000 hours and 1 year warranty. The only brand labeling 100 lumens/watt in each bulb, is serving products at very affordable prices. The LED bulbs have current driver which are helpful in working in voltage fluctuation. A starting range of 7-watt LED bulb is INR 139/-

2. Philips LED Light

Philips LED Bulb

Philips is one of the reputed brands in the country. The brand is serving huge range of LEG lights and bulbs. The energy efficient and long shelf life bulbs from Philips last 20 times longer than others. The brand offers Master LEDcandle, Master LEDluster, Master LEDspot LV/AR111/MV in a series of LED Bulbs.  The Ace saver and Stellar Bright are the popular range of the bulbs. Best Price: INR 108/- for Deco Mini 0.5 Watt.

1. Syska LED Light

Syska LED Bulb

Syska is on the top most trusted brand because of the excellence in quality. A new emerging brand Syska produces a wide range of LED bulbs, lights, spot lights, light strips with effective and energy efficient lighting. There are series in bulbs such as Candle, Spot and Reflector, Rocket. The LED bulb’s starting range is INR 45/- which is for LED PAG 0.5W.