Top 10 Best Leggings & Jeggings Brands with Price in India 2021

Being fashionable is a birthright of every woman. Even the little ones don’t compromise with their fashion. Women always make sure that their clothes are trendy and according to their own personality. They don’t allow any other person to mess with their style. Every woman tries to be unique in her own fashionable way. This is the reason why brands today also focus on the uniqueness of the clothes along with the comfort.

Leggings and Jeggings are two of those lower body layers, which allow the women to flaunt their beautiful shape of their legs. The fitting and comfortable fabrics add a sense of ease in the outfit. Hence, women like to wear them all day long; especially working class women love them for their style and comfort.

But when it comes to choosing a brand for yourself, the decision gets a little trickier. The wide range of brands offering different styles of leggings and jeggings makes everything difficult. Hence, this article is for all those women who are interested in buying the best leggings and jeggings this year.

10. Carrol

Looking for a sophisticated design of leggings?! Carrol is your brand. Carrol offers beautiful leggings for young women, allowing them to flaunt their inner Fashionista in a comfortable manner. These cotton leggings can be paired with a trendy top, or with a traditional Indian kurta. The versatility of the leggings makes Carrol a strong brand in the market.

Price: On an average, a single piece of Carrol leggings costs about INR 400.

9. Indi Weaves

Providing fashionable leggings for little girls and young women, Indi Weaves is famous for its soft fabric and comfortable fitting. It hugs the legs but allows the body to breathe properly. This allows the person to wear it all day long. Plus, the beautiful colors make it possible to match the leggings with the upper layer of the outfits.

Price: Cotton leggings of Indie Weaves starts with INR 300.

8. Nauti Nati

Nauti Nati is famous for its beautiful prints and patterns. Though they also provide vibrant single color leggings, but their printed leggings stand out. Comfortable fitting and cotton blend fabric lets you have the leggings for a very long time.

Price: A single piece of Nauti Nati Leggings costs about INR 400.

7. Rzlecort

Jeggings offered by Rzlecort are popular for their amazing fabric. The way these jeggings fit the legs, can’t be explained with words. Then the colors. The vibrant, beautiful colors of these jeggings can be worn with any of the outfits you have in your wardrobe.

Price: Rzlecort cotton jeggings would cost about INR 1,500.

6. Hardy’s Collection

No way, you can miss the Hardy’s Collection if you are fashion conscious. The jeggings are so classy that they would make your tunics and tops look much more complementing to your personality. Add a pair of heels and you are ready to stay like a fashion diva for the whole day.

Price: Jeggings from Hardy’s Collection can be bought in INR 1,000.

5. Diaz

Want to upgrade your casual fashion? Get two or three Jeggings from Diaz. These will revolutionize your casual outfits. The fitting and the balanced color tones allow you to flaunt it with bright tops. Many eyes will turn sending hidden praises, whenever you will go out wearing these with your heels and trendy tops.

Price: Diaz jeggings costs about INR 800 for a single piece.

4. Nifty

How about adding a denim touch to your jeggings? Yes, Nifty brings the stylish appeal of the denim in the form of jeggings. You can find different color tones of denim. There are some cool patterns which enhance the style of the jeggings. From shoe lace style of pattern in the lower area to the washed color tone, Nifty has a unique piece for every single woman.

Price: A slim fit Nifty Jeggings costs about INR 600.

3. 4 Aces

When it comes to offering pure cotton jeggings for Indian women, 4 Aces comes first in the mind. Its quality of fabric makes the patterns and colors come out as if they are three-dimensional. With all the variety of sizes and easily washable fabric, 4 Aces holds a strong position in the list.

Price: A single piece of jeggings from 4 Aces costs about INR 700.

2. New Fashion

If you want to keep your wardrobe filled with trendy jeggings, then New Fashion is the best choice. The brand keeps updating their jeggings with trendy colors. The variety shades provided by New Fashion is the biggest reason why Indian women love this brand.

Price: A single piece costs about INR 1,000.

1. Darwin

Darwin’s jeggings lead the list due its unique style and quality of fabric in reasonable prices. These jeggings can be paired with a trendy top, or with a traditional Indian kurta. This versatility of the jeggings makes Darwin a strong brand in the market.

Price: A piece costs about INR 800.

So, which one is your favorite?!